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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lady Scribes Trivia - Round 1

Let the game begin!

Test your memory and qualify to win Amazon gift cards all while having fun. Just a recap of the rules…

There will be four rounds of trivia, each round posting at two-hour intervals. Do your best to answer the questions in this round. Everyone who participates will get her name entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. If you get all the answers correct, your name will go into the drawing twice.

At the end of the game, there will be a grand prize drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. To qualify, you must leave comments on all 4 rounds of trivia.

Answers and winners will be posted by 8 pm Central time.  

Catherine Gayle, Lady Blithe:

In THE DEVIL TO PAY, what does Miranda tell Gabe she rescued him from?

In THE DEVIL TO PAY, what does Gabe agree to do, "for a price?"

In FLIGHT OF FANCY, why does Georgie need an introduction to Lord Haworth?

Deb Marlowe, Lady Intrigue:

In THE LOVE LIST, who runs the Half Moon House?

What position does Chloe Hardwick hold as UNBUTTONING MISS HARDWICK begins?

Erin Knightley, Lady Delight:

What was the name of Evie's horse in MORE THAN A STRANGER?

What did Jane and Richard bake in their first lesson in A TASTE FOR SCANDAL?

How did Cece earn her nickname in MISS MISTLETOE?

Remember, you don't have to have them all right to qualify for the $10 gift card. You just have to try. (Sorry. General comments about the blog are appreciated, but they don't count toward the drawing. Must play the game to win.)


  1. All right my answers:
    Being compromise.
    Not get compromise by Miranda's sister.
    Because she is looking for an adventure in a hot air balloon.

    Lord Marstroke
    Chloe has something to do with antiques

    Evie's horse is I think it's Ronan
    They baked chocolate puffs
    Fling herself on a crush while mistletoe is around.

  2. Here's my info for round 1:

    Not to get compromised
    hot air balloon ride

    Lord Marstroke
    ? can't remember

    Ronan (stole that from above. can't remember)
    They baked chocolate puffs
    Fling herself on a crush while mistletoe is around

  3. Thanks, ladies! Look for the answers and winners at 8 pm Central time. :)

  4. If you've only read one author, you can answer those questions and still qualify for a gift card. Our feelings won't be hurt. We promise. :)