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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's Up, Wednesday?

Hey, it's Jennifer here and I'm taking over What's Up, Wednesday from Samantha for April (maybe longer). Welcome!

April Fool's was yesterday. Have you played a good April Fool's joke on someone? What was it? Have you had a good one played on you?

I'm so boring! I can't think of one, but I do look forward to the joke on NPR every year.
~Jennifer Lohmann

I was always a really, really well-behaved child, so I remember being in sixth grade and calling my parents from my best friend's house to tell them I'd gotten a detention. They were shocked, but not as shocked as when they asked what I'd done and I couldn't come up with an answer. I just couldn't imagine being naughty!
--Kat Latham

I don't remember playing too many April Fool's jokes over the years, but my husband and I love teasing our children. I know, doesn't makes us candidates for best parents awards. LOL But our kids have a great sense of humor and they are not easily duped now, so we must not be in the contest for worst parents either. One year we told them we were going to have lunch at The Broccoli Store. We said it was a new vegetarian restaurant that opened up in town. They grumbled the whole way while we touted the importance of them trying new things. Even when we pulled up close to Chuck E Cheese, they were convinced they were in for a torturous lunch. They were such suckers!
~Samantha Grace

Here are some jokes from various places around in my life that I came across yesterday--Jennifer Lohmann

One of my coworkers at the library had a great joke to play, though mostly on staff noticed. She changed all of the book displays to have Rainbow Magic Fairy books on them (and only Rainbow Magic Fairy books). If you have a child of the right age, you know these books!

Google had #hoffsome, which was pretty fabulous. You could photobomb David Hasselhoff into any photo.

Dear Author had their fake publishing venture. When I saw it first thing in the morning, I had to read down to the comments before I was convinced it wasn't real. Now they'd had a little more fun and it's clearly fake.

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books had their fake social networking venture, Bitchster!

Also, I saw this on my gmail sign in Monday. So, not April Fool's Day, but I'm thinking it has to be a joke. Right! Right?

I hope it's a joke.

Readers, what about you? Have you played some good jokes on people? Did you see some good jokes? Do you even like April Fool's Day?

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