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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lady Scribes Trivia - Round 3

Ding, Ding, Ding! Round 3

Recap of the rules…

There will be four rounds of trivia. Do your best to answer the questions in this round. Everyone who participates will get her name entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. If you get all the answers correct, your name will go into the drawing twice.

At the end of the game, there will be a grand prize drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. To qualify, you must leave comments on all 4 rounds of trivia. Check back in 2 hours for round 3!

Answers and winners will be posted by 8 pm Central time.  

Ava Stone, Lady Noir:

In BY ANY OTHER NAME, why can't Pippa Casemore remember what the Earl of St. Austell looks like?

In A SCANDALOUS PURSUIT, what item belonging to the wicked Duke of Kelfield was Olivia Danbury supposed to retrieve for a treasure hunt?

In THE ENGLISH LIEUTENANT’S LADY, which Avery brother is Phoebe Greywood betrothed to at the beginning of the book?

Jerrica Knight-Catania, Lady Grammar

In THE ROBBER BRIDE, what is the name of Victoria's trusted driver?

In THE BEDEVILED BRIDE, what does Elizabeth throw across the room in an attempt to hit Michael on the head?

In THE STAGE BRIDE, what book does Amelia drop that clues Tom in to her presence in the stable?

Suzie Grant, Miss Adventure

In the DEVIL RYDER series, which Ryder brother is a New York City Lawyer?

Who owns the Diamond G ranch?

In THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER, what was Blaze's father's real name?

Jane Charles, Lady Content

In A MISGUIDED LORD what secret did Clayton learn after inheriting the title?

In A RELUCTANT RAKE what is Audrey stuck in that Jordan has difficulty rescuing her from?

In A LASS FOR CHRISTMAS what does Madeline overhear about herself that causes her to take a walk, thus getting lost in the storm?

Remember to take a guess. Even if you don't have all the answers, you can still qualify to win a $10 gift card. (Sorry. General comments about the blog are appreciated, but they don't count toward the drawing. Must play the game to win.)


  1. If you've only read one author, you can answer those questions and still qualify for a gift card. Our feelings won't be hurt. We promise. :)

  2. more guesses but this has been fun! I need to read these books so I can find out the real answers!

    Wearing a mask

    Robb (I'm actually reading this right now and can't remember ugh)
    minature statue


    Not really his son
    at the lake
    She's selfish

    Thanks a lot. tiffanynicole99@yahoo.com

  3. She was plaster. Drunk
    gold button from a coat


    His brother was working for Home Office
    Gaming debts
    that she's illegitimate

    some are total guess