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Monday, April 14, 2014

Local artists and impulse buys

Yesterday, I went to the Durham Art Walk and wandered around. I didn't have intentions of buying anything, but I like looking at the work of small independent artists (as a writer, I feel a kinship to them). Of course, since I wasn't intending to buy something, I did.

I was tempted by the lovely jewelry made with vintage pieces at the Cockamamie Jewelry table. She had a lovely leather bracelet with the definition of evidence on it that spoke to me. There were also the fortune cookie necklaces of Tiffany Coley (seriously, these were awesome!) But, I resisted all these lovely pieces.

However, two items caught my eye and my wallet. The first was a photograph of a chicken by Scott Harris. He had some beautiful photographs that really felt like North Carolina, including a sea  of pastel pedestal sinks that must have been at some flea market somewhere. He also had a weakness of mine--a chicken picture. I have a silly "great wall of chicken" in my dining room with funky chicken kitsch on it and his chicken picture fits in perfectly. Whimsical, without being too country. So, impulse buy #1.

Impulse buy #2: As you may remember, I've been looking for a new purse for awhile (I mentioned this on a What's Up, Wednesday post sometime back). While I love my current purse, it does not fit my sunglasses, wallet, Nook, etc. Often, I drop my wallet on the street while digging around for my keys--all while swearing a blue streak. Well, I may have been able to pass up the Lady Industrial purses made with upholstery samples, but Eliza Reed and her beautiful purses caught me at just the right time (i.e. I'd been repeatedly fighting with my current purse).  I am now the proud owner of a new purse. I've already moved all my stuff from my old purse to my new one (I love moving into new purses and wallets, such possibility in such a little package).

I like to think of myself as being immune from impulse buys, but these artists caught me at the right time with the right pieces of art and I wasn't able to resist. I'm going to enjoy my new purchases!

What about you? Do you like to shop at art fairs, flea markets and the like? Do you go to look, buy, or both?


  1. I love to shop in vintage and antique stores. And we have a lot of estate sales in our area, and I've found some real treasures at them. I found a second edition of Jane Eyre with an author's note from "Currer Bell" 1847. It's one of my favorite finds, but I've uncovered lots of things at these sales. :)

  2. Omg I'm a nut for flea markets and tag sales!!! My nana began bringing me to both when I was about 5 and I learned the thrill of the flea market hunt early on! My items of choice are antique glassware...depression glass, Vaseline glass is my favorite...blue milk glass. This post is giving me the inch to shop!!

    1. It's getting to be flea market season! Not sure if the kids would want to go....