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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lady Scribes Holiday Haul

Yay! It’s time for a contest with lots of prizes!!! Check below for the details. 

I used to dream of the perfect Christmas. A gorgeous tree straight from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. A tree trimming party with hot apple cider, Christmas carols, and cuddly sweaters. A fire crackling in the fireplace. Large fluffy snowflakes falling softly outside. Maybe a snowball fight and building a snowman together. Exquisitely wrapped gifts under the tree.

Our tree circa 2013
Then reality hit… It is too flipping cold in Wisconsin to be outside most of the time. I'm not really crazy about apple cider, and it gives me a stomachache. My gift-wrapping efforts often dissolve into tirades. "Where is the blankety-blank tape and who took the scissors now?" Plus, I don’t like giving up control over the placement of ornaments on the tree, which should be a red flag.  

I remember trimming the tree with the kids when they were little, and our tree looking like it had been decorated by a bunch of elves that had gotten into the eggnog. I would bite my tongue when they hung five ornaments on the same branch and only the bottom half of the tree got decorated. I used to tell myself some day we would have two trees. My magazine perfect tree, and the kids’ tree. But you know what’s funny? Now that we can afford that second tree, I realize the one we have is perfect just the way it is. Yes, it may still look a little like drunken elves got ahold of it, but that’s okay. It’s filled with years of memories that make it special.

First ever tree ornament
I collect Santas. Love the helicopter hat!
One of many homemade ornaments
Another favorite
Doesn't tree have a Vader head?

No matter what holiday you celebrate, or even if you don't celebrate at all, the Lady Scribes wish you peace, love, joy, and good health now and for the coming year. Thanks for sharing many good times with us 2013.

What defines a perfect holiday for you? 

Lady Scribes Holiday Haul
Contest runs from Dec 11th – Dec 26th

How to qualify for prizes:
(1) Follow the LS on Facebook if you aren’t already. Post a picture of either your holiday decorations OR your favorite reading spot. (If you’re part of the photo, that’s even better, but not required.)

(2) Invite your friends to “Like” your photo between Dec 11th and Dec 26th (6:00 pm Central time). 

What you can win:
(1) Everyone who posts a photo on the LS Facebook page will be entered into a drawing to win all 4 books in my Beau Monde Bachelor series, signed copies. (Open internationally)

(2) The top three photos with the most “Likes” will win one of three prize packages.

Package #1:
Suzie Grant - The Devil's Daughter and The Devil's Defiance. (signed print copies) 
Terry Spear - Bound by Danger (ebook)
Ava Stone - A Scandalous Pursuit (audiobook)
Jane Charles - Compromised for Christmas (ebook novella) and A Reluctant Rake (audiobook).

Package #2:
Julie Johnstone - Echoes in the Silence (ebook)
Samantha Grace - One Rogue Too Many (signed print copy)
Olivia Kelly - The Lady and the Duke (ebook novella) & It Could Only Be You (audiobook novella)
Jerrica Knight Catania - The Robber Bridge (signed print copy)

Package #3:
Christi Caldwell -  A Season of Hope (ebook novella)
Suzanne Johnson - Absolution and River Road (signed print copies)
Deb Marlowe - An Unexpected Encounter (audiobook download)
Aileen Fish - Helena's Christmas Beau (ebook)


  1. I have never wanted a picture perfect Christmas. I love when a tree is hodge podged, to me that screams family. The uniformly colored trees are pretty but for me they belong to retail. I love a tree that is filled with a variety of ornaments, tinsel and lights. I some how earned the status of family wrapper so finding the tape and scissors is never an issue, it is more like keeping the cat off the paper and out of the bows. I always do my wrapping while watching a Christmas Story. It's tradition for me as it is normally a night I"m home alone. A perfect Christmas for me, is simply one filled with family and love. Seeing smiles on the faces of my loved ones spell out a picture perfect Christmas.

    1. Misty,
      I agree on the hodge podge Christmas tree. Every ornament has a memory attached. :)

      I can't keep up with scissors and tape in the house. Even though I have it set aside into it's own container specifically for wrapping presents, my daughter takes it out to do all sorts of weird projects.

    2. Misty,

      Well said! I always do my wrapping while watching Christmas Vacation! I figure that way I'll laugh instead of cry. I detest wrapping and am horrible at it!

    3. I feel the same way about trees, Misty. Perfect matchy-matchy only belongs at the mall! I love our multi-personality tree. :-)

  2. I did not know you ladies had a Facebook page as well. I just asked for admittance :) Have a very nice Christmas, all of you, whatever kind of tree you have :)

  3. A perfect holiday for me is one where everyone is well, not worried about something and the weather is fine. Being together and being thankful for being together is the best.

    1. I agree, Connie. My family lives far away, so I rarely see them for Christmas. We love it when we can be together. :)

  4. How Fun!!! We just got our fake tree up this past weekend.

    1. Yay! (Mine's fake too.) Don't forget to post a picture of it on the FB page. :)

  5. I know it might sound cliche, or corny, or however, you want it...but for me, the perfect holiday is one where I'm just with my family. For several long years, my husband and I really struggled financially. We would cut ornaments out of paper with our son and create our own decorations. We would go to all different sects of Christian churches and visit their holiday fears and Christmas concerts. We made so many beautiful memories; just by being together.

    1. Some of my fondest memories are from when we had very little money and the only entertainment we had was each other. I remember scraping together just enough money to buy our son a small wagon for his first Christmas. We didn't even have a tree, but that was okay. We had each other. :)

  6. The winners are posted on the contest page. Thank you to everyone who participated or just stopped by the blog. Have a happy New Year! :)