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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Thanksgiving Either . . . Or Game!

I thought it would be fun, since Thanksgiving is just next week (Ack!) to play the Either . . . Or game, holiday style!

Either  Home for the Holidays . . . Or . . . Traveling to visit Family or for Fun?


Either . . . . In the Bird . . . Or . . . In a casserole dish?

Either . . . .Traditional Pie . . . Or . . . Cake or something different?

After Dinner?
Either . . . Football . . . . Or . . . Movies?

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?  I'll start us off with my answers.

Travel--For the past 10 years or so, we've stayed home for Thanksgiving.  I cook dinner and my sister helps out with sides.  I admit I'm ready to try something new.  Family is too far for a short visit, but I'd love to go out one year or, like my neighbors do every year--plan a fun and adventurous vacation.

Turkey--I usually roast the turkey. We don't have a fryer…I've never even tried the fried kind.  One year, though, we were in the midst of a home improvement project and I put a turkey breast in the crockpot.  It turned out great--so tender!

Stuffing--None of my boys eat it, so I usually just make a small dish on the side for my sister and me.  Of course, it has to be homemade and similar to my Grandma's recipe!

Dessert--Valiant Husband loves apple pie.  Eldest loves pumpkin. Youngest doesn't eat either, so I sometimes end up making cookies or something for him too.

After Dinner--Neither of the above.  Valiant Husband will watch a bit of football, but the rest of us usually sit around in a turkey coma, play games and start our Christmas lists.

Now, your turn!


  1. We have family in town, so we will be going to my BIL & SIL's house for Thanksgiving.

    No turkey for me. I stopped eating meat (except fish) in Jan. But everyone else will have roasted turkey.

    Stuffing in a casserole dish. I'm not sure I'll have any. Maybe my MIL's oyster stuffing.

    Pumpkin Pie & Pecan Pie for dessert! Yes, I'm having a slice of each. So what? ;D

    Neither football or a movie. We'll probably just visit. My other BIL likes to play games, so he and I usually play something with the older kids.

  2. I wish we had more family closer, Sam. I grew up with giant family gatherings at the holidays. Miss that!

  3. Home, I don't like traveling for the holidays.
    Fried if someone else does it.
    Casserole dish I have a fear of getting a food born illness.
    Pie the only time it's acceptable to have pie.
    I'll get me a book if you don't mind and hope I don't lose my spot when I fall asleep.

    1. LOL, Melody--I hope you don't fall asleep--but beware the turkey coma!

      Is pie not your favorite? My youngest doesn't like it much either, except for Grasshopper Pie--which has an oreo crust is barely pie at all!

  4. Travel - This year we are traveling agian. I really liked last year when we had Thanksgiving at my house for the first time.

    Turkey - Roasted

    After Dinner - Washing dishes and football. And when clean up is done, then maybe a board game with the kids.

    Stuffing - Neither for me thanks but my mom makes both stuffed in the turkey and a casserole. I really, really dislike stuffing, give me mashed potatoes any day.

    Dessert - Pie. We eat pumpkin and pecan pies at Thanksgiving. And Toll House Cookies.

    1. Are you going to W. VA, Beth? Safe travels!

      Ah, now I love mashed potatoes too, but I'll also find room for stuffing at Thanksgiving. :-)

  5. Travel?
    Praise Jesus, we stopped traveling home (Indiana) for Thanksgiving. A 12 hour drive for turkey?! NO THANK YOU! So. We stay here. And now that Big Daddy Bear is a detective, he gets the day off and cooks for us! Win-win!
    I'm not allowed in the kitchen because my husband thinks he's a grand master chef when it comes to Thanksgiving. Because I love him, I let him do all the cooking. ;)

    Both. Between the sweet potato casserole and the stuffing, I'm in carb heaven.

    Husband and middle baby demand pumpkin. Oldest demands apple. I'm not into pie and would prefer brownies, but none of these beasts give a rip what I want.

    After Dinner?

    1. You lucky dog! I want Valiant Husband to take over Thanksgiving Dinner! Of course, we'd probably end up with grilled cheese.

      Hey--if you have to cook, you get to make what you want. Go for the brownies!

  6. No such thing as thanksgiving here in Holland, but I will pretend it is Christmas ;)
    Home please, but probably obligated to visit with family.
    Roasted turkey.
    Stuffing, hmmm. No preference.
    Dessert: icecream!
    After dinner: no sports please, a good movie or my book.

    1. Hi Aurian! Ice cream sounds like a nice, easy dessert. I should have started that tradition. Now, I fear it is too late!

      Thanks for playing along, even if you don't have Thanksgiving!

  7. I love these games, Deb!

    Ok, this year...

    HOME for the holidays...and I even have to cook. Yes - the ER has been put on notice.

    ROASTED turkey, assuming all goes well.

    Stuffing...NEITHER. Yuck!

    Dessert - ALL OF THE ABOVE!

    After dinner - PASS OUT from having to cook... or visiting the ER. It's all up in the air. ;)

    1. I think it's so exciting that you are cooking for the first time! You'll do great! No one will end up in the ER!

      But if they do, we'll rouse ourselves from our turkey coma and come visit. :-)

  8. I have a huge family and we do live close enough to get together for the Thanksgiving although it's not always on that Thursday. Sometimes, it's the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year is like that. Since I come from a family of 9 kids and all but two have children and now some of their kids have kids, we seat over 50 people. So, it's a family effort. We all make parts of the dinner and bring it to my mom's usually.

    I'm never home for the holiday. It's always at mom's, my brother's or my sisters house.
    Roasted turkey although this year my contribution is pork roast haunch. I'll be adding my homemade chicken pot pie--two lasagna pans and cranberry chutney (made with oranges, apples, cranberries, and raisins). Someone else is making the turkey and ham.

    Stuffing? absolutely.

    Dessert--Traditional and non-traditional. I love pumpkin.

    After dinner--clean-up, coffee, chat, and laughter. Crawl to the car and drive home where I collapse and refuse to move for several hours. lol!

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

    1. That sounds just like holidays I had growing up, Sia! Huge, fun and chaotic. I miss it!

      Now you've put me in the mood for pot pie--I make a good one too. Yum!