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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's up, Wednesdays?

This will be the last post from the Lady Scribes. We will miss all of you and didn't want to leave you without information about where else to find us on the web.

This week's question…
Where can we find the Lady Scribes after June?

I also blog over at the Superauthors  and can generally be found there once a month. I also occasionally post to the blog on my website. And, of course, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter.
~Jennifer Lohmann

I've only been a Lady Scribe for a short time, but it's been a great time. You can always find me on Twitter, Facebook and my blog. I'm also trying to get into the Pinterest habit, so come find me there. And, if you're a contemporary romance fan, come hang out at the Contemporary Romance Cafe with me. Look forward to seeing you around the net!
~Kat Latham

I've loved blogging at LadyScribes, but again, am not saying goodbye! You can find more about my current books and upcoming releases on my website.  I can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads! Oh, and I'm also striving to get myself more connected on Pinterest! Looking forward to keeping touch with everyone! Hugs
~Christi Caldwell

As a founding member of Lady Scribes, it's hard to say goodbye. I've had lots of happy times here at the blog. Fortunately, no place is too far away on the Internet, and you don't need a passport to come see me! You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads (where I may post a blog from time to time if I'm feeling especially longwinded). I'm also on Pinterest where I love searching for Regency gowns for inspiration and creating storyboards for my newest series, Rival Rogues.

To keep up with my latests releases, you can visit my website or sign up for my newsletter for news and free reads. Or if you're interested in joining my street team and being the first to see my newest covers, read excerpts, and possibly have access to my books before they hit the shelves, you can sign up here. Can't wait to see you at these new places!
~Samantha Grace


  1. Love you Lady Scribes!!! I'll see y'all around and I'm signed up to see what is brewing next for us readers from you ladies. Have a great Summer!