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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Samantha Kane's Identity Crisis

The Lady Scribes are thrilled to welcome author Samantha Kane!  Here's her bio:

Reviewers have called Samantha Kane “an absolute marvel to read,” and “one of historical romance’s most erotic and sensuous authors.”  Her books have been called “sinful,” “sensuous,” and “sizzling.” She is published in several romance genres including historical, contemporary and science fiction.  Her erotic Regency-set historical romances have won awards, including Best Historical from RWA's erotic romance chapter Passionate Ink, and the Historical CAPA (best book) award from The Romance Studio.  She has a master's degree in American History, and taught high school social studies for ten years before becoming a full time writer. Samantha Kane lives in North Carolina with her husband and three children.

I've been looking forward to reading Sam's new release, which is also a venture into new territory for her.  But now I find it's causing her an Identity Crisis!  I'll let Samantha explain:

After fifteen published erotic romance books, most of them Regency historicals, I recently released a mainstream, non-erotic historical romance from Bantam Loveswept, the first in my new The Saint’s Devils series, called The Devil’s Thief. For some readers, this is incomprehensible. So let me start by saying that I didn’t mean to throw anyone’s world off kilter.

Let me also reassure fans of my Regency historical erotic series Brothers in Arms that I am absolutely NOT ending that series. I’m working on the next book right now. (It’s Daniel’s book at long last.)

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about why I decided to write a non-erotic romance. It didn’t start out that way. The Devil’s Thief was originally written as an erotic romance. The one difference between The Devil’s Thief and my Brothers in Arms books was that Thief was written for a NY publishing house rather than a small, independent press. Initial feedback on the original erotic version from early readers, and agents and editors who read it, was that it should be rewritten as a mainstream, non-erotic romance. And that opinion was pretty unanimous. All those readers seemed to feel the book had a broader appeal and would reach more readers as a mainstream romance. And so I figured, why not? Well, actually I put it aside for over a year and then, when I finally wrapped my head around the idea of a rewrite, I pulled it out and rewrote it. After all, I loved the book and the premise. The rewrite seemed to go over well as I was signed almost immediately by the first agent who read it and he sold it less than a month later to Loveswept.

Fast forward about a year, to the present day. I seem to be having an identity crisis, at least as far as readers are concerned. Many of them aren’t sure if The Devil’s Thief is an erotic or a mainstream romance. The Devil’s Thief is about a young woman, Julianna Harte, who steals a famous pearl from a rake, Alasdair Sharp. They make a rather sinful bargain, Julianna disappears with the pearl, and Alasdair has to enlist the aid of his friends to find her and his pearl. The Devil’s Thief has received some excellent reviews by those who have read it. It’s a fun, rowdy kind of book with chases and fistfights and intrigue and lots of steamy love scenes. But it’s not erotic. Let me assure you all, it’s still a Samantha Kane book, with a lot of the same signature Samantha Kane elements.

The second book in The Saint’s Devils series, Tempting a Devil, will be out on July 8, 2013. 

Good luck resolving the confusion, Sam!  It sounds delicious to me!  What about you?  Have you ever faced an identity crisis or different expectations?  Sam has graciously consented to gift an electronic copy of The Devil's Thief to a randomly selected commenter below!


  1. I've been seeing this book featured on some romance blogs and the cover is absolutely eye-catching.

    Congratulations on the new release!

  2. Samantha, congratulations on the new release! This may initially be a bit confusing for your readers, but I'm sure they'll follow you anywhere your muse takes you to get their Samantha Kane fix. Personally, I enjoy both mainstream and erotic historical romances, so the lack of the overtly erotic would not bother me a bit!

    I'm excited that Love Swept picked up this book and gave it such a fantastic cover. Here's to a whole new slew of fans who will discover Samantha Kane!

  3. Welcome to Lady Scribes, Samantha! Ditto what Caren said. I'm sure The Devil's Thief is as lush and lovely as your other work. I'm looking forward to it!

    But my biggest identity crisis came during my 1st pregnancy, I think. What? I'm going to be someobody's MOM!? It seemed utterly impossible. But a Mom is born every time a new baby is handed into her arms. Bam! Identity crisis over!

  4. Thanks for joining us today, Samantha! And congratulations on the new release. I've been experiencing a bit of an identity crisis myself with my last release. All of my other books have been very lighthearted, even when dealing with weightier issues at times. But in this one, I've set aside a lot of the humor and tackled bigger emotional ideas, and I'm not sure if readers are ready to go along for the journey with me. It's been a struggle for me, dealing with the internal debates about whether or not I should have gone that direction. But I have, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

  5. Welcome to LadyScribes, Samantha. I know all about identity issues. For the past two years I've tried to keep my two pen names separate because one writes inspy and the other secular. I finally came clean that the two are one in the same so I didn't confuse myself with responding to blogs and such - lol. The cover is gorgeous and it sounds like a great read.

  6. Hi, Samantha!
    It's great to have you with us today at Lady Scribes. I have to agree with everyone that this cover is amazing! I imagine if you have most of the same elements you usually have in your books, your fans will be happy. I'm sure they love your voice most of all. :)

    I had an identity crisis at my first RWA after I sold. I use a pen name & I had no idea how to introduce myself to people. Now I'm so used to calling myself Samantha, I'm waiting to mess up when I'm trying to be Clark Kent.

  7. Welcome, Samantha! Let me just start with that picture of you--GORGEOUS! I love it! Congrats on your newest release and I have no doubt your fans will follow you anywhere!!!

  8. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! And I agree, the cover is gorgeous. I did a happy dance the day I got it. :)

    It seems in this publishing atmosphere a lot of writers are stretching their boundaries and trying new things, and readers seem pretty willing to go along for the ride. But for some it can be an shocking change.

    Tin~ It's nice to hear the blog tour paid off! lol

    Caren~ I hope you're right! Thanks so much.

    Catherine~ Good luck with the new book! I'm sure your readers will enjoy it.

    Samantha~ I know what you mean! LOL Samantha is also my pen name, and when I'm at a publishing event I sometimes forget to answer to it still, even though I've used it for years.

    Deb~ I think all moms have that moment of crisis. Me?! A MOM?! But then the baby comes and you don't have time to worry about it.

    Jane~That's one of the toughest combinations for a writer I think. It used to be inspirational readers didn't want their authors stepping outside of that genre. But like all readers, I've seen that change as well.

    Andris~ I'm not sure what lens the photographer used, but she made me look completely like someone else. :)

  9. Samantha ~ Welcome to Lady Scribes! I think I have an identity crisis everyday. Am I am a mother? An author? A meeting planner? A girlfriend? A best friend? A sister? A daughter? I mean - it's tiring to be all those things at once.

    But I find my personality is slightly different depending on who I am. I'm sure that sounds silly. It may be that different aspects of my personality are more on display depending on who I am.

    Good luck with your new release. It looks amazing!

  10. Welcome, Samantha! As far as I'm concerned, a good story is a good story is a good story. I wouldn't worry about being pigeon-holed for a certain heat level. Your readers love you for your awesome voice and writing style -which, by the way, should win you lots of new readers with this one!

    Good luck with your release!

  11. Hi, Samantha! What a wonderful change for you from being a social studies teacher to becoming a sensuous and erotic novelist! I wonder if your former students are reading your books. I'll bet it would be funny to run into one and hear what they have to say.

    As for an identity crisis, the only thing I can think of are those times when the children were little and I was at my wit's end. I remember thinking things like we hear today: "Who are these children and why are they calling me Mama?!" :-)

    Congratulations on your new identity and all the best.

  12. Fun & rowdy: sounds great! But I totally agree with other comments that what makes a good read is the story & the writing. I've read amazingly romantic books that made me cry where there was nothing more explicit that a very proper kiss.

    Looking forward to reading your latest book!

  13. Hi Samantha! Let me just start by saying Love the Brothers in Arms series, love your writing style and very much look forward to your new series (sizzling cover by the way). It seems you have something in common with all your Brothers characters, with the identity crisis, and second guessing, but in the end you all took the leap and came out better for it.....I see you going far with this leap.....and I'm there with you to enjoy your writing results!
    Now to answer your question, do I have identity crisis? You Bet! Do I second guess myself and what I do? All the time, I try to think myself through them but usually just close my eyes and say ok, this isn't so bad lets roll with it and see where we land.

    So Congrats, on the New Release and enjoy it, I will!