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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's Up, Wednesday?

This week's question…
What is your favorite kind of pet? Dogs? Cats? Bunnies? Birds? Anything goes! 

Mattie Grace
Dani Grace
We have a cat and a dog. My favorite often depends on which one is causing the least amount of trouble that day. JK! I love them both dearly, and they are great company during the day. If I'm upstairs in my office writing, you can bet they will both be with me. But overall, I prefer cats. They are more independent, and I like that about them.
~Samantha Grace

Tank Johnson
I'm a major dog lover, so it was ironic that I worked a cat, Sebastian, into the first novel of my Sentinels of New Orleans series, planning to ditch him with a relative after the first book. My editor loved him, and I've been stuck with him for four books now. My heroine refers to him as a "minion of Satan."

To take revenge, I named the hero of my latest romantic suspense, Lovely, Dark, and Deep, after my Irish terrier, Shane. As I was writing the book, my BFF's beloved black lab, Jagger, died, and so I nicknamed Shane's best friend in the book Jagger. It snowballed from there, and about 80 percent of the characters in the book are named after my pets and my friends' pets. The only actual dog in the book, Tank, is named (and acts like) my own dog, Tank, a black chow-retriever mix.

Tank, who's an ancient age (for a big dog) of 14, is mostly deaf, and fixes me (in his photo) with his "I will bend you to my will, and you will feed me treats" stare whenever I sit down in the living room to watch TV. :-)
~Suzanne Johnson

I love dogs. Ever since my Shetland Sheepdog would try to heal the scrapes on my knees when I was just a little girl, I fell in love with the loyal creatures. There was something so exciting about picking out the breed and dog of my choosing when I was an adult. : ) We fell in love with pugs and I found a little fawn-colored angel who thought he was far bigger than he was. He was with me through so many difficult times, curling up on my lap to comfort me at various points in my life. 
~Christi Caldwell
YouDee Lohmann

I have two cats, one dog, and three chickens, so it's hard for me to pick a favorite pet. If forced, I'll say cats. I love the devil-may-care jerkiness combined with the occasional affection. Clearly, an unhealthy relationship. 

~Jennifer Lohmann

This is our new "mixed" puppy, Sammi. So, right now, I'd say dogs are my favorite!
~Olivia Kelly, The Heart of a Duke

Sammi Kelly

If you would like to be entered into a drawing for 2 doggie cover books by Kristin Higgins, tell us your favorite pets and please include your email. (Email must be included to win. Otherwise it's too hard to track down the winner.)

Last week's winner of the 3 mystery books from Sam's shelf is: Di! Congratulations! Please check your email for confirmation.


  1. I have the books already, so don't enter me. I love cats, but my husband is extremely allergic to them & I developed allergies, though not quite as bad, at some point in my adult life. Dogs are OK, but too high maintenance. We have had hamsters & a rabbit or 2 for about the last 12 years.

    1. Dogs are definitely high maintenance. They are like having another kid, except they never backtalk and never outgrow thinking you are awesome. :)

  2. Post on behalf of Lori:
    I would have to say cats because that is what I have, but honestly, I love all the little creatures and would have many more friends in my home if my husband would let me.

  3. I like all types of animals but my favorite pet has to be a dog.

    1. I really like all kinds of animals, too. I even saw a rat at the Humane Society that I considered adopting, but I was too afraid the dog and cat would eat him if he got free. It's not that I especially like rats, but this one was very social and he looked like he was smiling at me. He was a little girl's pet, but they surrendered him and his brother when they moved. I can't imagine leaving a pet behind. That would be like leaving a family member behind.

  4. Don't have any; like dogs

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  5. Yay, dogs win! Except, Samantha, they actually do talk back. At least mine do. It's their world; I just live in it. :-)

    1. Hahaha… I've answered my cat when I thought she was calling "Mom", and sometimes my dog says, "Oooh!" like I've just said something very interesting. :)