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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Trouble with Muses

I think my muses are pouting, I really do.

Then again, one of them really isn't my muse, but belongs to Amy De Trempe. I am simply borrowing him. After reading her blog post from a long time ago and then continually seeing his name appear in drafts of her manuscripts regardless of what novel she was working on, I decided Patrick needed a story of his own.  He clearly craves the attention and she wasn't going to write it so someone had to. Actually, I think she would have, if she wasn't an inspy writer, but it is hard to bring paranormal into Christian novels. I know it has been done, but I haven't read one to know how it is handled.  But, after writing about a third of Patrick's story, I had to set it aside. He wasn't my current project, despite his opinion. I have a deadline on my current WIP and needed to get that baby finished before I could spend anymore quality time with Patrick.

Things went downhill from there and I have been stuck for a couple of weeks.  I have waited patiently for my muse to return to me to help me decide which direction I need to go and get the next chapter written.  But, he/she has failed to show.  It is most aggravating.

You see, I know very little about my muse. I don't even know their gender. I know that he/she is simply there when I am writing, whispering in my ear the words I should write, giving me ideas when I am driving or cleaning, that kind of thing.  But, since I returned from working on Patrick's story, my muse has been silent.  Nothing, nadda, not even a sneeze.

All I can figure is he/she is jealous, and possibly angry with me.  I didn't exactly ask his/her permissin before I invited Patrick to join us, which was not well done of me. I should have been more considerate of my muse's feelings, but it didn't occur to me. I have even apologized.  It is a good thing my family couldn't hear me practically beg my muse to come back to me while I sat alone in my office or I am sure there would have been some form of intervention. Whenever I do mention my muse, I get these rather odd looks. When I tried to explain my muse is not an invisible friend left over from childhood (though can we really be sure of that) but some form of entity that assists with the writing, their concern only mounts.  I think my husband may have actually looked into getting me professional help at one time.

The sad thing is, I think I know Patrick better than my muse.  No wonder he/she feels neglected.  I don't even know where they could have gone off to. I fear they may be traveling the world looking for a more supportive and kinder author to help. Oh, I do hope that is not the case. If he/she would just come back to me, I promise to get to know them better, treat them better, and consider their feelings.

So as not to have endless days of a blank computer screen I decided to wait for my muse to return and focused on Patrick's story.  Once again I was met with silence. All I can think is that he is upset with me for putting him aside.  But then it occurred to me that he may be with my muse.  Did I introduced them when I brought Patrick into our world.  Did they fall in love (they are both romance muses after all) and are they off somewhere having the time of their lives while I panic over deadlines?  If that is the case, how will I ever entice them back to me?

So, I must ask a favor, if you happen to know any muses, please have a messaged delivered to mine, begging them to come home.  I promise lots of chocolate and wine.  I will even give my muse a name.

Have you had instances where you think your muse has abandoned you?  What do you do in that situation? I would love to hear about your muse.  Are they terrible sensitive as these two?  And, since I did promise to give my muse a name, what you would suggest?


  1. Perhaps your muse should be called Patrick. ;)

    I know lots of writers feel they have a muse, but I don't believe in a muse for myself. Some days my imagination flows freely, and other times it's a huge struggle to write. If I'm stressed, sick, or tired, I can't think as easily. When I'm stuck, I do something different like walk outside or go have lunch with a friend. The shower seems to stimulate my brain, too.

    Good luck enticing your muse back. I think offering chocolate and wine is a stroke of brilliance. :)

    1. Samantha,
      I just took a vacation, hoping that after just having relaxation time, not thinking about anything, it would help stimulate the writing process when I got back to work. It didn't happen. Of course, I immediatley started getting the kids ready to return to school, so maye when all of that is done things will be better (crossing fingers).

  2. Name your muse something joyful. Something that makes you smile!

    Hugh-Jackman-with-a-glass-of-wine comes to mind!

    1. Now, that would be inspiring and motivating :)

  3. For me, I think it is a lack of motivation some days more than a lack of a muse. I don't really know that I've got a muse. I guess I'm more like Samantha in that way. I've got the ideas, I know what needs to happen, I've got it all plotted...but some days, I just can't make myself write the words. That often happens during points when I'm extremely stressed (like now!). Sitting and talking with other writers is almost always a spark to my motivation, though. Maybe you could try that with your muse. And if you don't have someone nearby, I bet you could Skype with someone. :)

    1. Catherine,
      I think maybe once the whole getting back to school thing is behind me the muses may return, or at least my brain will be freed to write.

  4. I agree with what Catherine said, talking with other writers or going to my local RWA chapter meeting always inspires me. :) Sometimes you just need someone else to look at your "problem" and say have you considered *this*.

    Good luck with naming your muse, Jane!

  5. Hi Jane! My muse is a Prima Donna and I sometimes wonder if she's more trouble than she's worth. :) I've found that either calling her bluff and walking away, or shoving her aside to do it myself is the only way to deal with her. Oh, and chocolate. :) Hope you find your muse soon!