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Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Might Be a Crazy Cat Lady

I have another confession to make.

Despite all of my promises to myself to avoid this fate, I am a Crazy Cat Lady.

As a kid growing up, we weren't allowed to have pets because Mom claimed she was allergic and couldn't handle them, but I always wanted a cat. When I moved out on my own, I thought about getting a cat to keep me company, but since I'd never had one before, I was nervous that I wouldn't know what to do...so I didn't get a cat.

But then I had roommates with cats. In fact, there was one point where I was living in a single hotel room with three other people and eight cats for about a month. (Five of those eight were kittens who were too young to be separated from their mother.) It was then that I knew, without a doubt, that someday I would have my own cats.

When I had a different roommate--one who also had cats--she surprised me one day by bringing me a kitten of my very own. Ever since that day, I've always had at least one cat, more often two.

I have never, however, had three cats at a time. Well, except for that one time when there was a wormy, little stray kitten meowing in my bushes that I took in for a week or so until she was healthy.

And then there have been the times that my sister has been living here, with her cat.

And I suppose there have been a few times where I've done some pet sitting for friends and family, and their cats have come to stay with me and mine.

But I've never had three cats at once where I was intending to keep all of them. So there is that.

Still, over the years, I've come to realize that even if I don't have a dozen cats at my house, I am a bit of a crazy cat lady. How did I come to this realization? Try answering the following questions, and see where you end up.

What tone of voice do you use with your cats?

  1. Authoritative, no-nonsense, my way or the highway.
  2. An average, everyday sort of speaking voice.
  3. Baby talk, sugar-wooger sweetikins, what a good girl you are!
Do you give your cats any sort of food other than regular cat food?
  1. Strictly the dry cat food recommended by my veterinarian, with the once-monthly can of soft food.
  2. Usually their normal cat food, but we do keep a bit of catnip around for special occasions.
  3. Cat food, catnip, ten varieties of cat treats, table scraps, milk, cheese, yogurt...nothing's too good for my kitties.
Where do your cats sleep?
  1. Not in the bedroom. Bedrooms are for humans.
  2. In their special cat beds which are in the bedroom, but not in my bed.
  3. In my bed, on my pillow, on me...wherever they decide they're going to sleep.
How many toys do you have for your cat?
  1. Toys are for children, not cats.
  2. Pumpkin has her three favorite toy mice and a couple of feather toys.
  3. My house is littered with cat toys, both the purchased variety and those the cat stole from the trash can and made into cat toys.
How does your furniture look?
  1. Pristine. No cat hair to be found, and not a single claw mark in any pieces. My cats are declawed.
  2. Eh. There's some cat hair that I haven't gotten to in a week or so, and we buy furniture that is not too enticing for kitties to use for claw sharpening.
  3. Thank goodness it is all hand-me-down, because wow, my cats have done a number on it.
How often do you travel?
  1. Whenever I want. Butch can go to the kennel and be just fine while I'm gone.
  2. Occasionally, as long as I can be sure Fluffy's favorite pet sitter is available.
  3. Travel? Are you crazy? I couldn't leave my babies all alone!
If you answered with mostly A's, you might need to loosen up a little bit. If your answers were mostly B's, then you're probably fairly normal in terms of cat ownership. If you answered with primarily C's, however, then I am afraid I must break it to you...like me, you might just be a Crazy Cat Lady.

It's okay, though. You're in good company.

So tell me, are there any other Crazy Cat Ladies out there? Are any of you the same way with your dogs?


  1. Ha! Too funny, Catherine!

    I think I answered mostly Bs (with a couple of Cs thrown in there) Does that make me a somewhat sane cat owner with a few psychotic tendencies? :-)

    In our area there is a big craze for people (usually moms) to drive their car and have stickers on the back window representing each family member and their hobbies. Like a mom with a shopping bag, a dad with a golf club, a girl in a ballet pose and a boy with a soccer ball--that sort of thing. (BTW--is this popular everywhere?"

    Anyway--the other day my son saw a back window that had a single lady sticker--and about 20 cat stickers parading after her! He had a big laugh!

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head, Deb. Somewhat sane, plus a few psychotic tendencies.

      I've seen some of those bumper stickers around here, so I doubt it is just in your area. It's not uncommon for me to see one with a mom, dad, a couple of kids, and then a couple of dogs or cats. I'd love to see one with a single woman and then a trail of cats, though. :)

    2. Never mind. I just found half a mouse and a pile of cat barf on my mat. I'm changing all of my answers to As!

    3. Bleck. Although, I am impressed that your cat brought you half a mouse...meaning they killed it. Mine think mice are toys.

  2. Great post, Catherine. We do have a cat who we love named Gandalf. He has special treats and sleeps with my oldest son! I think I fall in the middle. I love animals, but my mom used to own an animal rescue mission and at one time had more cats and dogs that you can count on your hands and feet living at her house, so I definitely shy away from owning more than one animal. I do have to admit though, sometimes when we plan a trip I worry about leaving my cat at the vet. He hates the vet!

    1. Don't they ALL hate the vet, Julie? Oh my goodness. The last time I had to take Kiki to the vet, I almost wound up bloody from how hard she fought going into the carrier. She *knows* nothing good comes from car trips. When I got my first cat, I thought I'd always only have one...but he got used to having kitty buddies with the roommate I had then, and when I moved and didn't have other cats for him to play with, he got lonely. Since then, I've gone for stretches with only one cat, but never more than a few months.

  3. That's so funny! I am *not* a CCL, because like your mom, I am allergic. (I know- shocker.) We had a cat when I was little, before I found out that the reason I was sick all the time was the fault of my adorable, playful ball of fur. It didn't help that she slept on my face, I think.
    We've had some dogs, lizards and fish over the years, but no kitties. We have been thinking about getting a dog again, though. Maybe in a few years, when the boys are old enough to help walk and take care of it. Bwhahaha! ;D

    1. Allergies might very well be the biggest reason that I'm a Crazy Cat Lady, Olivia. I am allergic to cats, and yet I always have them, and they sleep with me! Granted, my doctor and vet have helped me to make my allergies manageable, as long as I never get certain breeds of cats. Persians, no matter how cute and squishy they look, will make my lungs close up within minutes, so they're out of the mix. Good luck with the dog thing. I'm sure there is such a thing as a Crazy Dog Lady, too. Just beware...I'm keeping an eye on you for that title. :)

  4. Despite loving cats, we don't have any. We have THE PUPPY. Everyone but me is happy with THE PUPPY. I mean, I'm cool with her, but she's not A CAT.

    I think every writer without allergies (poor Olivia!) should have a cat. ;)

    Funny post, Catherine!

    1. I don't know how writers get by without cats! I mean, who warms your keyboard for you? Seriously, someone fill me in on this.

  5. I write stories about werewolves....of course I'm a dog person. :)

    I love my dog, but she doesn't control my life. Sorry, we have a crate and use it to contain her for day trips. And take her to the puppy motel for week trips.

    But she is allowed on furniture and can sleep where ever she wants. Lately it seems to be directly under the bed where I sleep.

    And in return we have a dog that constantly wags her tail in greeting and will lick you to death. Oh and she scares away any other dog that enters her territory...especially that big golden retriever down the street that goes on walks with his owner every night.

    1. A writer who isn't a cat person? That's okay, Beth. We'll forgive you. Most of the dog people I know are pretty much like you--they seem to have lives that don't revolve around their pets. Some of them claim that the difference between dogs and cats is that you can't train cats. That's not entirely true. Cats can be trained. The problem is that most cats are smarter than dogs and figure out that they can train their humans.

  6. OMG! My husband is a Crazy Cat Lady!!! :D

    I love my pets, but my hubby is definitely the cat person in the family. He does all of the Cs above except we are allowed to travel, thank goodness.

    1. Samantha, that's hilarious that your hubby is the Crazy Cat Lady of the family. And I do travel...but I always make sure that I've got someone to look after my cats at my house. Taking them to the vet or a kennel is way too stressful on all of us.

    2. Samantha, that is seriously funny. You husband is more like a CCD (crazy cat dude).

    3. I used to get really irritated with him when we first married, because he always came home and kissed the cat first. (He didn't want his cat to feel she had been replaced.) LOL

      My in-laws come hang out with both of the animals when we are gone. We don't take them to stay at the vet either, mostly because it would freak out the dog.

    4. That is wrong on so many levels. I hope that has been fixed.

    5. LOL! Yeah, I'm first on his heart now. ;)

    6. LOL! Yeah, I'm first on his heart now. ;)

  7. I'm definately a crazy cat lady or a lady with crazy cats depending on how you look at it.

    Only once have we had a "herd of cats" all at the same time. A friend was dating a girl who was a senior in college and the heater in her apartment died during the winter. When she couldn't find another apartment she could get just until she graduated our friend offered our "spare room" (which I used for ironing, storage, etc.) We made it into a bedroom and she moved - with her pregnant cat! We had a Maine Coon cat named Sam who was so big he used to sit on top of the dryer and fill up the entire space. When the kittens were born Mom cat didn't want anything to do with them so Sam took over. He literally stood over her and push all the kittens over to her to feed. When they were done he's "sheppard" them all together and nuture them, clean them and was definately their foster mother - all 6 of them! That meant I had 8, count them 8 cats in my house - along with a big dog (who fortunately loved cats) and 2 sons who were in grade school.

    When our live-in roommate couldn't find anyone to take the kittens and my boys decided they would find them good homes. They bought boxes of cat food and took them around the neighborhood - the cat food was a quarter and came with a FREE KITTEN! The only problem was they interviewed the people and if they didn't like them WOULDN'T LET THEM HAVE A KITTEN! finally 6 kittens adopted and 2 to go. My best friend who already had 2 dogs and 1 cat took one kitten (to round off her numbers) and we ended up keeping the runt of the litter.

    We're now down to just one cat - Charlie (aka Atila the cat). He surprised us when he was about 5 months old by being able to open the heavy sliding glass door in our kitchen that open to the back yard. My husband tried putting a hook latch on it high on the top but Charlie figured out if he stood on the counter and jumped he could up-hook the hook, bend down and up-hook the latch on the door, jump down and put in nails in the little itty bitty crack and viola OPEN THE DOOR which is so heavy I have a problem opening.

    That's our current kitty - maybe if we get him a friend he won't want to go outside. Humm.......

    1. How funny, Jeanne! I once had a roommate whose cat could open the sliding door of the bathroom (who puts a sliding door on the bathroom???), and he LOVED to be in the bathroom. If you didn't lock it when you went in to do your business, he would let himself in and leave the door open wide...which of course looked out to the massive picture window in the living room, which we left open to see the landscape outside. It only took a few times of him leaving the door open while I was in the shower for me to realize I was going to have to lock it every single time I went in there.

  8. Catherine I actually read your blog post at 9pm last night (west coast). First of all where on earth did you find this quiz, because it is too funny. I actually wanted to comment last night, but thought maybe I should get some sleep before I comment. Secondly, if I had a cat I would be more like b with a tendency.
    So that would make me a sane person by the crazy cat lady quiz. Which I might question that at times. However, we don't have a cat (husband is allergic to them). However, my caught would probably end up as the crazy cat lady. I can totally see that.

    1. The quiz is entirely a product of my own imagination, Melody. It is very, very easy to fall into the Crazy Cat Lady category, based on these questions. LOL.

  9. Such a fun quiz, Catherine! Sorry I'm so late to the party. :)

    What does it mean if I had a mix...? I was all over the place with my answers. And my answers varied depending on the cat I was thinking about.

    I *do* let my cat sleep with me. But I have been known to have an authoritarian voice with her and she only gets the veterinarian recommended dry cat food. (Although I think she begs soft stuff from the neighbors.) She's not declawed, but she hasn't torn up the furniture either. I think she must know that I am the queen diva in the house and she's decided it's still ok to live here. :)

    1. LOL, Ava. Sounds like you probably average out to a B. :) And some of my answers tend to vary depending on the cat I'm thinking of at the moment, too. Especially the tone of voice. My kitten, at the moment, gets the no-nonsense, authoritarian voice. But then again, she's the only cat I've ever had who responded to the "mean Mom voice" in the way I hoped for, so that probably has a lot to do with it. That and the fact that about four times a day, she does things that make me seriously consider paying someone to take her off my hands. :)