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Monday, February 10, 2014

Five Favorite Scenes That Live On--What's Yours?

I was re-reading Elysian Fields, my urban fantasy release from last August this past week, refreshing myself on the fate of some characters so I could make sure the new book in the series was consistent. I'd hate to build a scene around a character I'd already killed off. SO not cool :-)

As I read, I found cringe-worthy moments I wish I could re-write. I also found scenes that made me laugh as much as when I wrote them, and it made me start thinking of memorable scenes from my experiences as a reader.

So in no order, off the top of my head, here are some of my favorite fictional moments.

1) From the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. Man, there are so many. When Harry reanimated a dinosaur skeleton from Chicago's Field Museum and rode it down Michigan Avenue...When Harry was on a puppy rescue mission and racing to escape giant baboons flinging explosive monkey poo at him...But in the end, my favorite Harry Dresden scene takes place in a suburban Chicago Walmart, as Harry and Karin Murphy try to escape a hedge-monster. I start chuckling at the thought of it.

2) From Stephen King's The Stand. Runner up: when Stu Redmond is trapped on the mountainside with a broken leg and Tom M-O-O-N Cullen finds him. But the winner, which still makes my skin crawl, is Larry Underwood's harrowing trip through a dark Lincoln Tunnel filled with corpses and rats.

3) From Kim Harrison's Hollows series. Oh, so many. Almost anything with Jinx in it. But the one that still is so vivid is from the first book, and it's the scene that hooked me on the series in the first place: Rachel has turned herself into a mink and been captured by Trent Kalamack, who puts her in a cage and enters her in the undergound weekly rat fights. Of course, the worse thing for Rachel wasn't being held captive as a large rodent; it was meeting Nick, also in rat form. Speaking in hindsight, she should've killed him when she had a chance.

4) From the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward. How to choose!? Who could forget Zsadist's reaction at learning Bella had been taken, or his first breakthrough with her? But for me, I think it was Butch's initiation into the Brotherhood, when V's turn comes and all the love and longing that gets tamped down. It was a powerful scene, and I think was the one when V became my official favorite. (He got cheated, darn it!)

5) From the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. I loved the first dozen or so books in this series, before Anita went over the top in the sexscapades. But that first scene with Jean-Claude, when she's at the club at her friend's pre-wedding girls' night out, was so, so sexy. Well, yeah, any scene involving Jean-Claude is pretty hot. I fell in love with vampires because of Jean-Claude, way back before the terms "urban fantasy" or "paranormal romance" had been invented.

Obviously, I read mostly paranormals, but we all have memorable scenes from our favorite books or series. What are some of yours?


  1. I'm trying to just stick to books, but since I'm so visual, my mind goes immediately to movie scenes. I love the scene from Confessions of a Shopaholic (book) when Becky lied on her resume and said she could speak Finnish. Then when she goes into the interview, she doesn't realize everyone in the room only speaks Finnish. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. The movie version doesn't even come close to the book in humor. It's such a fun story and one of my favorite 80 year old hospice patients introduced me to it. :)

  2. That sounds fun! I also didn't include any Lord of the Rings scenes because of the movies. My favorite scenes now all involve Sean Bean or Viggo Mortensen!