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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bums, Tums & Thighs: What's The Real Appeal Of A Sports Romance?

My parents like to tell this story about me: When I was five, all the other kids in the neighborhood were signing up to play soccer. My parents decided to give me a choice, but they didn't like the choice I made. Despite loving to play soccer in my backyard with the other kids on my street, I didn't want to be on a soccer team.

So my dad apparently spent an hour trying to convince me that I really, really would love playing on a team. He tried everything, every rational argument he could think of, until he finally got fed up and said, "But wouldn't you at least like to learn about soccer?"

When my mom tells this story now, her voice goes all prim as she mimics my response: "Learn about it, yes. Play it, no."

Dad says it's the last time he ever tried to win an argument with me. From then on, when he wanted something done, he just told me to do it.

Rugby players: Men in tight...shorts.
(© Andy Cole, bought at istockphoto.com)
I was never, ever, EVER athletic as a child, but I always loved watching sports (admittedly, not soccer) and learning about them. To this day, I love the drama involved in a close match. I love the agony of an underdog coming so close to winning only to be defeated. I love the replays and the statistics and the rules and the breaking of the rules. I love the blood and the sweat, as long as I'm not close enough to get any on me.

It'll come as no surprise to you that I adore sports romance novels. Despite the fact I'm not a natural athlete, I love reading about people who are. Does it help that the heroes have washboard six-packs? You betcha. But I'm also a sucker for people who are committed, passionate, talented...and have amazing asses. And legs. (Yeah, abs, asses and legs do it for me. C'mon, I can't be alone in that!)

On April 14, Carina Press is publishing six brand-new sports romances, including my rugby romance Playing It Close. Each of the books focuses on a different sport - baseball, hockey, rugby, MMA, football and tennis. I've had the amazing opportunity to get to know the other authors as we've been putting together a blog tour. These women are funny, committed, passionate, talented...I'm sure they've got great abs, asses and legs too. 

You can read all of the book blurbs and find our blog tour schedule on my blog (I'm also doing an early giveaway there). But for now, I'd like to hear from you. Do you like watching or playing sports? What do you think of sports romance novels? 


  1. Well, as one of the Carina Sports Week authors, I'm heavily biased. :) I do love hockey, but that's the only sport I enjoy watching. I am not athletic at all. I LOVE sports romance novels. Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson are my idols.

  2. Sometimes watch it; they're interesting to read

  3. I like to watch sports, but I've actually only tried tennis. I definitely like reading sports romances.

  4. Hi, Kim! I do like to watch college basketball (go KU) and KC Chiefs. I haven't read that many sport romances, but I did enjoy them. As you said, abs and asses do it for me also.

  5. I love both watching and playing. I don't understand golf, so I don't watch that. I haven't played it yet either, so maybe that'll change once I try it.

  6. We don't watch much sports here but I do enjoy a good sports movie! I haven't read many romances with sports in them.

  7. I'm a fairly wretched player, but don't mind READING about them ;) Watching can be OK, depending on the sport!

  8. I'm not much of a sports player, but am absolutely a sports romance reader! As for watching, I'm OK with some of them, but confess that baseball's never done it for me. Basketball and football and soccer can be pretty exciting though :)