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Friday, June 20, 2014

Hello, Future!

A few months pre-published
This is the blog post that almost wasn’t. Between complete indecisiveness on my part over the topic, and two weeks of spotty to now no Internet service, I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. (Thank goodness for coffee shops and Wi-Fi!) Being only partially connected these past two weeks reminds me there was once a time when I didn’t know the charms of the World Wide Web. It’s a distant memory, hazy and surreal.

I feel much the same about Lady Scribes. I can barely remember a time when it wasn’t part of my life. Therefore, it’s a bittersweet moment for me announcing the end of such a wonderful time. When we first started the blog, most of us were unpublished authors with high-hopes of realizing our dreams. What a joy it is to say that has come true for all the original members! It is also great to say the newer authors who’ve spent time as a Lady Scribe are busier than ever writing new books and connecting with readers in different ways. It wasn’t easy, but those of us remaining decided it was time to close the blog. What’s Up, Wednesday next week will be our last day.    

There is a saying that all good things must end. I’m not sure I agree with that sentiment. The best things I’ve gained from the blog remain long after my days of blogging are done: the wonderful friendships I’ve made with readers and my fellow Lady Scribes, and a cache of good memories. I had a lot of fun looking back through the archives to choose my favorite blog posts for today. I hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane, too.

Samantha's Top 5 Favorite Blog Posts:

The Nearly Wed game as part of the Febutant Ball with fellow authors Kristin Callihan, Mandy Collins, Anna Randol, Jillian Stone, & Heather Snow. TAKE A LOOK HERE
To view all the other authors’ characters participating in the Nearly Wed Game, hit older post until you reach Anna Randol’s post.

Stories about my neurotic dog, Dani. TAKE A LOOK HERE

The Pants Blog was fun and hilarious! TAKE A LOOK HERE 

My confession about buying Brazil Butt Lift workout DVDs. TAKE A LOOK HERE 

My favorite interview of all time with the Marronites! (Paul Marron’s biggest fans) TAKE A LOOK HERE 

Of course, none of the ladies are disappearing off the grid. You’ll still see me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinetrest, and Goodreads. And if any of you bloggers would like my characters or me to make a guest appearance on your blog, we would be thrilled with a capital T!!! (Can you tell I spent the last 24 hours with a group of tween girls?) Feel free to contact me through my email address: samantha@samanthagraceauthor.com 

Also, beginning Monday I’ll put out the call for street team members, and I’m so excited about interacting with the team like I have been with our regular Lady Scribe readers. Y’all are the best! If you are interested in joining my street team, you can send me an email, direct message through FB or Twitter, or look for a link to the sign-up sheet on FB and Twitter Monday, June 23rd.

Have you had a time in your life when you were sad to say goodbye but still excited about what the future held? 


  1. Oh my gosh, those were great post. I totally forgot the In Your Pants one. That one was hilarious. Who forget the shame. I still have my shame, but I have never used the video. Those are memorable post. It's sad to see this end. Truthfully, I was wondering if it was going to close. However, I'll pester you on Facebook. ;). I know you have have something for me. ;)

    1. Yes, I do! In fact, I boxed them up yesterday & just need to get to the post office. I finally found a few minutes to work on organizing my office after RT.

      It has been so great getting to know you through LS. We've had some fun moments here. Looking forward to many more, but in other places. :)

    2. I had to look at the comments. There have been some awesome post here. I think one of my favorite was Olivia's time travel blog. I'm so glad I stumble upon this blog. I think we need to thank Ava, because she's the one to draw me to you all. I guess we should thank Amazon for recommending Ava to me, which led me to this blog. Now I'm getting a little teary eye.

  2. I feel like I was a part of this.........and I'm oh so going to miss the ladies and the blog! You don't have to ask me twice to join the team

    1. Well, you know I'm not going away. And you were part of this. All of you who came regularly or guest blogged for us were a very big part of it all. :)

  3. LOL The Nearly Wed Game! Love~

    *sniffs* All of my many great authors are blowing out the candles in many of their group blogs this year. But as you and many have mentioned, we'll see you around. I started blogging because I followed author group blogs like Lady Scribes and they're definitely a huge part of my life. Although life has gotten more hectic and I miss some awesome posts, I always make time to check up on things. I will miss this blog and the many authors who had came by and gone but it'll never be forgotten. Plus, I'll come back and check up on it every now and then like I do many of the others that have gone before Lady Scribes.

    1. Ki,
      What an honor to be among the blogs that inspired you to start blogging! We've had a lot of fun times, and regulars like you have been a big part of that. Thanks so much for coming back to see us time after time. :)