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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Let's learn a little about each other and play the Either . . . Or . . . game.  Answer the question--and tell us why!

Reading a good book:
Either:  By the Pool?                 Or:  Snuggled by the fire?

Either:  Homemade?                  Or:  Bakery?

Either:  A good quality beer?     Or:  A tropical, fruity, girly  drink?

Either:  Designer Label?            Or:  Bargain Shopper?

Either:  Reservations?                Or:  Home cooking?

Either:  Smooth?                        Or:  Scruffy?

I'll get us started:
Good book:  I'm cheating, because I'll read anywhere, anytime
Cupcakes: Homemade--my own cheesecake filled cupcakes
Cocktails: Girly drinks all the way!  Favorite: Sex on the Beach or Chocolate Martini
Shopping:  Bargain shopper--when I am forced to shop.
Dinner:  Uh, stumped.  Not crazy about eating out most places, but I'm also tired of my own cooking.
Men:  Both!  Smooth here:
Scruffy here:
Who am I kidding?  I'll take Nathan Fillion any way.  :-)  But Bradley Cooper does look fab all rough and tumble...

Your turn!


  1. Oh,this is fun.

    Girly drink (since a wine option isn't available)
    Bargain (and quickly - I hate shopping)
    Home cooking
    I was going to say scruffy, and then I looked at the pictures of Nathan Fillion, so I am going with both :).

  2. LOL, Jane--wine can be an option for you, if you like--it gives me headaches, so it's never in my either..or!

    And can you come over and do some homemade cooking for me, please? I'm going through a patch where I'm just so tired of it! Ready to taste someone else's food!

    1. Oh, and it's a mark of how much I love you all that I am sharing pics of my beloved Nathan!

  3. LOL! Fun blog, Deb!

    Let's see...

    By the fire. (I don't like to read by the pool because the sun is too bright, and no matter how many pairs of sunglasses I buy, I can never find even one pair.)

    Bakery (unless someone else is making them, but - you know - I don't really cook.)

    A fruity, tropical girly drink! (I've never liked beer, something the German scientist doesn't really understand)

    I hate shopping. I don't really bargain shop, but I'm not looking for a label either. Whatever looks good enough that I can leave immediately. :)

    Reservations...see the note about me not cooking

    Both! Kindof. Scruffy looks great in pics, but I'm not sure if I would like it in real life. So I guess, I'll go with smooth. :)

    1. You make the best girly drinks, Ava! And I do like shopping if you are along!

  4. I had to post, this looks like fun!

    Good book: Fire - although in this 40 degree heat this shouldn't be my answer. ;p
    Cupcakes: Bakery - I'm lazy
    Cocktails: Beer - I am an Aussie after all...
    Shopping: Bargain shopper
    Dinner: Eating out - did I mention I was lazy??
    Men: Scruffy. Hello Gerrard Butler. Nom Nom Nom


    1. Hey Tam! I keep hearing about the heat over there. Oh, and yes. Gerrard Butler does scruffy divinely!

  5. Oooh! So fun!

    Pool (I did move to the tropics, didn't I?)

    Bakery (but I'm picky about my bakery - no grocery store cupcakes, please!)

    Fruity Drink (see above answer about living in the tropics)

    Bargain Shopper (Marshall's and TJ Max are my homes away from home)

    Reservations (preferably somewhere with outdoor seating...see above answers about living in tropics)

    Smooooooooooth! (Jude Law and Ian Somerhalder are my celeb crushes -- I like 'em pretty :)

    1. Jerrica, I knew you would be all about the pool--or the beach! Have you found a good bakery down there yet?

    2. YES! It's called Alaina's Bakeshoppe! Sooooo yummy! And her paninis and soups are amazing too. It's a real gem :)

    3. Yay! So nice to find a special place like that!

  6. This is so much fun !
    1. By the pool!
    2. A simple box cake brand made at home and loaded with frosting! I'm not a fan of most bakery cupcakes with the exception of nonna's bakery in Charlotte...they make the yummiest strawberry frosting filled... I digress. : )
    3. I'm a consignment bargain shopper!
    4. Reservations!
    5. Scruffy!! Think Vigo Mortinsen

    1. Dang, I forgot to hit the reply button, Christi--I answered you below!

  7. Very fun!

    Snuggled by the fire. (I can't see without my glasses and I need sunglasses in the bright sun.)

    Bakery (I don't do baking, at least not well!)

    Fruity drink (I love key lime martinis & cosmos best.)

    Bargain shopping for designer labels. ;-)

    Dining out, although a home cooked meal by someone else is just as appealing.

    Scruffy!!! A 5 o'clock shadow is so hot!

    1. I love how you got around that shopping choice, Sam! I do love a clearance rack...when I'm forced to shop. :-)

  8. 1: Anywhere I'm the one you honk the horn at I stoplight read if I am in a great chapter.
    2: being a cake decorator, at Foodlion on Eastway Dr in Charlotte,I have to say bakery, but I make a mean filled cupcake at home, we don't do filled at work.
    3: would love to be able to afford designer, but I am a bargain hunter. Heck Wally World all the way,
    4: reservations. I want someone to wait on me.
    5: As you can see by my avatar, I'll take him smooth or scruffy. LOL

    1. Hi Alice! I'm surprised you do any baking at home at all. And I totally understand the whole desire to be waited on--it's so much nicer than having to do the waiting on at home.

      Great avatar!

  9. Ooooh, Christi, you have reminded me...my one bakery exception is at Carolina Cafe. In the spring they have a strawberry cream filled strawberry cupcake...SO yummy!

    And Vigo--another excellent scruffy guy!

    1. you two must not have found the Mad Hatter Bakery in Raleigh. My BFF that works for Duke got my birthday cake from there for my 50th. It was chocolate cake with strawberry filling iced white with chocolate melted and running off the top of the cake. YUM!!!!

    2. No, I haven't even heard of the Mad Hatter, but you make a darned good case for them. Sounds heavenly!

    3. oops 1802 west main street in Durham. I googled it and when I went to come back on here it wiped it out of my slots at the top. LOL I need breakfast oop make that brunch. brain is dead no food in body.

  10. Oops missed the drink, I'm not a big drinker, have a bottle of blue nun vodka I bought for my 50th birthday and it's still over half full and it's 7 years old. Sloe Gin Fizz and I think is't called a cool Breeze. So Girly Drink.

  11. Great post, Deb!
    Reading a good book: Fire, because I'm always cold. And 5 mins by the pool turns me into a crispy critter.

    Cupcakes: Homemade! They're not near as pretty, but a little coffee in the batter makes for a happy woman. ;}

    Cocktails: Fruity. Hello? It's like liquid candy!

    Shopping: Bargain shopper. I spend most of my days in sweats.

    Dinner: Reservations. No clean up AND it's edible? I'm in. :)

    Men: I like a shaved face, but there's just something about a scruffy man. It's just so ...manly. *swoon*

    And I'm totally not choosing between Nathan Fillion and Bradley Cooper. It's called a twofer, and I'll take one, please and thank you. :)

    1. Hi Andris! LOL--I would never make you choose if you didn't want to!

  12. Ha! Deb, I love this even though about half of your either...or... options don't really work for me. LOL.

    Reading a good book: Since I burn at the drop of the hat, I suppose I'd have to go with by the fire...but I really would rather be just in a comfy chair in a cool room with a cat or two.

    Cupcakes: Homemade, but not made by me. :) I don't really bake.

    Cocktails: This one I can answer easily!!! Girly drink, please. :) Beer is gross. You've got to dress my alcohol up, or it isn't going home with me.

    Shopping: A combination. I like to buy good quality clothes, and I will buy specific labels--but I buy them only when they're on sale, so I don't have to pay full price.

    Dinner: Home cooking. I'm a homebody. And an introvert. I'll go out with friends sometimes, but I'm far more likely to prefer a night spent at home.

    Men: Scruffy, please. I've never been able to really grasp why, but I love a scruffy man. Not mountain man beard down to the knees, of course...but a little scruff.

    1. Sorry, Catherine! Whoops, you'll have to do an either..or. list for us one day!

      And comfy chair and cats sounds like a great option to me, too!

  13. Oh Deb, I think this reveals a person. However, I like to share when it's getting to know you type thing. My favorite type of posts.

    Reading: Giving the choice the fire. I actually like swimming and it's kind to hard to read and swim. Haha.

    Cupcakes: I love to bake cupcakes, but I also love going to nice bakery where they have a tasty fluffy cupcake. However, I need to work on my cupcakes, because the salty sea air did something to my cupcakes to make them taste great. Since I'm lacking the salty sea air of the coast I figure something out and fast.

    Cocktails: Beer is just nasty and smells like it tastes. So, I would be a fruity girly drink if I drank.

    Shopping: depends and good of the quality is and the price. I don't mind paying a little more for good quality. Tends to last longer.

    Dinner: Both. I like to go out every now and again.

    Men: Both. Since I'm so in love with David Gandy (but he's the fave at the moment). However, there have been others.

    1. Hi Melody!

      Oh, that move has had unexpected consequences! Who would have figured it would mess with your baking? Have you gained a lot of altitude?

      You are the second person this week to talk of a crush on David Gandy--I've got to google him...

    2. Deb, you must. With his dark hair and blue eyes. *sigh* so dreamy.

  14. Reading a good book - Anywhere works for me. Although it's harder at a pool because I'm usually chasing after the kids or swimming myself. ;)

    Cupcakes - Homemade as long as I can use a cake mix. I can have them anytime and in any flavor I want.

    Cocktails - Fruity, Girlie drink because it hides the taste of the alcohol. Beer and wine don't work for me.

    Shopping - Mail order - I hate shopping.

    Dinner - Reservations.

    Men - Smooth - I hate scruffy because it makes me itch.

    Fun questions, thanks Deb.

    1. Beth, I'm shocked. I thought you were going to link to a scruffy hockey player!

    2. Oh, and yes. Mail order. Online shopping. Love!

  15. Reading a good book: I would rather be inside in the quiet because too much noise interrupts my concentration.

    Cupcakes: I prefer my own because I make THE BEST buttercream frosting! Yummy!

    Cocktails: My favorite go-to cocktail is a Kir made with white wine and a teaspoon of creme de cassis. So, I guess that falls under the girly drink. ;-)

    Shopping: I shop only when my bare butt is hanging out. I have a few favorite and inexpensive stores where I purchase clothes. No fancy boutiques for me. Anyway, I'm retired and living in southwest Florida so all I need are shorts and tops year-round.

    Dinner: My husband and I LOVE to cook. I prepare the sides and he cooks whatever meat or fish we're having. We enjoy our own cooking and prefer to eat at home.

    Men: Give me a smooth face. Hubby grew a mustache years ago and I refused to kiss him until he shaved it. He played hardball for awhile and finally gave in. I guess he got really horny! (Oh, that was so naughty!) :-)

    I enjoyed your poll. Let's do that again sometime. I'll try to be nicer next time!

  16. Oh, Connie, you lucky girl! I might enjoy cooking more if someone in the family would join in...

    And hey, you can be naughty anytime!

    1. Thanks, Deb! When my husband and I lived in Paris, he worked across the street from our apartment in Neuilly and I worked at the American Embassy. He had an hour for lunch and visited the market every day admiring the super fresh meats and fish. That's when he became intrigued with cooking and it's been DELICIOUS ever since. His sauteed salmon is to die for!!

      Thanks for letting me be naughty. At my age, I feel like I've earned it! ;-)

  17. Bakery cupcakes?? Never. I will read anywhere, but it is usually either in the bathtub, in bed, or in the passenger seat. Cocktails - I HATE beer, am allergic to wine, and could take or leave the girly drinks, so I usually end up with water or hot chocolate. I'm a cheap date, lol!
    Shopping - total bargain hunter when I actually go. Dinner, a little of both, and I love it when my hubby is freshly shaved :)

  18. I knew what your cupcake answer was going to be, Erin! :-) Your house practically is a bakery, with all the yummy cupcakes you can turn out!

  19. Reading a good book:
    By the Pool


    A tropical, fruity, girly drink

    Designer Label at Bargain Shopper prices!

    Reservations unless Hot Builder is doing the Home cooking?

    Really depends on my mood.

    This was so much fun, Deb! Thanks for letting us play!