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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Teaser

Happy Tuesday!  As we mentioned last week, part of the new format here at Lady Scribes, we will be dedicating Tuesday to the day we share with you what we are working on or what has recently been released.  Some will be in the form of a blurb and link, others may post a trailer, and some might post a video of author reading from their current book or WIP.  You never know what we will have so be sure to tune in each Tuesday. 

Today we have an excerpt from...

Julie Johnstone

The third book in my Whisper of Scandal series, DANCING WITH A DEVIL, is set to release on February 27! I'm super excited to bring you a little teaser of the book!

Audrey whirled around and froze. The dreams of Trent that had haunted her and teased her had not done her memory of him justice. Or was it possible he’d become more beautiful in his time away? She laughed nervously. Beautiful was really an odd word to describe a man, but no other word would do. Trent strode toward her, clad head to toe in black. His thick tawny-gold hair contrasted strikingly with his inky clothes. His hair was longer than he’d ever worn it, touching his shoulders and blowing back with the force of his stride. The closer he came, the more erratic her pulse grew.

Five feet. Four. Three. Two. One. She gulped and gulped again. The emotions she’d worked so hard to suppress, the ones she’d thought she had firm control over, broke through the surface of her mind and threatened to drown her in longing. He stopped in front of her, all vital, raw, male power, illustrated by the way his broad shoulders strained against the expensive material of his jacket. The shadow of golden beard on his cheeks gave him an even manlier aura if that was possible. His full sensual lips, curled in the sardonic smile she remembered so well. He took her arm, which hung limply at her side, and drew her hand to his lips.

Her mind screamed at her to pull away but she was slow, made sluggish by the shock of seeing him once again. His warm lips pressed against the thin material of her gloves. No silk could hold back the heat that burned within him. She felt singed. Claimed. And foolish. Damn him. With a quick jerk, she tugged her hand away. “I see being shot in the arm did nothing to dim your presumptuous nature. In the future you should make sure a lady doesn’t mind you kissing her hand.”

“Ah, but I knew you wouldn’t welcome my kisses and I was determined to give you one, one way or the other.”

What news are you waiting to hear from the Lady Scribes? Is there a particular book you are waiting for or a story that you want told?

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  1. I enjoy each one you post, so no request. I sure do like a man with confidence, like our man Trent here. “Ah, but I knew you wouldn’t welcome my kisses and I was determined to give you one, one way or the other.” love that line, swoon, swoon.