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Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Book Deals

Today is the first Black Friday I haven’t been scheduled to work in… oh, I don’t know. FIFTEEN YEARS?!? (For those of you not familiar with Black Friday, it’s the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year when you can get the best deals, but it’s crowded and some people can get aggressive when they are at the store to buy the same item.)

I've made one Black Friday shopping trip in the last fifteen years, and it may have been my only. My husband was completing his fellowship in another town. We had to maintain separate households, so our Christmas budget was sparse. I remember buying an iron, a Christmas tree, and a few toys for our toddler boy. The iron wasn't a gift. We just needed one. 

Even though my experience with shopping on Black Friday is limited, I know how crazy it can get. We live in a big shopping area. When I leave my house on Black Friday, I have to strategize on the quickest way to get out of the chaos of bumper-to- bumper traffic. But not this year! This year I get to stay home with my family. I’m looking forward to sleeping late, relaxing with a cup of coffee, and READING. Fortunately, I can still get great deals without leaving my cozy home. If that sounds good to you too, and you would like to check out any of the Lady Scribes' stories, here are some of the best deals on electronic books you can find today.  

Samantha Grace ~ Regency:
Twice Upon a Time (Danby Novella) is only .99 and Lady Vivian Defies a Duke (Beau Monde Bachelor Novel) is only 1.99 (2.99 Nook).

Ava Stone ~ Regency:
Heroes Returned Trilogy - Three novels for .99! (Limited time only! Sale ends Monday.) 

Andris Bear ~ Urban Fantasy and Paranormal:
Angel Unleashed for .99!

 Amazon  B&N

Jennifer Lohmann ~ Harlequin Super Romance:
Super Romance novels The First Move and Reservations for Two are only 3.82 for Kindle (4.99 Nook). 

Amazon   B&N 

Julie Johnstone ~ Regency:
Bargaining with a Rake novel is on sale for .99!

Amazon  B&N

Christi Caldwell ~ Regency:
Danby Christmas Novellas only .99!

Amazon  B&N

Jerrica Knight-Catania ~ Romantic Comedy: 
The Matchbaker (novel) is only .99! 

Amazon  B&N

Deb Marlowe ~ Regency: 
An Unexpected Encounter is just .99!

Amazon  B&N

Terry Spear ~ Historical: 
Winning the Highlander's Heart is only 1.99!

Amazon  B&N

Jane Charles ~ Regency:
Tenacious Trent Christmas novellas for .99 each!

Amazon  B&N

Suzanne Johnson ~ Urban Fantasy & Paranormal:
Christmas in Dogtown is on sale for 2.99!

Amazon  B&N

Suzie Grant ~ Historical:
For the Sake of Sin (novella) and Summons From Abroad (Danby novella) are FREE for Kindle!

Amazon  B&N

Sara Humphreys ~ Paranormal:
Undenied (Amoveo short story) is FREE and Untouched (Amoveo novel) is only .99!

Judi Fennel ~ Contemporary:
Be Mine (short story) is only .99!

Do you have plans to shop on Black Friday? What are you planning to read this weekend? 


  1. Ugh...I'm itching to go out..even if the mayhem of Black Friday. The hardest part of my bedrest is not being able to gear up for the holidays with my family. (Not just the shopping; but going out to get our tree and decorate outside...) I've been going online but so many of the specials require you to go to the stores. : ( I'm so bummed because there are so many things my son wants that are offered at phenomenal prices.

    1. I think Monday you may see better deals online, because it will be Cyber Monday. :)

  2. I *wish* I could spend the day reading, but I have edits due on Monday!

  3. The shopping I have done today has been online. It’s so much easier. I just hate fighting crowds. Ugh! Other than that, I am reading and it’s delightfully quiet!

    I’ve just started reading “When the Marquess Met His Match” by Laura Lee Guhrke. It is going to be delightful!

    1. No shopping for me, but no reading like I had anticipated either. I just got back from the cinema. My daughter really wanted to see a movie since she is on her break from school, and I work the weekend so it was either today or forget about it. :)

  4. I wouldn't shop on Black Friday to save my soul from Hades! I'm not one for crowds--especially loud, pushy crowds. My mom set a family tradition of Christmas decorating on Black Friday, and I'm more than happy to keep that tradition for my family!

    1. That's a great tradition. We should have decorated yesterday too, but we decided to be lazy instead. That's okay since I was exhausted after Thanksgiving. Maybe we'll drag out the tree tonight after I get off work. :)