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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Filling the Bucket

Slacker that I am, I am just now getting around to putting together a real website, as opposed to just my personal blog. Yeah, I know—I should have done this when my book hit Amazon for pre-order. I may have to legally change my name to Erin Procrastinator Knightley. Anyway, I was brainstorming today, trying to come up with interesting things to include, and decided to add “Erin’s Bucket List” to the “About Me” tab.

It sounded like a great idea, until I sat down and tried to put one together. Number One I already knew: Visit all seven continents. So far I have been to North America (duh), Europe (England, France, Italy), and Asia (Russia), but I’ve always dreamed of seeing Antarctica (I’m a bit strange like that, but I do have that science background), Australia (Hi Heather!) and South America sounds interesting when it comes to some historical sights. Africa is last one my list, but perhaps a day trip to Morocco can be arranged so I can say I’ve been.

The next on the list was to learn French or Italian to the point that I can navigate one of their respective cities without the aid of a dictionary. I have pulled up Rosetta Stone on my computer countless times, but each time couldn’t quite hit the purchase button. It’s so expensive, and seems so daunting! Still, its going on the bucket list, so I’ve got to do it now.

After those two, I kind of blanked on what else to aspire to. Interesting, no? Well, I never realized that so many of my lifelong goals were travel oriented. When it came to personal goals, well, I wanted to write a novel, so that one was checked off the list. I wanted to do a triathlon, and I did that a few years ago. I wanted to meet Colin Firth and, well . . .

So, clearly I need to come up with more life goals! I want to live a full, exciting, memorable life, and I’m a firm believer in the power of setting goals. After another brainstorm session, I added ‘Learn to Fly’ and “Learn to Ski” to the list, followed quickly by “Get over my deathly fear of hurtling down a mountain side with skis strapped to my feet.” It seemed prudent to swapped the order of those last two.

Next is to touch a volcano, change someone’s life for the better, and become semi-famous. Since my singing voice sucks and I can’t act my way out of a paper bag, I’m really hoping this writing thing works out for me so I can achieve that last one ;) Oh, and to make it a more measureable goal, lets quantify it with the following wording: “Become semi-famous and be recognized by an unrelated fan.”

So what else . . . I am waaaaay too attached to living to try skydiving, but I’d LOVE to do the indoor skydiving adventures. I’d also like to try rock climbing someday, and learn to pole dance (what? For fitness). And, silly as it sounds, it would be so much fun to do a 40’s pin-up style photo shoot.

Other things I want to do… to win a major award (I’d totally be happy with the leg lamp from A Christmas Story), participate in a flash mob (a cool one, not a lame one), grow a vegetable garden (I try every year, and have yet to succeed at this one!), ride in a dog sled (preferably beside Paul Walker, but alone is fine too), see my first opera at the Sydney Opera House (two birds with one stone!), and walk the Great Wall of China.

All right then – I’d say that’s a pretty good list! Now tell me, what is on your bucket list?

Here are some fun things that I can already cross off my list:
• Swimming with sharks
• Scuba diving on a shipwreck
• Zip-lining in a cave
• Write a novel :)
• Complete a triathlon
• Experience 24 hours without the sun setting
• Meeting my favorite authors
• Finalist for a major award (Golden Heart!)
• Given Christmas bonus to family in need
• Mingle with A-listers at swanky Hollywood party
• Live in a lake house
• Visit the Kremlin in Moscow
• Dine in the Eiffel Tower
• Tour the Roman Baths in England
• Stand among ancient ruins in Rome
• Promenade on Rotten Row in Hyde Park


  1. I love bucket lists! My hubby and I always play this game, lol... Here's my personal list, as of this very moment. (It changes!)
    1) Finish my first full length novel, get an agent, get a contract. (That's all one, lol)
    2) Visit Ireland and Scotland, spending several weeks in a cottage in a remote, quaint village on the edge of a loch or massive Highland forests.
    3) Visit England, and see all the places I write about. Tour a million stately homes, until my husband cries Mercy. ;)
    4) See both my children graduate college and/or find a career they love, mates they adore and play with my grandchildren.
    5) Buy a second home in the mountains with my hubby, and use it as a writing retreat.
    6) Get another dog someday, a big one, like a Lab, who will play and cuddle and keep me happy and active.
    That's the short version, for now. fun post, Erin!

  2. What a fabulous list, Olivia! I think you are well on your way to number one :) Someday very soon I hope to hit Scotland (maybe by this fall), and I could have a second home in Bath, England, I swear!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Oh, and if you get that house in the mountains, I am *there*! ;)

  3. I have to say I'm not much for bucket lists. But here is my attempt:

    Visit castles in Germany and Austria
    See London and Stonehenge
    Visit Iceland (don't know always thought it would be cool)
    Go to Yosemite National Park
    See an active volcano in Hawaii
    Own a perfect beach house that won't ever be destroyed by a hurricane or eroding beaches. (maybe a bit farfetched - besides I grew up in mountains and a house there doesn't appeal)

  4. I would say you've already done the "train a dog properly" point on your list, based on my experience with Maggie. :)

    Hmmm...my bucket list?
    I've touched a glacier and hiked across a frozen lake. Those were pretty big ones for me. What else?

    I want to experience a white Christmas.
    I want to visit all 50 U.S. states.
    I want to fall in love.
    I want to go somewhere which requires me to have a passport. (I guess the first step to accomplishing that one is to get a passport, huh?)
    I want to be a foster mom.

    I'm sure there are other things, but that's it for now.

  5. Beth - I would LOVE to see Iceland! There are so many cool things about that place (pun not intended, lol). And if you ever figure out the perfect beach house thing give me a call - I'd love to be in on that! Hurricanes are such a pain ;)

  6. Erin several of yours are now on mine. ;) And you better put more triathlons on that list too! I wrote mine down for the first time recently. Something about seeing it makes it much more attainable :) So here we go:
    1)Run a marathon (DONE!)
    2)Complete an Ironman -Training started. Cozumel 2012!!
    3)Climb Mt Kilimanjaro
    4)See the aurora borealis
    5)See a moose!
    6)Hike the Grand Canyon
    7)Run w the bulls

    To help you out - Fayetteville has inside skydiving. Matt can rock climb & I want to go again. And I can't believe no one has ever bought you a drink. I will make that one happen!

  7. I wish that was the case, Mindy, but the moment she touches paw in the woods, Maggie is GONE. I want a dog that walks by my side no matter what is going on around us. *Sigh* my pups are monsters, but I love them :)
    You lucky girl - I can't believe you've touched a glacier! Totally awesome. I adore your list - so lovely. And go get that passport, lady - we should plan a trip for 2014! (Maybe Antarctica at Christmas? That would cross stuff off both our lists, lol!)

  8. LOL, Ginny - I'm picturing what you would do if you actually saw a moose in person ;) Fabulous list - though you will *never* find me running with the bulls (saw City Slickers one too many times growing up). I should add Vegas to my list - and do a day trip to the Grand Canyon. What fun!
    Best of luck in Cozumel, sweetie - I'll be routing for you!!
    (PS - I actually am considering doing the triathlon again this year. We'll see...)

  9. Erin - You do remember that December is Summer in the Southern Continent? The snow and ice retreat from Antarctica which is good for visiting but might not meet Catherine's Snow at Christmas requirement. :)

    Beth - who spent too much time researching Antarctica for a summer short story with a penguin shifter.

  10. Beth: Well crap. ;) Still, there should still be some ice to be had, right??

  11. Ha! I just wrote on my facebook page this morning that I want to study penguins in Antarctica! Seriously, did our mother have a relationship with an Eskimo that we don't know about?? Your "have already done" list is off the charts, and the new one is super cool too! I think you can cross off make a difference in someone's life -- you definitely have already done that to all of us who love you (and a few jewelry store clients too:)
    Is there a bucket un-do list? Because I am beginning to wish I never joined facebook (worst thing a writer with a procrastination problem could ever do!)

  12. I decided this morning. I want to win a Rita.

  13. Ah, Kara—the joy social networking time-sinks ;) Yes, if we could have an un-do list, I would certainly do a few things differently, lol.
    Thanks so much for the kind words, and I do find it hilarious that we both have such a strong attraction to snow and ice. Maybe I should add 'stay in ice palace hotel with sister' to the list!

    1. Oooh! Yes! I saw one of those ice hotels in a Rick Steves on Norway! Let's do it! After Ireland, of course:)

  14. It's a good thing we're debuting different years, Ashlyn - I don't want to be up against you! Hopefully there will be enough Rita wins to go around through the years ;)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  15. So many of yours are mine! I've never been able to travel so that's first on my list. So many places I can't name them all!
    All the ones you've already done are on my bucket list like scuba diving on a shipwreck! So I'll add a few that are more personal to me.

    I want someone to find a cure to Alzheimer's before it effects my mother.
    I want to see my boys find and marry wonderful women.
    I want to hold a print copy of my books.
    I want to attend a high school prom since I never got that chance.
    I want to attend an RWA conference.
    I want to rock climb (we've been talking about it for year now.)
    I want visit every state in the US

    I know I have so many more but my mind is blanking. I've only just begun to work on my bucket list and I'm hoping this year will be the year I get to do some of those things!

    Great blog, Erin, and I love your list. You have my dream life lol.

  16. I've never actually written mine down--but now you have me thinking about it. Great list, Erin!

  17. Great blog and list, Erin! I with Deb though, I need to think up one. Or just hang out with you all of the time. :))

  18. Wow, Suzie - what an amazing list! I think for the most past you should be able to check most of those bad boys off. You are one of the most determined people I have ever met, so I know that list is no match for you!

  19. Deb and Marquita - you ladies best get on it! Come on know, we can all start checking things off together :)