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Friday, February 15, 2013

This Is A Test!

.....by Olivia Kelly

 My brain is devoted entirely to the 7 year old's homework these days, it seems, so I wanted to have a little fun! This post is inspired by the First Grade homework we finished tonight (God help me), which was to make up a short story. When your story can only be five sentences, you tend to go for what's familiar or what is your favorite topic. 

The Day at the Sports Stadium.

A Trick or Treating Story.

The Time Aliens Came Down And Took Me And My Little Brother To Mars For The Day. ;)

Just for kicks, I devised a little quiz on how to tell what your favorite romance cliche is. (When I say cliche, I don't mean that in a bad way. I happen to love Bad Boy Returns Home To Make Good or Secret Baby stories!) It really has absolutely nothing to do with anything, other than I felt like it. HA! 

So enjoy....

You Write, I Write, We All Write! 


  1. You like your hero to be:

  2. Unable to recall anything about his former life.
    A rake/playboy.
    The heroine's best friend.
    Hiding a deep, dark secret.

  3. You like your heroine to be:

  4. A patient, caring woman who likes a mystery.
    An innocent.
    Unable resist her curiosity, and tends to be sweet or sassy.

  5. Your story would ideally be set in:

  6. The countryside.
    The city.
    The heroine's home town.
    A bit of all three above.

  7. The Complication:

  8. Something from the hero's past comes back to haunt him.
    The hero is attempting to avoid falling in love with the heroine.
    The heroine is in love with someone, or at least thinks she is.
    The hero thinks his secret makes him unfit to be with the heroine.

  9. The Dark Moment:

  10. The hero has to choose between his old life and his new one.
    The heroine must decide whether the hero is worth the effort it would take to break through to him
    The heroine must decide if she wants to be with the hero, or lose him forever.
    The hero must move past his feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing to become open to love.

  11. The Happily Ever After...

  12. The hero chooses the heroine, while reconciling his old life with his new one.
    The hero realizes the heroine is the only woman he will ever want, and professes his love.
    The heroine chooses the hero, realizing that her best friend and the man she loves are the same.
    The hero moves emotional mountains, healing himself, with the reward of the heroine's love.

If you voted mostly:

A) You like the Amnesia trope! Hero has accident or traumatic experience and forgets everything. He meets or is reunited with the heroine, who helps bring him back to himself. Always a fun one!

B) You love those Bad Boys! What's better than the redemption of a man who was thought to be a lost cause? Uh, NOTHING. *fans self*

C) A Love Triangle OR Friends To Lovers! (This option has both!) You like angst, longing and unrequited love, don't you? Well, who the heck doesn't?!

D) The Tortured Hero! Omg. So good. That is all.

Hope everyone has had as much fun as I have today! XOXO.....


  1. That was fun. I love quizzes.

    Tortured Hero!

  2. I'm glad you liked it, but I'm not sure why it takes you to another site! Booo. This is my first experience with quiz building and I must have done something wrong, lol! BUT...it's not hard to add it up on our own, right?
    My favorite romance theme was Bad Boys! (But then, we all knew that...) ;D

  3. Oh, Olivia. I'm a bit all over the map. I think I wound up with more Ds, so that would put me with tortured hero (not really too surprising...), though Bad Boy would also work, as would Friends to Lovers. :)

    1. Yeah, that doesn't surprise me at all, lol!

  4. You needed more "all of the above" choices. I like ALL of those. Well, not in the same story, but you get the idea.

    1. Oh, I KNOW. I pretty much love ALL the tropes, as long as they are done well. :D

  5. I was pretty evenly spit between Bad Boy and Tortured Hero... which might explain why some of my Bad Boys are Tortured Heroes. ;)

    1. Those are my two favorites. And then you get them rolled into one like Loretta Chase's Lord Dain! Yum.

  6. Tortured Herooooooooo! As if that was ever in question. I love torture (someone else's).

  7. I was split between amnesia, which I don't remember liking *wink*, & tortured hero.

  8. I was split between bad boy and tortured hero. No surprise there. Very fun!

    1. Yeah, what IS it about those Bad Boys?! We do love them.

  9. I'm mostly the tortured hero but the Best Friends to Lovers was close behind. Absolutely nothing for the Amnesia trope. Must be why I don't read a lot of those stories. ;)

    Great Quiz.

    1. Thanks! My favorite Friends to Lovers (although, let's be honest, they weren't FRIENDLY friends) are Louisa and Blakes (Henry Blakesley) from Claudia Dain's A Courtesan's Secret. I love the dynamic between the two. Awesome chemistry too!

  10. Give me a rake any day while we're at it add a dash torture soul to the mix and I have my perfect hero.

  11. I chose three A’s and a mixture for the other three. Don’t know where that falls. Interesting quiz though.