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Friday, March 21, 2014

Who's Your Favorite Book Boyfriend? Here's Our Top 5!

Welcome to a new edition of “High Five Friday.” Every Friday, a mix of authors and readers will offer up our favorites in a different category. This week’s burning question?

Who’s your all-time favorite book boyfriend? You know the one you kind of sigh and daydream about even though you know he’s not real. Darn it. There were quite a few heartthrobs who didn’t make the top five: Styxx (Sherrilyn Kenyon), Vishous (JR Ward), Reyes (Darynda Jones) and Bones (Jeaniene Frost) all got multiple votes. And thanks to reader Roger who stepped up and bravely gave us Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan—a book girlfriend!

And then there were the front-runners, who finished neck-in-sexy-neck.

Weigh in at the end, and you could win your choice of one of the favorites or a gift card!

[The method behind the madness: Answers are combined from informal polls on blogs, email loops, and Facebook.]

#5 Faramir, from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.
He was the honorable man his warrior brother Boromir wanted to be. And I have to admit that in the Peter Jackson films, it was Faramir, as played by David Wenham, and Boromir, played by Sean Bean, who diverted my attention from Aragorn.

#4 #3 and #2
Yep, a three-way tie between an unlikely trio, in no particular order.
            * Jean Lafitte, from my Sentinels of New Orleans series. Okay, so I probably should disqualify Le Capitaine since he had an advantage, but he’d never let me hear the end of it, so to keep the peace, we allow into the winner’s circle the early 19th-century French privateer from New Orleans. Mais oui!
            * Adam Hauptman, from Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series. I can’t argue with the strong, stubborn, honorable alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack.
            * Curran, the beast lord himself, from Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series. I really, really have to read this series. Really.

And chosen as the front-running, the #1 All-Time Book Boyfriend is:

Roarke, from JD Robb’s In Death series.
A former thief and rogue (we love rogues here at Lady Scribes!), Roarke is the sexy significant other of Eve Dallas in this long-running series.

How about you? Who’s your book boyfriend (or girlfriend)? And do you think you’d like that person in real life? Weigh in, and you can win your choice of a single book of choice from this week’s top five or a $5 Amazon gift card (or equivalent from Book Depo for those of you outside the U.S. Contest will end at noon CST on Thursday, March 27, and announced here next Friday. International entries welcome.

Congrats to SHARLENE; you won the $5 gift card from last Friday’s post on scenes that make us cry. Email me HERE and let me know your email and preference of Amazon or other retailer.


  1. As much as I like Curran and Adam Hauptman, I'm pretty sure I'd prefer NOT to have a boyfriend who gets furry. Good grief, I can barely find time to vacuum up the regular dog hair as it is, lol! Roarke, however, with his oodles and oodles of money, sound very appealing...

    1. Ewww....I hadn't thought about the shedding problem. You have a good point. One retriever-chow keeps me picking up constant furballs.

  2. I chimed in with Reyes Farrow, but of the top five here I'd have to pick Faramir. *swoon*
    Veronica Rundell

  3. I have to go with Adam Hauptman.

  4. This guy has been the longest book boyfriend I have ever had and it's Alexander Everett the Duke of Kelfield from the Scandalous Series by Ava Stone. I can't seem to give him up. We going on three years now, lol.

  5. You SOOOO need to read Kate Daniels. It is an amazing series. And Curran is just so... *swoon* I'll put up with fur balls!

  6. LOL. Thanks for the comments, guys! @Jen, I am on a panel with Illona Andrews (Mr & Mrs) at RT next month, and I swear I'm at least going to get started on the series so I don't sound like a total loser! I'm thinking somebody on my blog's gonna get a signed book or two, though :-)

  7. My favorites are Jean Claude, Jean Lafitte, and Acheron.

  8. My choice would be Faramir.

  9. Totally Faramir!

  10. Faramir seems to be the pick, I know he's mine. Now I want to go watch LOR again. Been awhile since we've last bonded!

  11. I love Owen Grayson from Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series. :D

  12. I do have a fondness for Adam and Curran (and Frost's Bones, too, who wasn't listed), but Jamie Fraser is still my favorite.