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Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's Sad to Bid Adieu, to you and you and you

Okay, who sang the last part of the title to this post?  I apologize now if the song gets stuck in your head.

This will be my last post with LadyScribes and I must bid adieu.

Wow, it was a bit painful to type those words. I was one of the original LadyScribes when we decided to form this blog. We had some great posts and over time, friendships were formed. When we came together originally, we already knew each other well.  As a few authors found the need to leave, others came in and I made new friends. I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. They are my sisters, my support. I am still critique partners with some and talk on a regular basis with others.

LadyScribes was probably one of the best things that could have happened to this writer and I am sad to leave. Unfortunately, life has gotten so busy that I must take a step back from blogging. I am becoming more involved in theater (directing this summer) and the timelines for books being finished seems to be getting shorter. They aren't, it just feels that way. And, my baby is about to graduate high school to go off to basic training. I want to spend every possible moment I can with him before he is gone.

But, as I said, these ladies are also my friends. We won't lose touch.  In fact, I will see many of the authors who have graced the blog since the beginning in a few more weeks at the RT Convention in New Orleans. I cannot wait!

I love this writer's convention. It is always a blast and it is great to reconnect with readers and meet new ones as well.

But, with RT (or any convention) comes the question of Swag.  

I've tossed so many ideas around I think my head is going to spin.  I don't know what readers/authors like to get as swag.

A free book is a given ;) At least that is always my favorite, and I will have one or two of those. But what else gets you excited? Tell me, please. I need ideas - quick!

Are you going to RT? If so, I'll look for you.


  1. We'll miss you, Jane! You are welcome to come back as a guest any time. :)

    I think my favorite SWAG is free ebook downloads. They are easy to bring back and it gives me a chance to try a new author. I also like pens, but to be honest, they don't make me want to read the author. Sample booklets are good too.

    1. Thanks, Samantha :).

      Free books are the way to go. I've discovered many authors this way. I forgot about Sample booklets. I should check into those.

  2. bookmark, water bottle, tote, pens.... i love all swag ^^

  3. Looking forward to meeting you at RT, Jane. Sad to see you go. Pens are great, as are mints and totes

  4. Wishing you the best of luck, Jane. I certainly understand that you need to budget your time so that you will be able to write which is certainly your main goal. One of these days I hope to get to RT. How exciting it would be to meet all of my lovely author friends in person.

    As for swag, I love it all. Some of it I donate to my library and they use it as prizes for their adult reading program. Readers love to get it and it gives them an introduction to a new author. If by chance that author's books aren't in the library system, they then go out and buy them. I call that a win-win situation.

    All the best to you!

    Connie Fischer

    1. Connie, I've picked up so much swag over the years, I should have donated to our library. I may make that a practice.

  5. Free book download-samples are a winner in my book! I'm the guilty party that usually gets the freebie and then I wonder why I didn't discover this wonderful author sooner, then download every other book written by them!

    I'll be attending RT as well, after all its less then an hour away, how can I not?

  6. I wish you a lot of fun at the theater Jane! As a reader, who still loves to read on paper, I download tons of free ebooks and never ever read them. Booklets, hmm, toss them in a box and never look at them. But bookmarks about the books, book postcards, those I pin on my boards at home or at the office, magnets, my fridge is half filled with them. And I adore tote bags, I currently use one from Duffy Brown and one from Nancy Holzner.

    I wish you all a great time at RT!

    1. Aurian, I do have post cards. That is about all I've managed so far - lol. Oh, and magnets too. I have some leftover from last year. I'll take them again.

  7. Pens. I hoard those like there is no tomorrow. Lol.

  8. What?!!! :(

    We will miss you!!!! Sadly I'm not going to RT this year. But I get excited just a out over anything!