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Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome Leigh Ann Kopans!

Hello, Readers! Today we have a guest interview with Leigh Ann Kopans, the author of the super hero Young Adult novel One. I've read her debut novel and really loved it. It's very different from many of the YA novels out there at the moment, and if you are a comic book lover (and even if you aren't) this is the book you've been waiting for. 

Here's our little chat, below:

O: Hi Leigh Ann! We're so excited to have you here today at Lady Scribes, to talk about your debut One. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

L: Thank you so much! I'm so excited to be here, and honored that you invited me. 

About myself? Well, I've always loved reading sci-fi and romance - those have been my two favorite genres since I was a little kid. But I never really started trying to write anything until I found myself suddenly out of work and home with three very small children every day. I needed something to do that would make me  feel useful and stimulated, so I tried my hand at my first novel.

Also, I'm equally addicted to tech, coffee, and ice cream. I like it.

O: It amazes me that you managed to write such a fantastic book, or any book at all, with young children at home. I know it's something I struggle with. For our readers who are work-at-home moms, do you have any tips for staying sane and productive?

L: My number one tip is to figure out ways to work in any setting. I always - ALWAYS - have my phone and my Kindle in arm's reach. I use a mobile note taking program and tap stuff in there in the grocery checkout or while packing lunches. If I'm at the park with my kids or they are sick and want to cuddle on the couch, or if I'm on the elliptical working out, I read. I'm never not working.  

O: I've read One, and absolutely loved it. I thought it was very unique, and yet, very easy to relate to. Can you tell our readers what your novel is about?

L: Oh, thank you so much! That means a lot to me. One is about Merrin, who only has half a superpower - she can float, but not fly. She wants to fly more than anything, and when she meets Elias, another One, she discovers that when she touches him, their powers combine to make her fly. It's about her struggles with that, and also the Biotech organization that may pose a large threat to them. 

O: I love Merrin and her intense code of honor, and her unbending loyalty to those she loves. What was the best part of writing One, and the worst?

L: Oh, thank you! I like to think Merrin is pretty fierce. ;) The best part was the scenery descriptions. Since Merrin's always wanted to fly, she's obsessed with the sky. The worst was figuring out some good pacing for the novel - since it's a combination romance and sci-fi, it was really tough to balance those elements in a way that kept readers turning the pages. 

O: The rumor on Twitter is that the second book for Elias and Merrin is in the offing, called Two. Can you tell us when that will be ready, and is there anything you can tell us about it without spoiling One for your new readers?

L: Yes! Two is coming out on October 8th, and I'm so excited! It's from Elias's point of view. It tells the story of Elias and Merrin's escape from the Biotech Hub, their journey to two other Hubs, and their discovery that the horrible things they learned back home were only just the beginning of Biotech's threat to Ones and Supers alike.

O: What are some of the books that have influenced you, in life and in your writing? Can you share some of your favorites with us? Are there any in particular that you feel are absolute MUST READS?

L: In terms of children's sci-fi, my biggest influence was, hands down, A WRINKLE IN TIME. L'Engle weaves together science, fantasy, budding romance, and the bigger questions of life together so seamlessly that reading it still leaves me breathless. 

Thank you so much! Now, here is the section where I shoot rapid-fire questions at you and you have to answer with whatever pops into your head...
O: Favorite color? 
L: Green, at least today.

O: Favorite food? 
L: Cake.

O: Beach or Mountains? 
L: Mountains (Solitude!)

O: Water or Land? 
L: Land.

O: Orange or Green? 
L: Green! :) 

O: Trip to Paris or trip to rural Thailand? 
L: Paris. I need buildings and running water.

O: Sweet or salty? 
L: Sweet AND salty. (Salty caramel! Chocolate covered pretzels! Caramel corn!)

O: Pencil or pen? 
L: Neither. I hate handwriting.

O: Notebook or computer? 
L: Computer.

O: Nerd or geek? 
L: Geek!

O: Captain America or The Human Torch? (One last chance here, Leigh Ann. Heehee!) 
(Interviewer's Side Note: I still think you should all give her book a chance even if she isn't a Captain America fan. I mean, no one's perfect, right?) ;D
O: Thank you so much for dropping by Lady Scribes and sharing One with us, Leigh Ann. I really enjoyed the novel and hope our readers will too!

L: Thank YOU so much for having me! It's been an absolute pleasure. <3 

You can find Leigh Ann at her website or on her blog, and also all over the web in places like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Because Leigh Ann's novel is about super heroes, I want to know what YOUR super power would be, if you could have one? 

(I'll randomly draw a winner to receive a e-copy of One, and you only need to leave a comment to qualify for the drawing. The winner will be announced Monday, here on the blog! Good luck...)


  1. Welcome Leigh Ann! One sounds fascinating!

    Hard question. Flying would be amazing. But so would teleportation...and even though poor Aqua Man is the butt of every super hero joke, breathing underwater has always been something I thought would be so cool...

    I don't think I can choose!

  2. Hi, Leigh Ann! Thanks so much for being with us today, and congratulations on your debut. I can't wait to check it out. I love superheroes!

    My superpower would be the ability to teleport anyplace I want, unless my clothes couldn't go with me on the jump. Awkward! :D

  3. I tend to imagine myself and write a lot of Healer stories. (And the fact that I'm doing line edits on Healer's Fate for reissue does not influence this answer at all.)

    But I like Fire. I love the scene in Practical Magic where Sandra Bullock blows on a candle to light it. But I also love Storm's weather power from the X-men. Who wouldn't want to be able to call lightning down someone annoying you.

    I also tend to write about shielding powers. There more passive powers but they can be turned into attack powers. So I either want to be able to create shields or Heal people.

    Congrats on the debut Leigh Ann.

  4. Welcome Leigh Ann. While writing the Lydia Dare books with Tammy Falkner - we had a coven of witches. Each had her own power. So I've thought a lot about this. And I think I would like to be able to see into the future. (If I'd had that power I could have avoided some pretty big mistakes in my life...cough...like that awful marriage...cough)

    Good luck with the book!

  5. Welcome, Leigh Ann! What an interesting premise. Man, I dream every now and then that I can fly, an it is the single best feeling ever! I can see why Merrin wants it so bad :) If I had a super power, it would be to rewind time just enough to undo awful things: car crashes, bombings, a bad haircut ;)

  6. Hi Leigh Ann! Thanks for the fun interview! I think if I had super powers I'd have the power of the Bubble of Silence. Can you tell the kids are in the middle of their summer vacation? *Whimpers* ;D

  7. Thanks for the fun post and congrats to Leigh on the release! I'd want either telepathy or teleportation :)

  8. Your novel sounds really fun! What age would you say it's good for? Now as to super powers I would definitely want to be able to read minds! The possibilities with what I could do with that are endless. But my caveat is that I could turn it off when I wanted to!

  9. Welcome to Lady Scribes, Leigh Ann! Your book sounds fabulous!
    So if I had to choose a power it would probably be the ability to control the elements. Is that cheating (because yes, I WANT ALL FOUR!)? And if it is, too bad. That's the one I want. I called dibs! ;}

  10. Leigh Ann...One sounds fascinating! I can't wait to read it! I used to have this recurring dream as a child thay i could float but not fly....I digress! I really appreciate your tips for writing moms. It's something I struggle with so I applaud your ability to make it work at any time!

  11. Congrats on the release, Leigh Ann. I love your cover. :) I'd want to be have the power of reading minds, I think, and the ability to figure out complicated puzzles. Is that a super power? It should be. ;)

  12. Congrats on the release of your book Leigh Ann. I like reading both Sci Fi & Fantasy Romance but always seem to have problems finding good books in this genre so I'm double excited to have come across this post. Interesting title for your book/series; is there a story behind it?
    I'd love to have power over the elements.