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Friday, September 13, 2013

Romance Ramblings

HAPPY FRIDAY the 13th!!

Some of you many know that Jerrica Knight-Catania and I have a YouTube show - Romance Ramblings. You can catch up on past Ramblings HERE. From now on, we'll be posting each week's show here at Lady Scribes.

This week we interviewed Samantha Grace and we..Well, we Rambled. It *is* in the name of the show after all.

We learned a lot this week... A) It's good to have a fireman with a hose living on your street. B) The Graces are entering the 20th Century with Air Conditioning and they'll get running water soon. C) Go on vacation with Ava *only* if you can move quickly.

For all of that and more, this week's ROMANCE RAMBLINGS...

So I'll re-post Samantha's question... What is the most romantic thing that has happened to you recently? OR  - Do you like to roller skate, with or without ferrets?

And then - what topics would you like to see us ramble about in the future?


  1. LOL! I had a great time and yes, we rambled! I like to roller skate, but I've never tried it with a ferret. I'm thinking it would be a little too dangerous for the ferret and me. ;)

  2. I'm diamond too, Ava. At Walmart. I'm Walmart diamond. ;) I prefer to roller skate without ferrets because those rodent tails in the wheels stop you faster than a new set of brakes. :D