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Monday, December 31, 2012

It's That Time of Year - Again

2012 is coming to an end and I think the biggest lesson learned was never to trust the Mayans again!

Many of us will be up until midnight ready to toast in the New Year.  Some will be at lavish parties, others will be hanging out with friends, or at your favorite nightspot, or home on the couch watching the ball drop in Times Square.  Me, I will be at a party with friends, eating more than I should.  A few years ago I was at this same party and the host made the most delicious punch.  It did not taste like there was any alcohol in it and even though I had been warned, I probably had more than I should. Okay, there is no "probably" about it.  Below is a picture taken of me signing "Dance: Ten; Looks: Three". Given this was a community theatre crowd the music selections for the evening were from musicals and something moved me to join in on the song that was currently playing.  I am just thankful there was only a camera and nobody recorded that moment.  Had they, I would be living no differently than those in witness protection.  I love musicals but my performances are better suited for the the shower.  I wish it were forgotten by everyone and just when I think it has, a reference to "Ti. . . ." (well, I can' really type that lyric here) is directed toward me.

Now that I've shared that humiliating moment I guess I can't put off the purpose of this post any longer. It is RESOLUTION time.  I read a quote once, and I really wish I knew who had said this so I could give them credit, but I don't. I have a suspicion I read it on Facebook.  Remember when all great quotes came from great books? Now they seem to come from Facebook and Pinterest.  Oh, how far we have fallen - lol.

The quote went something like this:  "New Year's resolutions are like crying babies in church. Both should be taken out immediately."

I can't remember when I first read and/or heard the quote but it stuck with me.   If anyone knows who said it first, please let me know so I can give them credit for the quote.

So here it goes:

Personal Goals
1)   Eat healthier
2)   Exercise more regularly (actually, any exercise at all would be an improvement).  The whole thinking about exercise hasn't gotten me very far this year.
3)   Try different wines (I tend to avoid reds and it is so narrow-minded of me)
4)    Listen to 24 audiobooks (I signed up for a challenge and this is probably the easiest goal)
5)   Be better about attending church (I have been a serious slacker this year)

1)   Write every day, even if it is only for 15 minutes.
2)   Visit more blogs.  There are a lot of cool ones out there. Actually I should correct that because I do read a number of blogs, I just rarely comment.  I will fix that.
3)   Be more active on Twitter
4)   Figure Pinterest out
5)  Meet more people at conferences (this is the toughest of them all.  I am very, very, very uncomfortable simply starting up a conversation with strangers and tend to stick with the ladies I know) I am in awe when I see my fellow authors and critique partners talk to anyone and everyone.  It has never been anything I can do.  I am much more comfortable at a keyboard.
6)  Complete the fourth book for A Gentleman's Guide (Noah has waited long enough); Complete the fifth and sixth Tenacious Trents novels; finish the last of the To Love a Governess series and DO NOT EVEN think about working on the others that are calling to me.  They will simply have to wait their turn or nothing will get finished.

So, how about you? What are your resolutions this year?

Happy New Year and may 2013 be your best year yet!

Jane Charles
also writing as Amy De Trempe


  1. This is great, Jane! Although I would argue that trying to meet more people at conferences might fall into "personal" as well?

    Professionally, I would just like to write the best books I can. To do that, I must maintain a severe focus and not get distracted by certain matters.

    Personally, I want to get distracted, hahahahaha.

    1. Hanna, could point. Meeting people at conferences does fall under personal as well. Actually, it is more personal than professional. I so know about distractions. My biggest weakness at the moment are those stupid games on Facebook. But it is so easy to sit and pop bubbles while I am trying to think through a plot point. Well, at least that is what I tell myself anyway - lol.

  2. You have a great list, Jane! I know you can accomplish everything you want.

    Hanna, you took the words out of my mouth. My motto for 2013 is *Focus*

    I need to pick the important things and spend my time and energy there..

    1. Deb, I hope I can accomplish all those (crossing my fingers). My your mind remain focused throughout the year :).

  3. Great list of resolutions. I should do the same but I feel guilty if I publicly state a resolution and then fail. I would like to increase my book reading goal and maybe figure out twitter. I tweet but don't have a clue as to what I'm doing. OK, as you see, I can make resolutions when it comes to reading but losing weight? Not so much.

    Happy New Year, Ladies!

    1. Connie, I make the same resolution to eat better and exercise every year. It hasn't taken yet, but I am hopeful - lol.