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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Kid on the Block: Judi Fennell

Hi everyone! I’m the new kid on the block, which at my age, is kinda nice to say. But I’ve been around that block a few times and know many of these Ladyscribes personally as well as professionally. I’m honored to have been asked to join in with this great group of authors. 

As for me, well, of course you can read my bio here, or check out my website, but the quick and dirty version--well, not so dirty; anyone who’s known me knows that I had the proverbial golden halo in high school and sat at home Saturday nights polishing it and eating Fudge Stripes, but that’s a whole other story and not nearly as glamorous as one I could invent. Maybe I should …

Where was I? Oh, yeah, me. I have an off-beat sense of humor, and word-play and puns just make me giggle. Imagine my surprise when I sold my first book to my first editor and she got my sense of humor. Talk about validation. Then to have readers not only get my humor but also enjoy it… Talk about a dream job. 

I got to invent a talking fish named Chum, a military seagull named Livingston,

a smart-mouth know-it-all lizard named Stewie (modeled after the TV gecko and the kid from Family Guy), the most sarcastic cat ever to saunter across the face of the earth named Obo, an at-odds married couple of dragons, and Merlin the phoenix—and these are just the sidekicks to the heroes and heroines I’ve thoroughly enjoyed bringing to life between the pages. (And the sheets… I do, after all, write steamy romance.) I get to give nods to some of my favorite shows and movies (Hello? One books is titled I Dream of Genies, though the original title was Gone With The Djinn), and make up worlds that are almost real to me. (If they were any “realer,” I might earn myself a trip to a very nice rest home.) And I get to fall in love with the most awesome heroes and be the most amazing heroines. I can play God and I can be invincible.

But most of all, I get to provide my readers with some fun escapism, and I’m honored and humbled when they share their stories with me of how my stories helped g
et them through a particularly trying time or gave them a couple of great giggles on the beach/for an afternoon.
I’m now shifting from the world of paranormal (goodbye talking animals) and heading into the world of contemporary realism (hello real animals who manage to get their points across just fine without words) and am enjoying that journey just as much as my dives under the sea or my magic carpet rides over the world’s deserts. 

And no, coming in March 2014: 
The Manley Maids series. 

What happens when three irresistibly sexy brothers lose a poker bet to their enterprising sister?  they get hired out for her housecleaning venture.
 Now, the Manley Maids are at your service. Satisfaction guaranteed...

This series was born when I was cleaning my kids’ bathroom. Any of you who have teens know just how loathsome a job this can be—and I wondered what it’d be like to have a modern-day Prince Charming show up, not on his white horse to carry me off into the sunset, but to clean my toilets.

Voila, three brothers who will do just that. You’ll never look at your toilet the same way again.

So, the question of the day: Let’s cast the movie. Three guys who’d make great maids. Ready, set, go:


  1. Hey Judi!

    Welcome to Lady Scribes!! We're so glad to have you here with us.

    The new series sounds great. :) At my day job, we recently got a new "cleaning lady" who is a very nice man. One of the girls at the office said, "It's just so strange having a man in that job." To which I replied, "I think it's great there's a man who knows HOW to clean."

  2. Welcome Judi! So glad to have you with us!

    I'd have Nathan Fillion. (I know, you are all surprised.) I'd follow him around and let him make me laugh while he cleaned my house. Win all around!

  3. Hi Deb--Bathan's a good one. Hadn't thought of him

  4. Hi, Judi! We're so happy to have you join us at Lady Scribes.
    I've been wracking my brain for any crushes I have atm, and I can't think of anyone. Character wise, I think Dexter would probably do a good job of cleaning since he's always covering his tracks. :)

  5. Hmmmm three guys that I get to have hanging around....easy choice! Plus who wouldn't want to see these guys in another movie :-)

    Gerard Butler (because who wouldn't want him hanging around)
    Dermot Mulroney (another yummy one)
    Robert Downey Jr. (yeah....yum)

  6. Hi, Judi! The new series looks like fun! And three cleaning guys? Nathan Fillion, Robert Downey, Jr., and Henry Ian Cusick. No, maybe Josh Holloway!

  7. How did I miss the question of the day?
    Three guys?

    Let's go with Aaron Paul because I'm having Breaking Bad withdrawls and he's so adorable.

    Richard Madden because now that Robb Stark is dead, I want to see him in SOMETHING - All hail the King of the North and of Cleaning? That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

    And Clive Owen, because...Well, because he's Clive Owen. ;)

  8. Not sure I can come up with three "maids" but Nathan Fillion should definitely be one of them.

  9. I wouldn't have been able to think of three "maids," but I can perfectly picture Nathan Fillion! Kudos to Deb for the suggestion.

  10. Seems like Nathan is the top runner. Not bad, ladies

  11. What an interesting premise, Judi! I look forward to it. I hope you keep the same humor, OK, maybe not the talking fish part though I loved Chum..

  12. Judi,
    It's so exciting to see you blogging at Lady Scribes! I LOVE the Manley Maids series idea! Brilliant. I've just embarked into the world of a cleaning lady for my house (compliments of my in-laws)...but I'd very much welcome the Manley maids! ; )

  13. Hi Judi! Hmmmm. Three guys who would make great maids? Hugh Jackman. Johnny Depp. Chris Pine. No reason other than I'd enjoy watching them all day.