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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another h-APP-y post

Constantly juggling home life, work life, and writing obligations? Are you time poor and wishing there were more hours in the day? I’ve had a really busy few months juggling a blog tour, book release, and home life. I feel like I’ve barely left the house, and my computer, in weeks. But I took a prowl through the Apple App store one night and I stumbled on three new apps that really make me h-app-y.

First off, I discovered Wordpress have put out a great app. My personal blog is over at Wordpress.com and this app makes publishing posts on the go so, so easy. From the app you can write new posts, write and edit pages, add images direct from your phone, set it to draft or publish it. You can check comments and even check your site statistics. What is really brilliant is that aside from managing multiple blogs that you might be a member of, it can also manage two (or more) unconnected blogs at once. So if you blog with two pen names, you should check it out.

Next, Blogger also have an app, too. You can switch between multiple blogs. Write, add images, and publish posts. But unfortunately you cannot see site statistics or see all the comments at a glance like you can with wordpress, and I haven’t found where you can log in as a second (unconnected) identity. It’s tied much more closely to the one blogger address, so will still be great for some bloggers.

Third, but by no means least, is the MailChimp app. 
I do a monthly newsletter for my subscribers through the service and once it’s gone out, I like to check things like my open rate and clicks to special offers I may have given them. Through the app, I can also see new subscribers, lists, and other fun statistics, too. 

What does all this mean for me, and you? Greater freedom. For me, I can browse and stay up to date while out for coffee or killing time while waiting for my son at soccer training. I used to do all these things on my pc but now I’m no longer house bound. Have iPhone can travel.

Until next time

Heather Boyd


  1. Hmmm...I'll have to look and see if I've got any of those apps in the Android Marketplace...especially the Blogger app. It might come in very handy next month, when I'll be traveling or at a conference every time I'm supposed to blog next month. :)

    1. Fingers crossed there is. It'll make travel a whole lot less stressful. :o)

  2. Catherine - I know Mailchimp is available on the Android because I have it. ;) I'm not sure about blogger. I'll have to go check for that one.

    I recently downloaded Moon 3D to my android. It gives you the moon phases by day or month and you can enter any date to see what the moon phase was/will be. This also helped for my son's homework because he has to spend March recording the moon phases and he forgot to do the first 4 days.

    I love when apps are useful for more than playing. ;)

    1. I wonder if they make the Moon 3D for iPhone. I could use that. Thanks for sharing

  3. I like having all four of my email accounts under my iPhone email app. I can check all four, unlike on the computer, when I have to sign in and out to access the different accounts. Much easier. Other than that, I mostly use my Twitter and Facebook apps, and of course my calendar to remind me of appointments.

    1. I do that too. What you can do as well is share your Yahoo mail calendar with the iphone calendar. That way, you just have the one calendar sending you reminders. I've only just started using it and it's been great.

  4. Grumble, grumble. Teenager has iPhone. Mom does not. Grumble, grumble...

    1. Hahaha! Oh, Deb. You need to get one. They are addictive, but totally rock. :D

    2. Your renewal will come soon, won't it? Then you'll be able to download apps to your heart's content. :)

    3. Deb I'm so glad I'm not the only one. My oldest child has an iphone and I'm still stuck with a regular cell phone. So we'll just grumble together.

    4. At least you have a few more to add to your list for when you get an iPhone. Hope it's soon. :o)

  5. Speaking of apps, this notice came across my The Wild Rose Press author lists this morning. It sounds cool but I'll have to wait for the android version and the istore version will cost money.

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  6. No iphone for me either, my son has one but I do not. And it'll be a while before I can get one too but it sounds awesome! Maybe someday soon.

    1. Very handy for when you're on the go. Thanks for dropping in.

  7. I love learning about new apps. I love it even more when I remember to use said apps. ;)

    Thanks for letting us know about these, Heather!

  8. Hey, Heather.

    Thanks for the info. I don't have that many apps, and I seem to use all the same ones all the time. Maybe some day. I think it's amazing I even have an iPhone. I'm resistent to technology, but it has come in very handy. :)