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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lady Scribes Trivia - Round 2

Are you ready for round 2?

Recap of the rules…

There will be four rounds of trivia. Do your best to answer the questions in this round. Everyone who participates will get her name entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. If you get all the answers correct, your name will go into the drawing twice.

At the end of the game, there will be a grand prize drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. To qualify, you must leave comments on all 4 rounds of trivia. Check back in 2 hours for round 3!

Answers and winners will be posted by 8 pm Central time.  

Marquita Valentine, Lady Valentine

Where do all of Marquita's books take place?

In DRIVE ME CRAZY, the hero, Carter Ambrose, is a former  _____?

In LIVE FOR YOU, the heroine, Violet Lynn, has been doing what since the age of 13?

Andris Bear, Lady Sass 

In the hierarchy of angels in ANGELS UNBORN, Ursus is one of two that deal solely with the mortal realm. What kind is he?

In ANGEL UNBORN, Hell sends a specific caste of demon after Joey to coerce her to its side. What caste was it?

In ANGEL UNBORN, Joey and her best friend, Shula, own a company together. What is the name of their business?

Hanna Martine, Lady Debauchery

In what location does the majority of LIQUID LIES take place?

In what location does the majority of A TASTE OF ICE take place?

Where do you think DROWNING IN FIRE will take place?

Remember, you don't have to get them all right to qualify for the $10 gift card. Just give it your best shot! (Sorry. General comments about the blog are appreciated, but they don't count toward the drawing. Must play the game to win.)


  1. All right round 2:
    Holland Springs. Love this series
    Nascar Driver.
    She's been a singer forever.

    I believe he was an archangel
    An Incubus

    San Francisco
    Somewhere hot, depending the type of hot. Could be Florida or Hawaii

  2. Go, Melody! Two more rounds to go and you'll be in the drawing for the $25 gift card. :)

  3. I haven't read any of these books. So I'm totally guessing!

    New Hampshire
    Playing the piano

    A fallen Angel
    a lower level demon
    Angels Among Us I think sounds cool

    New York
    California baby!

    Thanks for the chance. tiffanynicole99@yahoo.com

    1. Yay, Tiffany! Guesses are perfectly fine! :)

    2. Besides, you might even give us ideas and then we'll have to dedicate the book to you. ;)

  4. If you've only read one author, you can answer those questions and still qualify for a gift card. Our feelings won't be hurt. We promise. :)