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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who Knew Pants Could Be So Fun?

Hi, it's Samantha, and those of you who know me already know I'm pretty silly sometimes. But  some days we just need to be silly, share good laughs with friends, and have some fun. I saw something on Facebook last week that said to name the book you are currently reading then add the words "In your pants". (Thanks, Misty!) 

I’m totally copying off Harlequin, but with my own little spin put on it. I thought it would be funny to see the latest Lady Scribes' titles modified a bit.

Heather Boyd’s

“Engaging the Enemy In Your Pants” 

Finally! Peace negotiations that might actually get results.

Cynthia Cooke’s

“Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies In Your Pants”

LOL. I won’t even ask.

Jerrica Knight-Catania’s

“Gypsy Bride In Your Pants”

Wow! They really are nomads.

Ava Stone’s

“My Favorite Major In Your Pants”

Stand down, soldier!

Suzie Grant’s

“Valkyrie’s Vengeance In Your Pants” 

Is that like Montezuma’s Revenge???

Erin Knightley’s

“More Than a Stranger In Your Pants”

Those must be one roomy pair of pants.

Marquita Valentine’s

“Third Time’s a Charm In Your Pants”

You know, Bob Dole takes a medicine for that little issue.

Olivia Kelley’s

“It Could Only Be You In Your Pants”

What are you trying to say?

Catherine Gayle’s

“Pariah In Your Pants”

Beats piranha in your pants!

Jane Charles’s

“A Misguided Lord In Your Pants”

Dude! Just stop and ask directions for once.

Andris Bear’s

“Angel Unleashed In Your Pants”

It comes with wings?

Deb Marlowe’s

“Unbuttoning Miss Hardwick In Your Pants”

Now, how did she get in there?

Lily George’s

“The Temporary Betrothal In Your Pants”

That sounds a little suspicious to me.

Julie Johnstone’s

“Evading the Englishman In Your Pants”

Lud! Lord Fancy Pants is a crashing bore. Oh, dear. He’s looking this way. Pretend you don’t see him.
And finally...

Samantha Grace’s

“Lady Amelia’s Mess and a Half In Your Pants”

That’s just wrong! LOL

Now it's your turn! Name one book on your keeper shelf and add "In Your Pants" at the end.


  1. Oh my gosh Heather, this was hilliarious. I absolute love comments underneath. I have tears in my eyes, tears I tell you. Ok, my favorite book would A Scandalous Pursuit in Your Pants. Good lord.

    1. Melody,

      LOL. That's so funny! Whoever came up with the original idea has a twisted sense of humor. That's just my kind of person. :D

    2. Hey Sam, I think another one is is in bed. I wonder how that would sound with some othe titles. Let's us use Jane's now that would be funny A Misguided Lord in your Bed. Oh lord help us all. We shouldn't have a misguided lord.

    3. I'm not sure I would appreciate a pursuit going on IN my pants. Maybe with my pants off...LOL.

    4. No one wants a misguided lord in bed!!! That's fer sure!!! LOL

    5. Especially if they are using hounds to track the person, right Catherine? ;D

    6. Ok here some more titles:
      A Kiss at Midnight in Your Pants
      Tall Dark & Wolfish in Your Pants
      After Dark with a Scoundrel in Your Pants

    7. I almost went with A Scandalous Pursuit In Your Pants byt it sounded so dirty. A Scandalous Wife might be worse.

    8. Lol. It is my favorite book, I had to do it, just had to.

    9. Poor, Lord Bentley, I feel the need to defend him. He isn't that misguided - LOL

    10. Lol. I'm sure he's not, but it was fun playing with the title.

  2. This is hysterical! I love this!! ;D Okay, a book on my keeper shelf -- Nina Bruhn's RED HEAT in your pants!! LOL!!!!

    1. Hahahaha! I love it!!! That's perfect!

    2. That sounds like you'd need to see a doctor for that. ;)

  3. OMG! This is TOO funny, Samantha!! I wasn't expecting the captions, but they totally made my day! HILARIOUS!

    1. Just a quick peek into the inner workings of my mind. LOL

    2. The captions are what makes this BRILLIANT.

    3. Aw, thanks! I had fun. :)

  4. Okay, I'm dying here. This is hysterical. I like another one of mine: An Improper Aristocrat In Your Pants.

    And looking at my bookshelf, there are some fab ones:

    Ashely March--Romancing the Countess In Your Pants

    Susan Sey--Money Shot In Your Pants (Ewww!)

    Liz Carlyle--Two Little Lies In Your Pants

    Sabrina Jeffries--Only a Duke Will Do In Your Pants

    And from the Non-Romance sections:

    Piers Anthony--The Source of Magic In Your Pants

    Elizabeth Peters -- The Last Camel Died at Noon In Your Pants

    LOL--I still think Lady Amelia wins it, Samantha!

    1. OMG!!! I'm busting a gut!!! The Last Camel Died At Noon In Your Pants??? The Source of Magic In Your Pants? These are all great!

    2. I personally like Only A Duke Will Only Do.

    3. I am tearing up over The Last Came Died at Noon In Your Pants.

  5. Hmmm...let's go with some classics, shall we?

    Oliver Twist in Your Pants

    The Great Gatsby in Your Pants

    A Farewell to Arms in Your Pants (that could get a little uncomfortable, after all)

    Little Women in Your Pants

    And of course, it has to be said...

    Moby Dick in Your Pants

    And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

    1. I'm thinking Oliver Twist might be a bit uncomfortable too! :D

      These are great!

  6. Hilarious! Let's see - I think my favorite would be Romancing Mr. Bridgerton in Your Pants, lol!

  7. I can't stop laughing. What a great way to start my day! And I will be visiting with clients who very well may have a mess and a half in their pants this morn...so, humor can always be the best medicine!!

    Tears from laughing. I really love that Last camel dying in my pants...and the pariah rather than a pirana! Totally made me laugh out loud!!

    OK. Here are a few I have near me...remember I am in my office and surrounded by grief and death books, so forgive...

    Finding your way after your parent dies IN YOUR PANTS

    Spiritual healing in your pants.

    My grandmother's blessings in your pants.

    Tear soup in your pants.

    Have a great day and again thanks for starting mine off with some humor!!!

    1. I love Spiritual Healing In Your Pants!!! Tear Soup In Your Pants sounds as bad as a mess! ;D
      How strange to have your grandmother's blessing! LOL

      Here's hoping for no messes today. :D

  8. OK. I thought of another one that I have to post...A call of the wild in your pants!!!

    1. Isn't there a video with that title? Spring Break 2012: A Call of the Wild In Your Pants. LOL

  9. I'm thinking of "Gone with the Wind In Your Pants."

    1. Or Where the Wind Blows in Your Pants. :D

  10. Samantha, This is such fun!!! The titles are good, but your captions are the bomb! Bahaha! My hubs is sleeping away to work tonight, so I can't get to my bookshelf, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. :)

  11. Samantha, these were great. I think I am going to be chuckling about Deb's all afternoon. I am at work and only have the book that is in my purse (a play actually): Twelve Angry Men in your pants.

  12. Heh, one of my titles comes out pretty dirty sounding when you throw those words in: Blood-Mage Rising In Your Pants.

    Now, two of my favorite books:
    Wicked Pleasures in Your Pants (Elizabeth Hoyt);
    The Master In Your Pants (Louise Cooper)

    Have a great afternoon!

    1. LOL. One might need to seek medical treatment for that one, too. ;D

      These titles are great!

  13. Spider's Bite in Your Pants
    Alien Tango in Your Pants
    Magic Lost, Trouble Found in Your Pants.

    That was fun. :D

    1. Barbara,

      You have some interesting books! And they make for some interesting new titles. LOL!

  14. Such a fun blog post, Samantha! My keeper book is:

    Something Wonderful...in my pants. *snort*

  15. The Charm School In Your Pants!
    Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince in your Pants
    The Hobbit in your pants.

    Loved all the comments and post today! So funny~!

    1. Hahaha! These are all funny, but I love The Hobbit In Your Pants. :)