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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Last Blast

It can be difficult to say goodbye at the end of a great experience. I'm just back from watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the cinema and endings are very much on my mind right now. Part of me is happy the story has been fully brought to life on the big screen, but another part is sad. The media hype associated with this movies can really suck you in. We've lived with the hype for years now, saw the same with the Harry Potter movies too.

There are no more Harry Potter adventures, no more will-she-won't-she Bella angst. It's over and done. We can move on. Yet the temptation to linger, watch them all again, is strong. The old can be comfortable, safe. For example, I love to re-read the novels on my keeper shelves, submerge myself in Star Trek movie marathons & return to my favorite holiday spot again and again.

But I also love to read new books, by new to me authors, experience a new movie (Skyfall was pretty awesome), and explore other parts of the world I can reach by any means possible.

The lure of making new friends is powerful but that never means I've forgotten, or could forget, the old. Some memories stay with you forever. As this is my last post on the Lady Scribes Blog I wanted to wish everyone the best: the best stories, the best new friends, the best futures they can have.

I'll never forget you. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Have a happy life from now until infinity.

Heather Boyd
Once upon a time a Lady Scribe!



  1. I agree, Heather--endings are bittersweet. I hope we'll still see you around the interwebs, if not on the blog.

    Best wishes to you!

  2. Endings are bittersweet! I just saw the last Twilight movie and felt the same way you did. I'm truly sorry to see you depart from Lady Scribes, but I know this isn't goodbye for us, my friend. I look forward to seeing where your witty writing next appears!

  3. Heather,
    Goodbyes are always tough. I wish you the best wherever your path leads. I know we'll still be in touch. Hugs!

  4. Agreed! Endings and goodbyes are difficult -- Eric and I have already gone to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 twice, and we're contemplating a 3rd. LOL!

    I know I'll see you around, though, so this isn't goodbye...it's just "See you elsewhere." :) I wish you great success in whatever is next for you!

  5. Goodbye, Heather! Just remember to never say never. Hoping you will drop by and do a guest blog now and then. That way, everyone will be happy!

    Wishing you the best!

  6. Best of luck in all your endeavors, Heather! We'll miss you here, but I know I'll still see you on Twitter. It's been fun, my dear :)

  7. Oh Heather, you are so going to missed. I hope that you will have new adventures awaiting you. Good luck in your endeavors. :)

  8. Best of luck Heather. Goodbyes and turning toward a new future is never easy but I am sure we will see you around. Don't be a stranger!

  9. I'm saddened to see you go, Heather! I wish you all the best with whatever your future holds. Big hugs! Tam xxxx

  10. Thanks everyone for the best wishes. :)