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Monday, March 3, 2014

Tuesday Teaser

It is Tuesday again and Lady Scribes has dedicated this day to share with you what we are working on or what has recently been released.  Some will be in the form of a blurb and link, others may post a trailer, and some might post a video of author reading from their current book or WIP.  You never know what we will have so be sure to tune in each Tuesday. 

Hi, folks! Today I'm taking over Tuesday Teaser to share some exciting news. I just signed a contract for a third book in my Rival Rogues series!!!

The first book, One Rogue Too Many, was just released January 2014, but authors are always working ahead to meet the production schedule. The first book was a fun project, because I had a chance to work with two rogues and one lady. I really enjoyed creating the different personalities and knew it was important to make all three as well-rounded as possible. Even though I knew one guy wouldn't get the girl, it was always my plan to write a story for the one that lost and it was important for him to be hero-worthy. 

Look for Sebastian Thorne's story, In Bed with a Rogue, September 2, 2014. As much as I love Anthony, Earl of Ellis, I adore Sebastian even more. And I'm happy to hear readers are looking forward to his love story. I haven't received the cover yet, but when I do, it will be fun to have the cover reveal here on Lady Scribes.  

Now for a little bit about the newest addition to the series

The worst thing Benjamin Hillary ever did was to abandon his bride-to-be on their wedding day. The hardest thing he will ever have to do is watch Eve Thorne marry another man.
When Ben becomes suspicious that Eve’s betrothed is more interested in his study of ancient drumming than building a loving marriage, he does everything he can to win her back and fails. Even after Eve has made her choice clear, Ben cannot shake the sense all is not right with her betrothed. He puts his rival to the test and offers him an obscene amount of money and the private use of one of Ben’s ships to go anywhere in the world to pursue his hobby. All the man has to do is make Eve call off the wedding. 
Her betrothed accepts, because he believes Eve still loves Ben, and he would rather be digging up artifacts than settling into the life of a married gentleman, if he is being honest. He makes Ben swear he will do right by Eve this time if they can accomplish the task of getting Eve to cry off. Ben readily gives his word, and since he knows all about Eve, he's the perfect one to give her betrothed advice on how to irritate her enough to make her want out of the betrothal. Let the fun begin! 

Of course the story may change a little as I go along, but I can't wait to write what are sure to be some entertaining scenes. At least for me. :-)

If you're a Regency fan, I have a question for you

What type of Regency stories do you prefer?
1) Lighthearted romps
2) Darker stories, perhaps with a tortured hero
3) Traditional, sweet stories
4) Adventurous
5) Sweeping dramas
6) Other


  1. Awesome!!! I don't know how the story will turn out but wow, do I have some ideas! It can go either way for these two men and for Eve.

    As for the kind of Regency story, I choose all of the above! I can read just about anything as long as it catches my interest. I do love the dark and tortured hero tropes, plus the adventurous and action filled tropes: spies and Scotland Yard. Sweet stories and romps are great when I want to slow down. Sweeping dramas..... When I want craziness in my life??? LOL

    1. LOL! I suppose a little craziness in our lives keeps things from becoming too boring. ;)

      Several of you already gave me some great ideas. I can't wait to see what kinds of trouble the guys get into. :)

  2. Congratulations Samantha! As for the kinds of Regency novels I enjoy well I would honestly have to say all of the above lol. It simply depends on my mood.

    1. I'm with you and Ki. I like different kinds of stories for different moods. I especially like something with a bit of mystery. :)

    2. I've been reading the extremely dark side of Regency the last couple of days

  3. I have to agree and say I read them all. I really love the hero or heroines with dark pasts that they have to overcome, like in Christi's book, but sometimes a fun, lighthearted story is just what I need to read. I have a couple authors whose work I adore, but I cannot read their stuff back to back because it makes me feel down, even with the HEA at the end. And I always like to read a nice sweet story, especially after a pretty steamy one.

    1. I feel the same way about The Outlander series. I love the books, but I can only read them in small doses. I felt like bawling through most of the second one and had to take a break to read something lighter. :)

  4. I guess I am with the crowd - I like a little bit of everything! Is Benjamin a brother from your Beau Monde Bachelor series family?

    1. He is. Ben is the second oldest brother in the Hillary clan. :)