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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Writerly Inspiration

I don't know about everyone else, but there are certain times of the year that I just can't seem to get any writing done. Mostly, this is the time between October 1 and January 1. My life just gets way too hectic in those three months for me to even think about writing, though of course I *do* think about it constantly and hate myself for not making time to do any writing. But then I remind myself that it's only a couple months and once January hits, I'll be off and running again.

Except…when January hit this year, I was *not* off and running. It seemed my muse had gone home for Christmas and decided not to come back. It was seriously like pulling teeth to get any writing of quality out of me, and I probably ended up deleting the equivalent of an entire book because everything I wrote simply sucked.

But then February 10th arrived. Blessed, wonderful February 10th. The day after we dropped our daughter off with her grandparents so that we could board a plane at 6am the next morning bound for one of the out islands of the Bahamas. Oh, yes. Five blissful days in the lap of luxury. Doing nothing but sleeping, eating, drinking and reading by the pool.

Except…as soon as *I* went on vacation, my muse decided to return "home." That's right. Day 1 of my much-needed, much-anticipated, looooooooong awaited vacation, I was struck, as I sat by the glorious resort pool, with inspiration. And I'm very happy to say that my muse has stuck with me, even since my return.

So, here is my gift to you, friends. A little writerly inspiration to help get your juices flowing. As you look at my pictures, imagine yourself there, on a comfortable lounge chair under a cabana. A warm breeze tickling your face. A fruity island drink flowing through your veins as the sounds of the ocean and steel drums fill your ears. Close your eyes and smell the salty sea air mixed with Banana Boat sunscreen. And then let your muse take over…

The main pool…I find the guy in the speedo especially inspirational

Poolside refreshments brought to us by one of our three butlers :)

The view from our room…not too shabby!

The main pool at dusk…breathtaking!

Cocktails on the beach!

There are few places more romantic than the resort at night…simply breathtaking!

And yes, we totally had to write our initials in the sand :)

I hope you've enjoyed our trip to the Bahamas! Did it get your juices flowing? What's the most inspiring vacation you've ever taken?


  1. My vacations are not very inspiring, unless I want to switch from historical to writing like Erma Bombeck, lol! My hubby and I have never taken a kiddie-free vacation, since they were born. Sigh. We are thinking of heading out to the (NC) mountains sometime in the next few weeks for some hiking and nature stuff, but I am so busy on vacations that I have no time to write- or energy!
    Hopefully, this year will be the one where we get a long weekend to ourselves. Dreaming... ;)

  2. Olivia, you MUST take a sans kids vaca with your hubby! I highly recommend it! LOL!

  3. I'm soooooo glad that your muse is back, Jerrica. I tend to have a very difficult time writing from December through January, and this year was no exception. Luckily, February hit and I managed to put all the yucky stuff behind me, and I'm back in the swing of things, too. Hmm, vacations? I don't know that I've taken a real vacation in almost two decades. I have made a couple of writing-related trips in the last year, though, and they've both helped me immensely. Maybe I need to schedule an actual, real, honest-to-goodness vacation sometime.

  4. Catherine, that was my problem too! My last really good vaca was to London 5 years ago. I came home and banged out More than a Governess in less than 6 weeks after that trip. And after this one, I realize how important it is to take honest-to-goodness vacations! I hope you get to take one soon!

  5. Jerrica ~ I was just going to say... The days I spent in the UK were probably the most inspiring. I remember walking up a stone staircase in one of the towers at Arundel Castle and thinking "THIS HAS GOT TO BE IN MY NEXT BOOK!" Being in England, breathing in that air magically transported me to the 19th Century (where I live in my mind most of the time.)

    It looks like you and E had a blast, and as I'm desperately waiting to see what what your muse inspired in you... I'm so glad she returned!!

  6. Ava, i KNOW! That's how I felt in London, too! Everything came to life for me -- Hyde Park, the houses, the castles -- everything had a story in it that HAD to be written!

    Hopefully, my muse won't disappoint you! LOL!

  7. So glad you found her! I'm ready for a vacation. I'm in end-of-book-madness. Just going to the grocery is starting to look like a vacation!

  8. Jerrica,

    I noticed the speedo guy right away. ;D

    My hubby, the kids and I took a vacation this January, and it was great. I didn't write and tried not to think about writing, because I had made up my mind I was only going to focus on my family and enjoy my time with them. I think that helped me not to feel so guilty about being busy through the whole month of February. Plus, it was rejuvenating. :)

  9. Deb, I know that feeling well! LOL! I think it's safe to say that we all need to get out more. Ha!

    Samantha, I'm so glad you had that great vacation with your family, and that it was rejuvenating. A vacation with our 2-year-old would NOT be rejuvenating. lol.

  10. Being in the Alps was great, but my muse didn't kick into action again until I got home to St Thomas.

  11. Ella, I can't imagine how wonderful and inspiring it must be to live in the Caribbean! Lucky you!

  12. Jerrica, I love your pictures and just makes me want to go on vacation like that. Last time I went on a trip that was kid free and hubby free was the girls weekend with my sister in law and mother in law. It was fun to an extent. I just got back from a trip to Montana without my children and hubby to look for a house. I have to say that was fun. While I wasn't house hunting I got to read. The great thing about that I came home to a clean kitchen.

    I would like take a kid free vacation with hubby. Maybe one day.
    No inspiring vacation of yet, hopefully one day, but thanks for sharing.

  13. My vacations always seem to be tied to seeing family. My husband and I finally took our first real vacation on our 7th anniversary a few years ago - bliss! We also went to Italy for my 30th, which seemed to just remind me that our lives are for the living. So 6months later, I quit my job and decided to be a writer. Never have regretted that decision :-)

    Glad you guys had such a great time!

  14. Aww so inspiring, especially the initials in the sand part. I love how in love you two are. It's so sweet. I used to ask my hubby if there were others who felt the way we do about each other so it's great to it confirmed. It makes me feel especially giddy inside to see two old people still holding hands. Am I the only one who feels like that? lol.

    I have never had a vacation without without my kids and I am probably long overdue as my oldest is now almost twenty. So perhaps this will be my year to take some time out to enjoy my life a little lol. You're pictures are awe inspiring and I cannot wait to someday travel to exotic places like that and finally get my chance to "see" the world. You two are beautiful btw. Completely adorable! I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful vacation!