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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome, Little Prince!

A prince is born!!! What a way to start the week. As I watched footage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge bringing their precious newborn boy outside for the world to see, I actually teared up and got goosebumps. I have a feeling I wasn't the only one. But here's a little secret... I would have had the same reaction to any new parents presenting their baby and beaming with pride.

What's odd is I'm not particularly a baby person. I mean, they're cute and smell good after a bath, but I don't have the same urges as some other women to steal the baby from her mom and rain kisses on her sweet baby head. Don't get me wrong. I've liked every baby I've met. I'm just not a baby nut. 

So... It really doesn't make sense that I LOOOOVE baby showers. I love the pastel butter mints and the tiny baby hiking boots and the shower GAMES. Lord help me, but I'm that one nerdy chick that wants to diaper dolls while blindfolded and pick up cotton balls with a pair of tongs, also while blindfolded. 

Okay, not the cotton ball game. I don't even get that one. Never in my fifteen years of parenting have I had a need to pick up cotton balls with tongs. I've had to fish floaters out of the tub, scrape Silly Putty out of the carpet, and tie shoes on a squirming toddler with the skill and stamina of a calf-wrestler. 

Cotton balls? Pfft... Give me a real challenge. 

But since none of the above mommy-jobs are fun, they don't make good games. I've hosted several baby showers, so I have a few favorite games I like to use. Some I developed myself and some I blatantly stole from others. 

1) Baby Diaper Broach - I make tiny diapers out of wide ribbon by cutting a square and folding it to create a triangle. I use blue if we know it's a boy and pink if it's a girl, but you could use any color. Then I put a small mark inside one of the diapers. Using small diaper pins, guests pin them to their shirts. Toward the end of the shower, everyone takes off their broach and whoever has the "dirty diaper" gets a prize. 

2) Secret Code Word - I come up with a common word most people use when oohing and aahing over baby gifts. I share the word with everyone except the mother-to-be then hand a gift bag to one person. I tell them that every time the mother says the word, the bag has to be passed, but they are supposed to try to keep the word a secret as long as possible. If the mama guesses the word, whoever has the gift bag gets to keep the gift.     

3) Baby Mad Libs - I love creating a story about the day the baby is born and ask guests as they arrive to give me a noun, verb, adverb, etc. Once the blanks are filled, I read the story everyone wrote and present it to the guest of honor for the baby book. (Yeah, I think I'm that good. LOL)

4) Baby Food Game - Get jars of baby food, remove the labels, number the jars, and record the answers somewhere. Guests are given a sheet of paper and asked to guess what kind of food it is. They can sniff or taste if they want. The mixed foods are really hard, so I try to stay with the straightforward ones.

5) Dirty Diaper Game - Buy 5-6 different candy bars, open them, put them in disposable diapers with numbers written on the outside (1, 2, 3, 4...), then crush them. I've even put them in the microwave to get them melty. The guests have to guess the candy bar by looking in the diaper. I can't tell you have much fun this was with a group of nurses. Those women take poop seriously! 

And finally, here's a game we can all play today to celebrate the famous little prince across the pond. Name as many famous babies (real or fictional) as you can in two minutes. 

Here's one to get you started: Baby New Year
Ready, set, GO!!!  

Do you like party games or do you prefer to sit them out? 


  1. I like playing board games and team games at parties. :)

    As to famous babies...I tend to ignore most of the celebrity gossip and whatnot, so I stay pretty well insulated from all of that. So, I've got the Baby Prince, and North West. That's about all I can give you right now. LOL.

    1. North West. Good one! LOL

      It doesn't have to be celebrity babies. Here are more examples:

      Baby Bop, Maggie from The Simpsons, Rosemary's Baby...

      I know y'all can come up with some famous babies. People at parties get around 15-20.

  2. Like babies who are still babies? I know a lot of celebrity kids names (no judging, Catherine Gayle) but they may not still be babies.

    Apple Martin
    Blue Ivy
    Suri Cruise

    And now as I've said I know a lot... none is coming to mind. ;) I think I need more sleep. Yesterday I was dreaming about needing a nap.

    1. The babies can be fictional or famous in the past even. :)

    2. Lol! Not judging. It just doesn't interest me. The only way I know about North West is because of an accidental clicking of a link on Twitter. :)

  3. I love games, I'm usually the one to plan them at parties.
    I pay way too much attention to Celebrity children.Indiana August Affleck (Casey)
    Eddy Angelil
    Nelson Angelil
    Suri Cruise
    Viviane, Shiloh,Zahara,Knox,Maddox,Pax Pitt
    Maxwell Drew and Ace Knute Johnson (Jessica Simpson)
    Violet, Samuel and Seraphina Affleck
    Vida, Livingston and Levi McConaughey
    Rumer,Tallulah, Scout and Mabel
    Ireland Bladwin
    Brooklyn,Harper,Romeo and Cruz Beckham
    Moroccan and Monroe Cannon

    I could keep going but it's best if I stop lol........

    1. LOL. You DO know a lot of celebrity babies! Holy cow!!!

      Somehow I knew you would be a party game girl. :)

    2. Good lord! I am TOTALLY impressed!!

    3. I turn on TMZ/Extra/etc when I'm working. It's television that I don't actually need to watch, but I absorb everything I hear.In fact all of those celebrity gossip shows mentioned Penelope Cruz having her baby the same day as the Duke and Duchess but it went completely or almost under the radar that Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum also had hers on the same day lol.

  4. Sorry Sam, I wouldn't do to hot on this game. I don't really pay any attention to those rags. Lol. Or watch ET, TMZ or the other shows like that.

    Blue Ivy
    North West

    1. LOL. I totally screwed up on explaining the directions, I see. It doesn't have to be celebrities. It can be babies like Baby Jesus, Baby Huey, Baby Looney Tunes, Babes in Toy Land, Baby Ruth, the Lindberg Baby...

    2. well if that's the case you have
      Muppet Babies
      Gerber Baby
      Baby Jessica
      Test tube baby
      Remus and Romulus
      Rosemary's Baby
      The God Father Baby
      Dancing Baby
      Baby's Day Out
      Baby Boom
      Raising Arizona
      Baby Bear
      Baby Doll

  5. LOL. I'm laughing at the baby food game. YUCK. I had a friend who had weight loss surgery last year so I bought her cases of baby food since that's all she could eat for a while. So of course I had to taste it. I bet Baby Prince doesn't get Gerber mashed peas, though :-)

    1. I bet you're right about the Baby Prince. Your poor friend, but I know lots of people have success from the surgery. The worst are the meats!!! Smells like dog food. :p

  6. These are some new games to me and I think they’re funny. I like to participate in them unless I’m called upon to make a fool out of myself somehow.

    I’ll let the others take up the slack for me in the baby naming part! Taxes the old brain too much. :-)

    1. I'm not really fond of games that make people look foolish, but I'll be one of the fools so everyone else gets to maintain their dignity. ;)

  7. I try to sit out of the games. I've never been very good at them. As for baby names, the first one that popped into my head was Bambi. Yes, I know Bambi isn't a person, but one of my favorite famous babies :).

    1. Bambi was a baby! Doesn't even have to be a person. Just famous. :)

  8. My mind doesn't work quit at times like this. baby Jesus, baby Moses, Bambi, baby Sister, Blue Ivy, Apple, Rock a-bye Baby, baby bear, Baby Doll. New year baby,. And, yes I do like party games.
    Maxie Anderson

    1. Maxine,
      These are great! You have some I've never thought of before! :)