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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bring on the New Year

2012 is hot!! Hot as in it’s the Aussie summer right now and I’m sweltering. The Christmas tree is down and packed away. Christmas bloating from too much rich food as eased and I’m desperately looking forward to the day my kids go back to school [19 days and counting].

The New Year started quietly for us. We sat, drank and pondered the past and what our future might hold. We did our share of ambitious dreaming, one of which was to have a livelier next New Year. The others were more personal.

 In 2012 I will ...

. . . read more. My to-be-read pile is out of control. I enjoy falling into other writers worlds but I haven’t managed to do that on a regular basis. My goal is 52 stories for 2012 -- roughly one each week. I’m up to three.

 . . . reclaim the menu. My hubby and I have different cooking styles and this past year he has done most of the cooking. Can you believe I actually miss cooking, AND shopping for the groceries to make them with (he’d taken on that chore too). I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’ve missed cooking quiches, pasta, and most especially desserts that my kids love.

. . . write smarter. Almost a year ago I moved my working space down to the first floor. My thoughts were it was cooler in summer and allowed me to interact with the family more often when they were home. What I hadn’t factored into my thinking was how much I liked my privacy, space to pin inspiration and maps up on the walls. So, I’ve moved back upstairs to my pokey little corner of the spare bedroom. What do you think?

. . . move more. Since I write full time, it keeps me still most of the day but thanks to ‘reclaiming the menu’ and ‘writing smarter’ I’ve actually increased the amount of steps I take in my day. Coffee is downstairs, conversation is downstairs, and when I return upstairs to work I’m jogging up the staircase. Shopping is a trip into town, and I park at a distance from the shopping center entrance. I’m hoping that these little changes, coupled with the Zumba class I’m taking, will see me in better shape for that livelier next New Year celebration.

. . . take better care of myself. Like a lot of women, I put my family and friends first and get around to doing what I want when there is free time. But no more. This year I will run away from home more often, get my hair done, manicures and pedi’s when the mood hits me. I will remember that I do deserve little treats when I’ve been good or very naughty (in writing terms of course). Lets face it. If I don’t look after me no one else will.

I think my New Years Resolutions are achievable. I know I’m loving the revamped writing space. Perhaps I might even exceed my goals this year. What about yours? Were they realistic?


  1. Aside from my writing goals, I'm getting back on Weight Watchers and increasing my activity. I just feel better overall when I'm eating right and exercising. And I'm going to paint my living room.

  2. Your writing space looks so neat. My desk always has the kids' toys on it.
    One of my goals is to read all the books on my kindle except War and peace and the complete works of Dickens. Those would take a year in themselves. :-)

  3. I haven't done resolutions for a long time. They always seem so punitive. LOL I do like to look at the "needs improvement" areas, and strive a little harder on those. :) I should try to spend less time online, but I keep telling myself I'm making up for the time I'm away from it during the day job!

  4. Love all of your goals, Heather! They all resonate with me in some small way. Since I worked and the hubby was laid off last year, he did most of the cooking. Now that I'm home and he's working again, it's my turn to cook. And while I hate to cook, it is something that gives me time to think on my wip. I always get new ideas while I am at the stove lol.

    Years ago when my oldest children were younger they kept me on my toes by roller blading, cycling or even camping. Now that they're teens...not so much since they're so busy with their own lives. Last year I got very little exercise in and so I'm determined to pick some form of fitness this year, I just haven't decided what will best fit into my schedule yet. But I definitely think that roller blading is out LOL. I am just too old for that anymore.

    My writing goals are to write a first draft in three months. And writing at least an hour every day — So far so good — although I did miss a few days for the holidays.

    Good luck with all of your goals, I know you can achieve them.

  5. My big goal this year is WRITE MORE! I let my writing get side-lined a lot last year, due to "being busy". Well, I figured out the "busy" isn't going away, lol, so I just have to squeeze out more time somewhere. :)
    My first goal that I accomplished in 2012 is to create my own writing space. We moved most of the stuff out of the play room, and now I have a table (soon to be a real desk!) and all my own stuff, like my Japanese cherry blossom tea set, set up. I also set up a cork-board for inspiration- I just love that idea, because I am super visual.
    My non-writing goal is to be healthy and lose weight. As Erin Knightley says "Beware of the Writer's Butt!" Lol!

  6. Great post. I've noticed the weight creep up since summer and have started workingout more. A friend and I started a paddle board class last Saturday. Now that my hubby will be gone until May, I can eat the way I want to. Not so much meat and potatoes. Love your writer's space.

  7. Samantha - good luck with weight watchers. I've never tried it but I'm happy I've regained control of the portions placed on my plate.

  8. Joselyn - the space is only neat because that photo was taken just after I moved. LOL I have toys... little figures on one of the shelves. But they are mine. C3PO, Yoda, and Wall-e oversee my working day. LOL

  9. Donna - I think telling people your resolutions is a great idea. I'm hoping it will keep me honest about striving to meet them. I really do miss reading just for the pleasure of it.

    Suzie - I love your goals too, but you do have to be flexible about trying to write every day. Sometimes its just not possible and you shouldn't beat yourself up about it. Just pick up where you left off and if that leads to a 'double day' (where you do twice what you aimed for) then you've caught up. Works for me.

  10. Olivia - congrats on the writing space. It is so nice to leave your stuff lying open, isn't it? Good luck with your writing goals. You'll meet them, I'm sure.

    Ella - Thanks for dropping by. Paddle boarding ?? So not for me. LOL But I wish you luck. Anything you can do to move helps with weight maintenance. I would lose a ton of weight if my hubby was away again. He likes his meat and potato too, and butter chicken and rices, and thick saucy stews. LOL

  11. Nice space, Heather! It's always energizing to have a clean space, isn't it? If only they would stay that way!

    I have all the same resolutions regarding work and family and house and everything. They are perpetual goals that I can only work on as I go--if only there about 6 more hours in each day, I might meet some of them!

  12. Great goals, Heather! And your writing space looks very creative. Always a good thing.

    Like you, I want to write more this year. I have file boxes with materials for so many books and I'm not getting any younger!

    My ultimate goal is to sign a publishing contract this year.

    And I SO need to lose weight! I have been exploring the idea of a treadmill desk. I need to move around more when I write. I realize I spend 8 hours a day on my feet, but apparently that isn't enough as I am still short and ROUND!

  13. Hi Deb - The extra hours in the day would be fantastic. But i've always been a fan of cloning myself. Just think of all the mischief I (we) could get up to. LOL

  14. Hey Louisa - I tried the treadmill desk but it wasn't really for me. I made so many mistakes and just ended up frustrated with the whole thing. LOL. I think better when I'm still.