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Friday, January 25, 2013

Another year older

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend. Eh, celebrate might be too strong of word. It was more like endured. I'm very fond of the birthday, not so much the aging. 
But we aren't talking about my climbing years.
 I've long since passed the age where my birthdays are fun, so when my parents ask what I want for my birthday, I reply with, "Money."

It's not really what I want--I like unwrapping presents as much as the next gal--but money can be put to good use whereas a new purse is a wasted opportunity. As a one income family, we are budgeted down to the air we breathe, so I usually spend the money on things we need. 

It's a real blast, I assure you.
Like shaving your legs with a lawn mower.
 Now, bearing in mind how tight I budget, I've been scrimping and saving for something I've wanted for what feels like forever--a new desk. It's come close a couple of times, then my car rolls over and plays dead so that savings goes into repairs.

This is my exact reaction.

But this year, things went differently.
My mama, saint of all things living, called a few days before my birthday and, before I even said hello, blurted out, "Your desk is paid for and waiting for you to pick it up."

Shut the fridge, Martha Frampton.

I don't think I even ended the call before peeling out of my driveway like a cheetah on crack to bring home my new toy to hug it and squeeze it and love it forever!

Was I daunted by the fact it was in a hundred pieces, broken down into two heavy boxes? Nooo, I would lovingly craft that thing into the desk it was meant to be. 

Le Husband offered to help, but I chased him from the room with my hammer. Heh. Not really (yes, really). I learned long ago we cannot collaborate on home improvement projects.
He's meticulous and anal.
I'm not.
Clearly, he's the problem.

I put together half while the kids were in school...
This is approximately when the cursing began.

and subsequently had to finish with the kids up my butt.

Yeah. Them.

But after hours of gently tapping (hammering the crap out of it), patiently twisting the screws into proper alignment (threading the screws and then hammering the crap out of them), and giving it quiet praise (cursing  and threatening it like a Viking with a chip on his shoulder), it was all worth it. My writerly space went from this...

Cramped office, gently nestled in the smallest corner of Hell.

to this...

Command center for world domination.
All in all, it was a fabulous birthday! Have you had a birthday you expected to be meh and it turned out wonderful?


  1. My birthday is right around the corner. I think we're going out this weekend, early, because of the incredible busy schedule we have going in the next couple of weeks. I think I will have to take my actual birthday off to recover.

    Congrats on your desk. May world domination be yours.

    1. Happy early Birthday, Amanda! I always liked celebrating my birthday on a different day because then I still got to be "special" on my birthday too. It's like having two birthdays but only aging once! Twofer! ;} Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Awww! What a great present! Moms know what to get their little overlords!

    Happy Birthday to you!

    1. Ha! Yes, this overlord got exactly what she wanted. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Deb!

  3. Yay!!! Happy birthday! I love your new space, and what a great mom you have. I reached the point of not really caring about birthdays a while back. It was less disappointing that way. ;)

    However, I just had my birthday in December and my hubby really surprised me. I would have been okay with nothing really, because we are remodeling our master bath and that's a huge gift in itself. But my hubby outdid himself when he handed me a gift certificate for a year's worth of housekeeping every 2 weeks!!! That's the best gift ever. Of course, I haven't been able to use the agency yet since the darned remodel is taking forever. But once the men clear out, I'm taking full advantage of my gift.

    1. I do have a great mom, Samantha. Have your hubby call mine and explain the awesomeness of that gift! And if he could convince him to throw in a nanny, that would be fabulous! I bet you're very much looking forward to getting that bathroom done so you can use your present! Heck, I'm excited for you! Lol.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andris! Birthdays used to be SUCH a big deal for me. NOW I'm not quite sure if I'm 32, 33, or 34. They all kinda blur together which is why my hands-down, favorite gift of all time was actually this past birthday (33?!). My dear husband rented me a room at Norwich Inn and Spa out in Norwich, CT so that I could write all day and night, uninterrupted. He also booked me a massage halfway through because he thought I'd be sore from typing on my laptop...he even thought to order ALL my meals and have them sent to the room.

    1. Christi,
      That sounds like heaven!!! Your hubby is a keeper for sure.

    2. Oh my goodness, that sounds fabulous! I have to admit I've never had a massage. I'm afraid to because I heard that a good massage will help release all the toxins in your muscles and can give you a headache. I'm prone to migraines anyway, so I'm terrified! I'm such a ninny. ;}

  5. Yeah, I got one of those birthday things coming up. I don't want gifts...unless its books or gift cards for books. Otherwise, save the money...I don't really need anything.

    Hubby asked me what I wanted this year - probably because its a milestone involving 0 and 4 and not in that order. I said I wanted to invite my writer friends over for a night. Gotta plan a trip to DC and clean house but hopefully in Feb or March I can have friends over to play.

    Great looking desk. And Happy Birthday.

    1. Ooooh the big 4-0. Keep that over there. Lol. A writer birthday party would be so fun! And a fabulous excuse to sit around and talk shop. :} Thanks for stopping by, Beth!

  6. Happy Birthday-I would make it the whole weekend!!!
    I don't even think that much about birthdays anymore. As long as no one forgets and nags me to make dinner when I come home from work that day, I'm good! :)
    Of course I've never been gifted a spa or housekeeping so...that would be awesome. Although I feel like a spa would be like a yoga class, I'd be unable to relax thinking of everything I was supposed to be doing.

    1. Thanks, Nancy! It actually was a lovely weekend. My husband let me be the hermit I long to be and just lounge all weekend. Is it sad that's what I long for? Lol. I've never had a spa day! I really need to try that as I know it would be fabulous!!!

    2. I *did* make my birthday the whole weekend, lol. That's the beauty of a Sunday b-day -Friday and Saturday are pre-birthday awesomeness.
      I have to say - I am a HUGE celebrator of birthdays. I don't care how old I get - it will always be special! After all, it beats the hell out of the alternative ;)
      Happy Birtday, Andris!

    3. Erin,
      That's how I grew up--my birthday was a special day...for a week! When we first got married, my husband about choked when I let him know my birthday was 7 days. I get 2-3 now so I'm good. Lol. It sure does beat the alternative, especially since there is cake involved!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  7. Love this... "He's meticulous and anal.
    I'm not.
    Clearly, he's the problem."
    I think our husbands must be twins ;-) The desk looks great! Congrats on your cool organized space. May it be cluttered with book notes ASAP! :-)

  8. Hi Tes! Yeah, my hubs isn't near as humored by my classifications, but hey, we've already established the abnormalities are his! lol. Thanks, I love the desk! And it's already cluttered with notes! ;}

  9. I loooooove your new space! I'm not sure if anyone save writers get this excited over office furniture, but I am so with you on this!

  10. Thanks Hanna! Isn't it wonderful?! Yeah, even my husband, who is now able to fit his long legs under the desk without bashing his kneecaps, doesn't get my rabid delight over the new desk. Men. Silly creatures. ;}