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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lady Scribes Trivia Answers & Winners

Round 1 Answers

Catherine Gayle, Lady Blithe:

In THE DEVIL TO PAY, what does Miranda tell Gabe she rescued him from?
Answer: She claims she saved him from being "compromised" by her sister.

In THE DEVIL TO PAY, what does Gabe agree to do, "for a price?"
Answer: He agrees to avoid Miranda's sister's attempts to entrap him.

In FLIGHT OF FANCY, why does Georgie need an introduction to Lord Haworth?

He owns a gas balloon, and she desperately wants to fly.

Deb Marlowe, Lady Intrigue:

In THE LOVE LIST, who runs the Half Moon House?
Answer: Hestia Wright

What position does Chloe Hardwick hold as UNBUTTONING MISS HARDWICK begins?
Answer: She's Lord Marland's assistant, helping him to catalogue and display his ancient weapons collection.

Erin Knightley, Lady Delight:

What was the name of Evie's horse in MORE THAN A STRANGER?
Answer: Epona

What did Jane and Richard bake in their first lesson in A TASTE FOR SCANDAL?
Answer: Chocolate Puffs

How did Cece earn her nickname in MISS MISTLETOE?
Answer: Stealing a kiss from Finn under the mistletoe in front of everyone.

Round 2

Marquita Valentine, Lady Valentine

Where do all of Marquita's books take place?
Answer: The South (North Carolina)

In DRIVE ME CRAZY, the hero, Carter Ambrose, is a former  _____?
Answer: NASCAR Driver

In ONLY FOR YOU, the heroine, Violet Lynn, has been doing what since the age of 13?
Answer: Singing country music

Andris Bear, Lady Sass

In the hierarchy of angels in ANGELS UNBORN, Ursus is one of two that deal solely with the mortal realm. What kind is he?
Answer: Archangel

In ANGEL UNBORN, Hell sends a specific caste of demon after Joey to coerce her to its side. What caste was it?
Answer: Incubus

In ANGEL UNBORN, Joey and her best friend, Shula, own a company together. What is the name of their business?
Answer: Bella’s Photography Studio

Hanna Martine, Lady Debauchery

In what location does the majority of LIQUID LIES take place?
Answer: Lake Tahoe

In what location does the majority of A TASTE OF ICE take place?
Answer: White Clover Creek, Colorado--or just Colorado

Where do you think DROWNING IN FIRE will take place?
Answer: Hawaii

Round 3

Ava Stone, Lady Noir

In BY ANY OTHER NAME, why can't Pippa Casemore remember what the Earl of St. Austell looks like?
Answer: Unbeknownst to her, Pippa drank some opium laced brandy.

In A SCANDALOUS PURSUIT, what item belonging to the wicked Duke of Kelfield was Olivia Danbury supposed to retrieve for a treasure hunt?
Answer: Olivia was supposed to get a button with the Kelfield insignia.

In THE ENGLISH LIEUTENANT’S LADY, which Avery brother is Phoebe Greywood betrothed to at the beginning of the book?
Answer: At the beginning of the book, Phoebe is betrothed to Captain Russell Avery; but she elopes in Scotland with Lieutenant Tristan Avery at the end. 

Jerrica Knight-Catania, Lady Grammar

In THE ROBBER BRIDE, what is the name of Victoria's trusted driver?
Answer: Gil

In THE BEDEVILED BRIDE, what does Elizabeth throw across the room in an attempt to hit Michael on the head?
Answer: A candlestick

In THE STAGE BRIDE, what book does Amelia drop that clues Tom in to her presence in the stable?
Answer: Antigone

Suzie Grant, Miss Adventure

In Suzie Grant’s DEVIL RYDER series, which Ryder brother is a New York City Lawyer?
Answer: Garret Ryder

Who owns the Diamond G ranch?
Answer: Drew Gerard

In THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER, what was Blaze's father's real name?
Answer: Herod Chains

Jane Charles, Lady Content

In A MISGUIDED LORD, what secret did Clayton learn after inheriting the title? 
Answer: His step-mother and sister (Adele & Julia) were not dead/killed.

In A RELUCTANT RAKE, what is Audrey stuck in that Jordan has difficulty rescuing her from?
Answer: Handcuffs

In A LASS FOR CHRISTMAS, what does Madeline overhear about herself that causes her to take a walk, thus getting lost in the storm
Answer: She is a bastard.

Round 4

Olivia Kelly, Lady Loquacious

In THE LADY AND THE DUKE, what facial feature does Will Langston, Duke of Halford, have that makes Audrey Ellis weak in the knees?
Answer: Dimples!

In THE LADY AND THE DUKE, how did Will and Audrey first meet?
Answer: They literally bumped into each other in a hallway, during a ball.

In THE LADY AND THE DUKE, what brought Will to London, where he was lucky enough to meet Audrey?
Answer: His sister is being blackmailed.

Julie Johnstone, Lady Mayhem

In WHAT A ROGUE WANTS, what is a typical feminine adornment Madelaine does not like to wear in her hair?
Answer: A ribbon

In BARGAINING WITH A RAKE, where does Gillian first encounter Alex?
Answer: Behind a curtain

In CONSPIRING WITH A ROGUE, what’s the name of the private club Drake wants to become a member of to forget Whitney?
Answer: The Sainted Order

Christi Caldwell, Lady Courage

In WINNING A LADY’S HEART (A Summons from the Castle) Lady Alexandra has a peculiar habit. What does she do in particularly stressful situations?
Answer: Counts things: Items, footsteps, ticks on the clock

In WINNING A LADY’S HEART, who in Lady Alexandra's immediate family has received a reprieve from the Duke's summons?
Answer: Her Father: the Marquess of Tewkesbury 

Samantha Grace, Lady Whimsy

In LADY AMELIA’S MESS AND A HALF, what is the name of the woman who jumps on Jake’s back and screams like a banshee in his ear?
Answer: Ginny

In MISS LAVIGNE’S LITTLE WHITE LIE, what odd method does Daniel employ to teach Lisette how to waltz?
Answer: He has her stand on top of his feet.

In LADY VIVIAN DEFIES A DUKE, what is Vivian retrieving from under a porch when Luke, his brother, and a tenant discover her with her bum in the air?
Answer: A puppy

And the Winners are...
Round 1 ($10 Amazon Gift Card) - Melody May
Round 2 ($10 Amazon Gift Card) - Tiffany Jorgenson
Round 3 ($10 Amazon Gift Card) - Tiffany Jorgenson
Round 4 ($10 Amazon Gift Card) - Kipha
Grand Prize ($25 Amazon Gift Card) - Melody May

Congratulations and thanks for playing! 


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