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Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Started You Reading

Please welcome back recurring guest blogger Aileen Fish

Most blog guest posts allow you to get to know the guest better, but I’m turning the tables today. I want to know about you, or more importantly, how we connect. If you frequent Lady Scribes or follow any of us on Facebook or Twitter, you probably love to read as much as we do.

Have you always been a reader? I have. My parents read more than they watched TV, which probably isn’t surprising for two people who grew up during the Depression and WWII. They loved mysteries to the point of being members of the Mystery Book Club. This probably explains the number of Nancy Drew books given to my sister and me.

Other than Nancy Drew, the only detective story I liked as a kid was “Harriet the Spy”. I preferred books with horses, dogs, or ghosts. Not scary ghosts that rattled chains and went, “boo”, but Miles Dibble, from the “Ghost of Dibble Hollow” by Mary Nickerson Wallace. I wanted my own ghostly friend! I guess there are just some things even Santa couldn’t bring, though. I had to settle for the book.

We had a few Dr. Seuss books, of course, along with Grimm’s, a Sendak, and another favorite, “The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster. (If you haven’t read this book, go now to Amazon or B&N and order it. Go ahead…I’ll wait…Got it? Cool, you’ll thank me!) And we had library cards, which was better than an AMEX gold card. Probably still is, to a lot of us!

What about you? What books were on your shelves? What books are you passing along to the next generation? I think it’s important to share our love of books with little ones. Before my granddaughter was born, she owned “I’ll Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch and a collection of Sandra Boynton books including “Moo, Baa, La-La-La”. (My daughter says their dog howls all the way through “Doggies” when they read it aloud!) Hopefully my granddaughter will grow to love books as much as I do, so we can spend many fanciful hours sharing the tales we’re reading.

Aileen Fish is the author of The Bridgethorpe Brides series of Regency romances, The Devil’s Promenade series of sensual paranormal romances, and “The Lives of Jon McCracken”, a reincarnation romance.

Her next release is available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. “A Pretense of Love” picks up the classic trope of a sham betrothal after the couple has gone their separate ways.

Blush sensuality level: This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content).

Twenty-two-year-old Jean’s best chance of finding a husband is behind her. When her brother’s friend offers to pay for a Season in London in exchange for pretending to be his betrothed, she sees it as a miracle.

Ben needs a fiancée in order to inherit his grandfather’s estate, but didn’t consider how spending six weeks with Jean would make her necessary to his happiness. Now she’s in London and he’s in agony. A gentleman never reneges on an agreement…unless his heart is broken.
A Blush® Regency romance from Ellora’s Cave


  1. Gorgeous cover, Aileen!

    Growing up we had some classics around - Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (it's no wonder I have a penchant for England.)

    I bought my first romance with babysitting money and had to hid the book (a traditional Regency) from my mother because she wouldn't have approved.

  2. My mom read to my older sister and me all the time. We both knew how to read before we started kindergarten. When I was in first grade and my classmates were reading See Spot Run and the like, I joined the fifth grade advanced reading class to read chapter books. So...I've always been a reader.

    But even so, I didn't LOVE reading until I discovered series where I could follow the same characters for multiple books. The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High, in particular, got me going. It's been onwards and upwards ever since.

  3. Ava, I wish I'd started with romances earlier! I wanted nothing to do with them until after I married.

    Catherine, you're lucky to have such a good mom. All kids need to be read to.

  4. Dr Suess was my first love. then stories like The Five Chinese Brothers and other short stories. I then graduated to the Nancy Drews, Trixie Belden, but also read, The Wind in the Willows, From the Mixed up Files (not I'm not going to write the whole title-can't spell it) Charlotte's Web, etc. Finally got into dog stories, like Lassie and Lad and The Incredible Journey. It was all my father's doing. If he wan't eating dinner he was reading.

  5. Your house sounds like mine, Nancy. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Aileen, I love your cover! And the story sounds great!! I'll definitely read and pass along to my mom, who prefers her books sex-less. lol.

    As for reading...I'm with Catherine...Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High were what got me hooked. I also LOVED the Mandy books -- kind of a Christian take on Nancy Drew. Growing up in a religious household, with a mom who ran the church bookstore -- I ended up reading a lot of inspirational romance, namely the Love Comes Softly series.

  7. Very, very early I remember reading books on Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman, and being enthralled by their stories. We had just taken a roadtrip through the deep South and the plantations fascinated me. Those are first books I remember reading that were on my own and were thicker than a picture book.

    The very first novel I read was Black Beauty and I loooooved it. It was all downhill from there. :)

  8. I still remember when I first learned to read. I felt like I had conquered the world. I would run around with a book under my arm and stop to re-read it feeling so proud of myself. I loved to curl up with my grandmother as she listened to me read and patiently helped me sound out the words. To date myself, I learned to read via the Dick and Jane series. Every time I “graduated” to a new book in the series, I was thrilled. As I got a little older, I would take the bus to town to the library where I would fill a bag with as many book as I could carry. Back home, I would climb up into the tree in my front yard and read all day. I gobbled up Nancy Drew mysteries, classics such as Huckleberry Finn and biographies. Later on, I discovered gothic romance novels and that was when I knew I was hooked. My favorite genre has only opened me up to many others. Life without a book is simply not life. I love to be surrounded by books and always have several at my elbow to pick up just as soon as I finish one. Thank you, all my wonderful author friends for providing me with the happiness that you do. You are all so awesome!

  9. Oh I've always loved reading even though I wasn't very good with my reading and English. Looking at the pictures were just as fun. Dr. Suess, Nancy Drew, Babysitter's Club, Goosebumps series, Junie B Jones books, etc.
    But I didn't pick up a romance until my sophomore year in high school. I needed a book to read for English class and just bought a book for the heck of how great the synopsis sounded and how lovely cover is; I didn't even know what was going to be inside! But from that day on, I was hooked! Thank you so much romance writers!

  10. My mother always was reading, as was my sister. I hated it for years. I think most of it has to do with missing a lot of school in first and second grade because of illness so I was in the slower reader group until at least fifth grade. So, I think reading = loser in my young mind. Now that I am mature, I get it, but as a kid you tend to avoid the things that reminded you of unpleasant memories. However, out of boredom on a trip, I read an historical romance and I fell in love (along with the hero and heroine). I love to read romances (too many authors to list) as well as Clancy, who just may be my favorite author.

  11. I love reading all your stories! Especially that you hated reading, Jane. Thanks to all of you for stopping by!