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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The World's Sexiest Jobs

What would you say is the sexiest job a man could have? Firefighter? Navy SEAL? Doctor? Vet?

How about for a woman? Is your list the same for both men and women?

Every year in the UK, a personal dating agency called Drawing Down the Moon publishes its stats on what career men and women want their future partner to have. This year, they revealed that women were most likely to want a man who was a doctor, while men put "human rights lawyer" at the top of their list. *ahem* I studied human rights law. :) *preens*

You can see the results of the survey here. One thing I think is hilarious is that men particularly want women who are web designers, photographers, events managers, or are in marketing/advertising/PR. It's like men think, "Hmm...what are the services I pay the most for but could get a girlfriend to help me with for FREE?"

But perhaps I'm being cynical. ;)

Most of my books are about rugby players, so I think that's a very sexy profession (if you ignore all the boozing and wenching that seems common in the sport). The book I'm working on now, Tempting the Player, features a hero who is terrified of flying, and it's holding back his career because he often has to fly to matches in Europe. Fortunately, his best friend is a pilot and she offers to teach him how to fly so he can learn to control his fear. Of course, he needs a bit of enticement to get in the cockpit, and since she's had a crush on him forever she offers him some very sexy encouragement.

As part of my research, I've interviewed several pilots and heard stories that convince me that it's another very sexy profession - even though I'm terrified of flying, just like my hero!

What careers would be at the top of your list for a boyfriend or girlfriend? Why do you think those careers are attractive? What are the sexiest jobs you've read about in romance novels but would never want your boyfriend/girlfriend to have in real life?


  1. I think jobs where the hero needs survivalist skills are hot: military, secret agent, search & rescue types… And if he knows how to shoot a bow and arrow, SWOON! :)

  2. Sorry...I was stuck on "cockpit." :-0 I think firemen are sexy. Brave sexy. Police officers. Military guys. I must like uniforms. Yeah, those UPS men in their brown uniform shorts are pretty hot, too!

  3. Well, cowboys are very sexy! Not sure how they are in real life.