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Monday, October 21, 2013

Hair, Glorious Hair!

I hope you all read that title with the tune of "Food, Glorious Food," in your heads, because that was the intention :)

At any rate, let's talk hair today. Why? Because it's on my mind. I've had short hair since the summer between 10th and 11th grades. I've tried over and over again to grow it out, but every time it gets anywhere near my shoulders, I freak out and chop it all off again. I just can't hack it.

Me with short hair earlier this year...

BUT, my 3-year-old and I decided earlier this year that we were going to grow our hair out together. Some days I wonder to myself, "What was I thinking?!?!" And other days, I'm all, "Wow. This long hair thing is really working out!" I hate to be so wishy washy. I totally wish I was one of those people who could just wake up looking like a million bucks, but I imagine those people are few and far between and that I'm not alone in my battle with the hair :)
Me with long hair just last week

And while we're on the topic...I'm now wondering what I was thinking letting my Mini Me grow her hair out. She seriously is starting to look like Cousin It. The darling has inherited my wavy hair and her dad's fine hair, which means that tangles abound! She cries almost every time I brush her hair, no matter how gentle I try to be. BUT, do you think she'll wear any of her 40 handcrafted bows that I've bought her to try to contain the masses? Maybe for a second, but she much prefers to let it loose in the wind. Ugh.

See?? Cousin It!!
But this all leads me to the next topic, which is that of the Blow Dry Bar. Have you heard of them?? They're popping up EVERYWHERE! They don't cut your hair, but they'll do everything else: wash, blow out, up-do... They even offer memberships and packages. It's like Massage Envy for hair. Of course, I totally want to join, but it's a little pricier than I anticipated. A blow out at these places is almost as much as my haircut. But it does beg the question, would it be a better blow out than my haircut person might do? Who knows?? Do you?? Have you ever been to one of these places? Would you use it? And what would you be willing to pay to have someone wash/blowout your hair?

What do you prefer for yourself? Long or short? Do you think I should I keep letting my own hair grow, or should I go back to my bob???


  1. I've never heard of a Blow Dry bar. I'm not sure I'd go for it. ;/ At the weight I am now (Argghhh!), I prefer long hair. I've pixied it a couple of times (and I love that--until I don't) but I'd look like a pinhead with this butt weighing me down. ;) Definitely have to keep the balance until...well, I was going to say until the weight comes off but I'm not real motivated. Heh!
    I like your hair short--BUT that could be because I've never seen you with long hair. So... ??? I guess just go with what you like best!

  2. LOL! Yeah, I guess my "long" hair still isn't that long. It *feels* long, though! LOL!
    You have beautiful hair, though, Andris. I can't imagine it short. Long seems to suit you well :)

  3. I used to have hair down to my butt. I still wear it long, but probably less than halfway down my back. I had a traumatic short haircut as a kid & I can't let it go! LOL! I like your hair in the first picture - it looks fuller for some reason. Maybe it is the particular cut. I don't do blow drying myself, but my hair is straight, so I can just air dry.

    1. Sharlene, that's some LONG hair! LOL! I've had a couple not-so-great cuts in my life, but my philosophy is "It's just hair." And since I tend to keep it somewhat short, I usually only have to live with it for about 6 weeks before I can get it trimmed or cleaned up. I think it's definitely fuller in the first pic -- or maybe that's just the wind! -- but the longer it gets the more gravity does its work, pulling it down, making it appear thinner. I have the weirdest hair! LOL!

  4. Jerrica,

    We have a blow dry bar in Birmingham at the Sumiit! It's all the rage. I love your hair long! It's criminal for it to be short, because it's so pretty! Of course, you look good however you wear it, but long gets my vote!

  5. I have pathetically straight, silky hair that does nothing. ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. There is no body. No curl. Nada. Just a slight flip at the very ends of my hair. I always dreamed of having long, flowing hair with body...and when I grow it out, I always think 'maybe, just maybe this time will be different.' Alas, I've had no luck. As a result, I've always had bobs or pixies. But I love long hair. And I'm in the grow out stage...from a former pixie, partly because I need to be able to pull it back with ease not worry about anything else. But maybe I might be better with short hair because of those reasons?

  6. You are adorable no matter what--but I'd cut B's if she was fussing every day! :-)

  7. I'm with Christi and the straight, silky hair that does nothing. I'm lucky to get a flip. The pixie cut is always the easiest for me. Long hair has always hung on my head and my ears still through. And, when I try to grow out my hair, I tell myself (like Christi) that this time will be different. Then, once it gets to ponytail stage, it never touches my neck again and I think, if I'm going to put it in a ponytail, why not just chop it off?

  8. I had hair to my waist when I cut it about 8 years ago I can't go too short because there is too much curl and it is horrible. I keep it layered and at the chin, or I should. Right now it is about an inch past the shoulders and too long. I've never heard of a Blow Dry Bar and probably wouldn't go. As for you, keep growing and see how you like it. You can always cut if it gets to the point where you can't stand it. You may end up loving it. My middle daughter had hair like B's when she was little. I used to braid it at night to reduce morning tangles. That and No More Tears (do they even make that anymore?).

  9. Whenever the topic comes up about me cutting *my* hair the Scientist has heart palpitations. "Don't cut your hair!". I can't do anything with it. It's in a ponytail or a bun because I don't have time for it. "That's ok," he says. "Just don't cut it!".

    So it's in a bun today and probably a ponytail tomorrow. ;)

    But whatever you want to do, I'm sure you'll love.