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Thursday, February 13, 2014

It is LOVE Eve

Are you prepared?

Valentine's Day!  Yep, that is tomorrow, in case you have forgotten.

Some of us will get or give cards that bring a tear to the eye, or so sappy you get a cavity, or make you laugh so hard you save it forever.  I love cards.  I can spend hours (that is not a typo) reading cards and laughing to myself, or out loud, in any store carrying them. I make an effort to avoid the card aisle anytime I have to go into a grocery store or pharmacy because I simply do not have time.  However, when I see others standing by themselves laughing, I can't help but smile and be thankful that I am not the only one who does that.

Another popular choice is chocolate.  Personally, I have no problem with chocolate being given on every day of the year, but that is probably asking too much.  My father always purchased my mother a box of butter creams from Fanny May. They were so good. Not that I snuck one when she wasn't looking or anything.  Dad always got his daughters a small, red, heart-shaped box too, but we knew Mom was getting the good stuff.

As for flowers, these were not given to my mother.  My mother always thought they were a waste of money because they would die too soon.  I never had that opinion. I will take a lovely bouquet any day.

My husband and I have never had a big celebration on Valentine's Day. Perhaps we did when we were first wed, but that was three kids ago and I can't remember any longer.  He does bring me chocolate and flowers and he followed in my father's footsteps and always bought a special Valentine for his children.  I go to a local candy story and buy a pound or two of fresh roasted nuts along with his favorite candies, which he will hide from the children and enjoy when watching television after they are in bed.

My husband and I have not been out to dinner in a nice restaurant in ages. Maybe I should suggest we dress up and dine out, though it may be too late for reservations on this special night.

It really doesn't matter what we do, if we do anything.  The day will be as special as any other because we will be together, and isn't that really what matters?

How do you plan on spending and/or celebrating Valentine's Day?  What is the one thing you look forward to every year, or are the traditions you carry on?


  1. Hi, Jane.
    I'm not a big Valentine's Day person, which probably sounds odd for a romance writer. I love LOVE, but I don't need a special day to tell me to celebrate it by buying stuff. I guess I don't like being told what to do. LOL

    But… I wouldn't turn down a box of chocolates turtles. ;D

    1. Samantha,

      When I was much younger, Valentine's Day was huge. Maybe because I didn't have someone in my life, or because it was a new romance, who knows. After years of marriage it isn't as important. What is special is when my hubby brings me flowers "just because". Those make me feel more special and loved than anything he could give me on VD, Birthday or Anniversary.

  2. No celebrations for me, though I am hoping the snows stops enough that I can get out of the house!

    1. Jennifer,

      I've been thinking about you guys in NC. If this stuff was hitting Samantha and me, we would simply shrug - typical weather for February in our part of the country. Not so much for you guys. I hope it is a quick thaw and melt.

  3. There is one thing I am looking forward to for tomorrow that I didn't mention. I don't know if you recall, but it was about this time last year that we had to move my mother from her home into a dementia/Alzheimer unit. Well, after a roller coaster of a year, she has finally settled in. She recognizes me as a daughter, but don't ask her my name because that has been long forgotten. But that isn't the point. She has been nominated with four other ladies for Valentine Queen. I will be there tomorrow at 1:00 for the crowning. I wonder if I could bribe the judges (LOL). Anyway, it is just one of the many fun things they do for the residents and I hope my mom wins. If not, we will still have a nice visit.

    1. Jane,
      How wonderful to hear your mom is settled in now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she is crowned queen. :)