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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Operation Office Makeover

 Ever since I decided to quit the day job and stay home to be a writer I have been working out of my basement, which is windowless, by the way. By no stretch of the imagination can you call our basement inspiring! I love the rest of our house, but our basement has always sort of been an out of sight out of mind room. You know the room you would like to look nice, but no one ever sees it so why would you spend your money on making it look better.

Except I see my basement everyday and I have been complaining for the last year that I really need to do something to make it nicer.

Let it never be said nothing good can come out of being disorganized, because being disorganized was the instigator for Operation Office Makeover. A project I have now wholeheartedly embraced. The husband on the other hand, not so much! My sudden desire to really actually do something about the dreaded basement came about because I was writing on an old desk that had one drawer and was too short for me! So not only did I have nowhere to file any of my papers, but I would often have lower back and neck pain from being hunched over my computer all the time.

I cajoled my husband into letting me buy a desk by selling it as the glorious key to organization which would surely make me file all those paper laying in the out box! So, I got on line, found a beautiful desk and one month later I had a desk that was just my size. Now Goldilocks and I have something in common!

Do you know the problem with buying something new? No? I'll tell you. It makes all the other old stuff in the room look worse! My shiny new desk really made the rest of my furniture in the basement look terrible. Oh, and I forgot to mention that my new desk was so big there wasn't really room for my husband's old desk that he did our bills on. So one day I went to a local furniture store that I love and bought my husband a small corner desk to do our bills. This is My office after all, so naturally I get to have the biggest desk!

Once I had two pretty new desk I certainly could not keep that old metal filing cabinet that my husband had brought into our marriage fourteen years ago. Last week my beautiful new filing cabinet came and my cool metal stand that I got because I am certain I need to put Regency decor on it!

Do you see where this is going? Now I have some great furniture but the office still does not look ultra fab! I mentioned to my husband, in my sweetest voice, that I do believe this office needs to be repainted and get new floors. After all, they did not have carpet in the Regency period and since I am mainly a Regency writer I should try to create an office that reflects the period! The logic sounds good doesn't it?

The pictures I have shown you are some of the pieces I have bought.

Here is my challenge to you! I despise shopping for accessories, but I need some Regency era art for my walls and I think maybe some retro bright colored mail bins for my desk. Other than that I am stumped! I'd love to hear your ideas! Anyone who leaves me an idea today will be put in a drawing to win an e copy of my new book Dancing With The Devil!

Have a wonderful day!

The Marchioness of Mayhem


  1. What about regency book posters, or cover art framed, also hand fans and a historical map of england.

    1. I love the idea of a historical map of England! I can use it for my research too, lol.

  2. I think they did a lot of botanical prints and maps back then.

    1. Oh, I had not thought about botanical prints! Nice!!!

  3. This article by Gaelen Foley has a section about interiors, with a picture mentioning a red & gold patterned rug and an interesting wood floor. http://www.gaelenfoley.com/h-04-reghomes.html

    Also, google "Hollywood Regency"

    :) -Kate

  4. Framed cover flats of your books on shelves or an elevated chair rail (about 2/3 up the wall, painted white).Bead board below the chair rail (painted white or a nice light butter yellow) and above the rail a nice deep red or harlequin diamonds of deep red and a deeper butter. Nice wood flooring and several area rugs with the deep red and yellows. Hang some drapes over mirrors that have been mounted behind old window frames to give the illusion of real windows and to add some dimension. Yup, that is what I see in my head.

    If you do not like bead board here is another idea...


    Good luck, I look forward to seeing the final room!

    1. I love these ideas! If Julie doesn't take them, I might steal them for myself. ;)

  5. covers of your books or your book cover

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. I love old tea pots, tea cups, hand carved boxes, old hardcover books with gilded lettering on the cover, birds (prints, figures)… So now you know what to get me for Christmas. ;D

    I believe in surrounding myself with things that draw me to them. I may not be able to put my finger on why I feel a connection with a certain piece I find at an antique shop or estate sale, but I know it belongs in my space.