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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Just Say NO to Shopping on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope you're all surrounded by loved ones on this chilly Thanksgiving Day. I cherish the holiday season because there's a heightened focus on family and friends. It's a warm and fuzzy time of year when we stop to take stock of the many blessings we have in our lives. But if you watch any television at all...things seem to have changed. Lately, almost every store has been touting their "Thanksgiving Day Shopping Hours."

A Facebook friend posted that he'd heard there was an actual name for it now...Brown Thursday.

Really? Come on, people.

I realize that many Americans have to work on Thanksgiving day at one point or another because society does need to function.  Nurses, doctors, fireman, and policeman...just to name a few...these folks spend much of their Thanksgiving Day working to help other Americans.

But Macy's? Wal-Mart? Best Buy?

Is this what our society has come to? Turning Thanksgiving Day into a bargain shopping opportunity.
Ew. Just ew.

I realize money is tight. Believe me, I do. But is a great deal worth stuffing oneself into a line on Thanksgiving Day to jostle with other desperate shoppers to get a nine thousand inch television set?

I'm sorry but, for me, it goes against the very spirit of the holiday. Thanksgiving should be a time to stop and give thanks for all of the lovely gifts we're given.

And I don't mean perfume or a car or an obnoxiously large television.

I'm talking about family, friends, good health, or a warm bed to sleep in.

I realize that this post might offend some people. Sorry. I'm simply stating my feelings on the subject and shopping on Thanksgiving day just feels wrong. A little shopping online, well that's one thing, but leaving your family to stand in a line for hours on end....no thanks.

I will be taking stock of the many blessings I have and the biggest blessing of all is my family.

I wish you and yours a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day.


  1. Sara,

    I agree with you and don't shop on Thanksgiving (or Black Friday--though I did enjoy working retail on Black Friday because everyone was in the holiday spirit). However, I do wonder if my anti-shopping on Thanksgiving spirit is because I have the privilege of not needing holiday pay. I mentioned to a cashier at Target last year how sorry I was about them being open on Thanksgiving and she looked at me like I was nuts before saying how much she would appreciate the fat check she would get for coming in. I do appreciate spending time with my family, but I can also see where the cashier might find the time and a half more important to her kids.

    A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, no matter how you spend it.


  2. I sooooo very much agree with you. There's no need to leave family behind for a store on Thanksgiving. It saddens me not only that stores are offering this, but that people are making it worth their while. :( Can we not?

  3. Sara,
    I couldn't agree more. I know some families go shopping together and see it as time together, but maybe they aren't considering that it is taking the clerks away from their own families.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I've been cooking most of the morning and we'll be getting together with everyone for dinner. :)

  4. The last 7 years I worked for cable companies, I was always glad to get the hours as it was triple time. So many people don't have family close by and are glad to get that very big check, so the stores should let the employees volunteer, if not enough do, then management should come in- which they didn't do in my last jobs.

  5. One side of me agrees with you, don't go shopping on a holiday. Another side says, well, not everyone has a family or not a good relationship with the family, but you could always spend it with friends. What I read online makes me think everyone is welcome at your thanksgiving feast, family and friends.
    Of course, I hate shopping myself, even if it really are great deals.

    I do like the argument that people like or need the extra paycheck, and they can easily celebrate Thanksgiving some other evening.

  6. If people are limited for shopping time due to their jobs, and the stores are open, and they have time to shop, go for it. For myself, I don’t fall into that category. Therefore, I will shop at my leisure and do most of it online.

  7. Ok let me come at you from a retailers employee pov. It would be lovely to be able to take all holidays off but the reality is those holidays tend to pay time and a half at the very least. So for some workers it pays to work Thanksgiving, as it pays for their Christmas gifts. I work as much as possible during the holidays to be able to do nice for family. Now if I go by the philosophy that Thanksgiving is for family and wanted to boycott the stores that are open today, we'd also need to boycott the NFL (sure it's a tradition but those beer slingers would almost certainly like to be home with family too). I chose not to shop on Black Friday, nor will I do Thanksgiving for the simple reason of not liking crowds.

  8. I think everyone deserves a holiday. Even people in retail. I worked in retail for 7 years & it really sucks the whole holiday season out of you.

  9. Lots of different view points and everyone has good arguments. I like Sheila's idea about taking volunteers to work the holiday. I've had to work my fair share and even at time and a half, I don't like it. There are probably some people in my department that would be happy to work and get the extra pay.