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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Either . . . Or . . . The Summer Version!

We had such a great time playing Either . . . Or  the last time, I thought we'd play a summer version.  A great way for us to get to know you!  Answer the questions below, and tell us why!

Vacation Getaway
Either:  The Beach                                Or:  The Mountains

Summertime Foods
Either:  Potato Salad                              Or:  Macaroni Salad

Summer Blockbusters
Either:  Movie Theater                           Or:  Wait for DVD

Lazy Summer Evening Treats
Either:  Ice Cream                                  Or:  Frozen Yogurt

Backyard Barbecue
Either:  Gas grill                                     Or:  Charcoal

And last but not least:

Summertime Reading:
Either:  Paper copy                                 Or:  Electronic version

To get us started:
Vacation:  I love the beach.  I'll almost always say yes to the beach, but I could be convinced to go to the mountains, especially if there is a lake.

Salad:  Macaroni salad, every time.  I can come close to my grandma's recipe and every time I make it I think of her and the family get togethers I grew up with.

Movies:  For the big action movies like Star Trek or Iron Man, I want to see it on the big screen.  Almost everything else I can wait for the DVD, but I really love going to the movies when I can.

Treats:  Ice Cream.  Go big or go home.  :-)

Barbecue:  If I'm cooking, I like the convenience of the gas grill, but Valiant Husband much prefers the flavor added by the charcoal.  Youngest likes to be able to roast marshmallows over the coals too.

Reading:  Both!  I'll read a good story anywhere, anyway!

Okay:  Your turn!


  1. Fun!

    Beach (I love sun, surf and sand)
    Potato (if I have made I myself because it is awesome :))
    DVD (I haven't gone to the movie theater in ages.)
    Ice Cream! I've lately become re-addicted to the stuff.
    For reading, I am offering a different option - audio. I love listening to books and find I am doing that more and more. The only draw back with flying and listening is I tend to fall asleep, which happened on my recent trip. I was barely conscious on the plane as I turned it off and when I was awake I had to back it up so I could hear what I missed while dozing. If no audio is available, I go electronic and then book. As long as I have something to read in one format or another I am happy :)

    1. Yes, I forgot audio books, Jane! When you get a good narrator, they are awesome!

    2. I also forgot one - Charcoal!

  2. Oh, I love Either...Or! Okay, here we go:

    Beach! We don't exactly live in the mountains-I think mountains are bigger- but our little town is nestled in the bluffs along the Mississippi river. I'd like a change of scenery for vacation.

    Potato. I don't know what's in macaroni salad, but I've never met one I liked. ;)

    Theater. It's just fun. But I like renting DVDs too.

    Ice cream! If I'm going to have the calories, I might as well make it satisfying. Plus, a little goes a long way.

    I'm not picky about reading. Kindle or paper copy is fine with me. It's easier to travel with the Kindle, though.

    1. You just need to try my grandma's recipe, Samantha! :-) It's the only macaroni salad I like.

    2. Oh, I skipped charcoal versus propane. No competition. Charcoal all the way for taste.

  3. Beach- Not a fan of the mountains, mostly because I didn't grow up near them. Also, I get car sick when we drive through them.

    Macaroni Salad- my momma makes a great one.

    DVD- I can pause to go to the bathroom and not miss anything. ;)

    Ice Cream- Frozen Yogurt is like a diet drink to me, blech.

    Charcoal- everything seems to taste better that way.

    Kindle version- paper sticks to my hands on the beach and I can put my kindle in a plastic baggie to protect it. :D

    Great post, Deb!

    1. That is a major plus for the DVD route, Marquita. Also, snuggling up with a blanket and a (Valiant) husband. :-)

  4. Beach--I'm a summer girl.
    Summertime foods: potato salad--with Veganaise as I'm vegan. :)
    Blockbusters: wait for DVD; I prefer period movies
    Summer treats: my husband's chocolate vegan ice cream (homemade)!
    BBQ--neither; I believe they're dangerous & unhealthy.
    Summer reading: either; I own a Nook Simple Touch but still love paperbacks because I can use my lovely fabric book cover.


    1. I love period movies, too, Maria. I wish they'd get to making a few more of them!

      Thanks for playing along!

  5. Mountains - I hate sand!
    Potato salad - my MIL makes the macaroni salad by the gallon, and as much as I despise the taste and smell of it, my hubby LOVES it! I always make him kiss me *before* he digs in ;)
    DVD usually - Too much money for theaters, plus I want to play on the lake in the summer, not be shut up in the dark!
    Ice Cream, though I really prefer Yonanas!
    Gas grill - I don't have time for charcoal to get its act together!
    Paper copy...unless the Nook version is cheaper ;)

    1. Tell your sweet hubby I'll make him some next time you guys come over! :-)

  6. Mountains, since I burn at the drop of a hat.
    Neither potato or macaroni salad? LOL. I hate potato salad with a vengeance, and I only like some pasta salads--never one that has mayo in it.
    Theater! Summer is blockbuster season, and movie theaters are usually VERY well air conditioned. :)
    Fro yo, all the way, baby.
    I don't own a grill, so I don't care as long as someone else is using it.
    Paper vs ebook really depends on the book. LOL.

  7. I agree with the theater. There's just something about the first moment when the credits fade and you surrender yourself, willing to get sucked into a new world--it's the same great feeling of cracking open a new book!

  8. Beach- because I don't live near it.
    Potato salad because I love how mine turns out.
    Theater- perfect reason to go on a date.
    Any frozen treat works for me
    Depends on the location. If its out in middle of woods, paper. Day trip eBook.

    1. We love a movie date night, too, Melody! Though it's hard to keep Youngest from tagging along sometimes. I've raised a movie buff with that one. :-)

  9. How fun!!
    The Mountains: The beach is too Hot.
    Macaroni Salad: Don't like potato salad.
    Theater: I'll actually watch the movie.
    Ice cream and frozen yogurt: Why can't I have both?
    Charcoal: Will use the gas grill but you know, the dudes.
    Paper and electric copy: I have books in both format so why give one up.

  10. Vacation: Definitely the beach for me! Soothing and cool.
    Summer salad: Macaroni salad. Doesn't seem as heavy as potato.
    Summer movie: Theater...I eat their popcorn instead of a meal.
    Summer treat: Either a rootbeer or orange crème ice cream float.
    Summer BBQ: George Foreman elec. grill on a stand. Terrific!
    Summer read: Inside e-reader; Outside paper.
    I will do anything and go anywhere and eat anything that keeps me COOL! Heat wave here in CA is killing me . . .

    1. mmmm...movie popcorn :-) And I'm not sure what an orange creme float is, but I want to try it! :-)

  11. Hi Deb! I love these posts!
    Vacation Getaway--I'm at the beach right now. I'd choose mountains any day.

    Summertime Foods--neither potato or macaroni salad. The thought makes my stomach hurt.

    Summer Blockbusters--DVD because I can sit in my hubs sweats. And I can actually afford the snacks. ;}

    Lazy Summer Evening Treats--either but prefe the ice cream

    Backyard Barbecue--charcoal! It takes so much better!

    Summertime Reading--any way I can get my reads is good for me. :}

    1. Hey Andris! I hope you are managing to enjoy your vacation! Have some ice cream! :-) Drown your sorrows. :-)

  12. What fun!!!
    Vacation would definitely be the beach! I can sit in the sun on the warm sand all day!

    Summer salad would be macaroni salad...I'm a pasta girl! This probably goes to my Italian roots.

    Summer movie would be the movie theater, though I haven't been to a movie in so long I take anything at this point.

    Summer treat would be a berry berry good ice cream from Cold Stone!

    Summer read always paper!

    1. We have Cold Stone here, too, Christi, but I miss Hershey's ice cream from home!

  13. I'll play now that most of my work is done - except the housework which I still have to get ready for (pick up dog toys and the like so I can vacuum tomorrow morning. Mother-in-law coming to visit so I can't put it off.)

    Vacation: The Beach

    Food: Neither - they contain mayonnaise. Yuck.

    Summertime Reading - Both any book is a good book.

    Summer Movies - Theater

    Summer dessert - Ice Cream or Custard (what's better than a Goodberry's Concrete)

    BBQ - I prefer gas because you don't get that smoky, charred meat as often as with charcoal

  14. Beth! I didn't know you were a mayo hater too! I'm surrounded by them!