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Monday, February 18, 2013

Playing Dress Up

Around our church, our family is getting quite the reputation.

Apparently, we are the family that "likes to dress up."
Here we are in steampunk gear for a friend's costume wedding.

It's true. We've won trunk-or-treat two years in a row--and our church has been hosting for only two years, so we are the reigning champs. The first year, we had Safari Car. My husband and I dressed up in khaki pants and white shirts, and we created palm trees out of cardboard. Olivia dressed up in a zebra suit, and we littered our "campsite" with stuffed animals of every description.

Despite the hype, sunbonnets do not block the sun.
 Last year, we were Pioneer Car. We transformed our little gardening trailer into a Conestoga Wagon. My daughter and I wore matching pioneer dresses and sunbonnets. We even created a campfire in the parking lot, but to keep things safe, we burned neatly-concealed sticks of incense instead of really burning the wood.

We love to play dress up--whenever an event calls for costumes, we have no shame about being the family that likes to go a little over the top. We already have plans for this year's trunk or treat. Keep it under your hat, but my engineer husband is already designing a castle.

She can spend the whole day in this costume.

While we love to get into the spirit of things with a costume, I had no idea that we were regarded as "that family" until yesterday.

The annual chili cook off is next weekend, and I have never entered the competition. Zach swears up and down that my family's recipe is the best he's ever tasted--but then, he's my husband, right? Isn't he supposed to throw around compliments like that? Especially in Texas.

So, unbeknownst to me, he signs us up as a team. When I found out, I was mortified. The chilis that win competitions are exotic or so hot they leave blisters on our mouths. My family's chili is just plain old Texas red...

Plain old Texas red...

Immediately, the idea for our booth and our costumes popped into our head. I can't divulge them...yet...because the competition is not until next weekend. But while we probably won't win based on my recipe, I have a feeling we will present the other competitors with a run for their money on presentation.

But then, in Sunday school, we find that our class has also entered as a team. "And we thought Lily and Zach could decorate. Because they are so creative."

I had to let them down easy. Flicking my thumb over at Zach, I said, "Sorry guys. He signed us up today for our own team."

A chorus of boos rained down as Zach bowed his head in mock shame. "Costume competition is over, guys," a fellow churchgoer declared. "They've always got it in the bag."

Yep--we're that family. The family that "dresses up." Have you ever really gone all out on costumes for an event?


  1. Lily, I LOVE your steampunk outfits! So awesome! We're hit or miss over here. If we're going to dress up, we go all out. But sometimes the event/holiday just sneaks up so quick, and we end up in plain clothes. I mean, go big or go home, right?

    Our best costumes were at Halloween 2011. Eric was Mario, I was Princess Peach and Bella was a baby Bowser :)

    1. Jerrica, I admit to facebook stalking you just for the costumes and scenery. LOL!

  2. Yes, that steampunk gown is smoking hot!!! We've only really dressed up for Halloween events...and my DH is always goes as his standard "Magnum PI". Unfortunately his love for Magnum far exceeds his appreciation for costumes! : )

    1. I made the gown myself using bits and pieces from thrifting. Excpt the corset. Couldn't bring myself to buy a used corset. LOL!

  3. Ha - when I read this I immediately thought of Jerrica and her family :) I hadn't dressed up in ages until I was invited to model Steampunk at the RT convention a few years ago - and ended up buying the outfit! That side of me doesn't come out often (and it NEVER comes out for my hubby), but it's fun when it does :)

    1. I loved your steampunk outfit! That was awesome.

  4. How fun! I like to dress up and so do the boys. But Valiant Husband missed that gene. So we usually soldier on without him.

    I'd love to go to a Steampunk wedding, though!


    1. The wedding was more ren-faire-esque, but we decided steampunk was the way to go. It was really cold that day, the wedding was outside, so I snuck yoga pants under my petticoats. Perfect!

  5. I am more the kind of person to stand in the corner, dressed in jeans, enjoying all the people who enjoy to dress up. So THANK YOU! :)

  6. I love to dress up, but it doesn't seem like there are that many occasions. That's why I like RT. I'll get to wear my flapper dress for the third time. LOL. I really like to get use out of my costumes. :)