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Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year a little early!

Between a whole lot of teddy bear orders, 5 are ready to ship to Australia, and another 2 as soon as I receive payment, they are a lot of fun, and a lot of work, I'm working on book deadlines.
 Best Friends Purple Sweater Bear

But to me, they're like writing. Each has her/his own personality! She looks like she needs a hug.

In the past, I've looked at the future as kind of like a blank slate. But this year and last, I've scheduled WAY too many things. So I'm going to a Chicago writers conference (1st time), Authors After Dark, Romantic Times (1st time ever, and I'm going to be helping to host a pirate wench party!), RWA Nationals, and two trips for research, Scotland, and Minnesota to a wolf park and whatever else my fan and friend can get me involved in up there. So really looking forward to it. And have to see family.

But I have deadlines too! And somehow I've got to accomplish those also. So my New Year's goal is to not schedule so much for 2015. LOL :)

My fans sent me some cool gifts too! My wolves, to keep me on track.


Supernatural to remind me to take some time out for me.

And a doll to tell all my frustrations to, especially when it comes to edits!

I am ready for it! Only it means lots of deadlines, trips, and fun! :)

What about you?

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!"


  1. Thanks, Samantha, and you too! :) I'm still plugging away at Hero of a Highland Wolf, but I so wanted to go to see the Hunger Games II for New Years. Maybe I can if I get this book done today.... :) Hope you have a fun one!

  2. As far as goals go, I'm trying to focus a little more on being healthy in addition to add the other stuff I have going on with kids, work, writing, and just having fun! :)

    But my biggest goal is to be able to quit my day job and just write for a living. Hopefully that will happen this year.

  3. I loved quitting the day job! Last year was my first year free of it. And I was finally able to write two historicals, one at the end of the year before and one this year, but I wouldn't have had the time if I'd still been working a day job. I LOVE writing. So I'm thrilled to be doing this 24-7. :) I still probably work close to 80 hours a week, but it's all fun. :)

  4. LOL, Jennifer. She's so cute that I couldn't do anything mean to her. So the fan who sent her to me said I could tell her all my woes. So that's what I'll do. :) LOL