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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's up, Wednesdays?

Peaches are just coming into my farmer's market. They're the cling ones still, but that doesn't stop me from buying two basket fulls and having one (or two) at every meal.

This week's question…
Do you have a favorite peach recipe?

I generally eat summer peaches for breakfast, with cottage cheese and the chili-lime powder you can buy at Mexican groceries. I love that for breakfast. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with a good peach cobbler.
~Jennifer Lohmann

I love peach cobbler, but I'm not a baker and I don't need the extra calories anyway. My friend turned me on to cutting up fresh peaches, placing them in a pie dish, and sprinkling them with a little sugar and cinnamon. Then you bake until the peaches are soften a bit and serve warm. Yummy taste without all the heavy dough. :)
~Samantha Grace
(coming in late, because she has no internet--JLo)

Also, Barbara E, you were the randomly chose winner from last week. We don't have your email, so please email me at jenniferlohmann (at) gmail (dot) com so you can receive your prize.

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